FinovateEurope 2013 / Five Degrees

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Customer behaviour, a competitive marketplace under scrutiny and new technology opportunities force banks to rethink their strategy continuously and most importantly NOW. As a consequence, many existing banks want to unlock their customer potential without a major and risky overhaul of the back office. Others opt to build a fresh new bank (brand) to serve customers in a fully engaged way. Matrix offers exactly the right, instant, manageable and future proof solution banks look for: a fully automated banking services hub supporting any segment, product or channel through a rich mid office environment, connected to any (legacy) back-office of choice.

How they describe their product/innovation: Watch a fully automated model bank with an unparalleled level of self service (on-boarding) giving both customer and bank imminent insight and control in the process. Through the Web-based mid office portal we offer the enormous potential of business benefits in terms of efficiency in adapting new business processes on the go.  As the market demands today, our open services hub integrates with external services like KYC checks, passport validation, PFM, etc. Come and view the fast and instant response for the next banking generation: rapid deployment, rich customer experience, instant and transparent insight for banks and clients alike.


Bus. Dev. & Sales: Peter-Jan van de Venn, Bus. Dev Director,, +31643284093
Press: Martijn Hohmann, CEO,, +31630989272

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