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FutureAdvisor Announces its Premium Beta


Kicking off the final afternoon session, FutureAdvisor showed how its new platform gives actionable investment advice:
“FutureAdvisor is demoing FutureAdvisor 401(k) Advice, which supports more than 100 of the largest 401(k) plans in the country. With company-specific data about which 401(k) Plans have which specific investment options, FutureAdvisor is able to algorithmically give step-by-step investment advice to investors that takes into account their investment goals, their existing investments elsewhere, and their 401(k)’s limited plan options. 
Though other companies have tried to tackle the problem of advising users on their IRA or taxable accounts, no free web service has been available to give specific, actionable advice on investors’ 401(k) accounts because of the complexity involved, until now. 
With FutureAdvisor’s step-by-step advice that takes an investor’s 401(k) and other accounts holistically into consideration, investors will be able to save on hidden fund fees, better diversify, and improve their tax efficiency.”
Product Launched: May 2012

HQ Location: Seattle, WA
Company Founded: May 2010
Metrics: Team of eight CFAs, Math PhDs, and Engineers
Introducing Bo Lu (Co-Founder)