FinovateEurope 2013 / Kalypton

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How they describe themselves: Kalypton operates at the cusp of regulatory compliance and IT. Historically, services included consulting and information management compliance for blue chip organizations such as Microsoft.

Moving forward, the focus is on Tereon® our proprietary toolkit being launched at Finovate as a deployed solution for banks and other payment service providers. Tereon enables our customers to develop new payment services without constraint and to collaborate to create new payment networks. The Tereon architecture facilitates rapid innovation, supporting any device form factor and business logic, whilst ensuring low costs, high security and complete regulatory compliance.

How they describe their product/innovation: Tereon was developed for, and proven at scale by, an African bank.

Tereon is a complete payment ecosystem that can use EMV, operate a closed loop, or support interoperability. It provides flexible instruction processing, and can use existing core systems and settlement processes, for a secure, end-to-end, business process.

It provides payment service providers with a powerful toolkit for rapid innovation to create a stream of payment services.

All Tereon services meet stringent standards for regulatory compliance and security. We are demonstrating a four party deployment supporting payments from phone to phone, phone to card terminal, card to terminal and on-line.


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