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inStream Shows How it is Changing the Financial Planning Software Industry

InStreamSolLogo.jpgAfterwards, inStream demonstrated its innovations within the financial planning software industry:

“inStream is changing the market standard for what is generally referenced today as “financial planning software” through multiple innovations highlighted below. 
  • Financial services coordination via lead generation puts the advisor in the center of the client relationship.
  • Leveraging community-generated planning metrics effectively creates a best practices knowledge base of wealth management services for clients.
  • Proactive planning made easy through rules-based planning (setting alerts for every-day planning), milestone-based (setting alerts based on key life milestones), and touchpoint based planning (pre-set client communication plan based on personal client interests).”
Product Launched: October 2011
HQ Location: McLean, VA
Company Founded: September 2010
Metrics: Money raised: $800,000, number of employees: 7, revenues: $100,000, 
registered users: 727 advisory firms
Introducing Alex Murguia (CEO)