FinovateAsia 2012 / Pendo Systems

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How they describe themselves: Pendo Systems addresses the new era for global financial standards. As headlines remain dominated by crisis, financial markets must shift the paradigm of back office recordkeeping to adhere to and adopt new regulations to achieve transparency. Pendo’s BasisPoint was developed for global multi-national financial institutions, providing the first cross vertical, global investment accounting application to enter the market in over 20 years. Pendo focuses on the most critical piece of data within any financial institution: tax lot level accounting data. Data by its nature feeds every process in the global eco-system. BasisPoint focuses on granular data, exception processing, and sophisticated multi-jurisdictional functionality and reporting (i.e., IFRS, Basel II, GAAP) to achieve ultimate transparency. People, pivot tables, and legacy applications support the global markets investment accounting. Since the 1980’s the industry has adopted a complete global financial network and created countless new assets and regulations, but in the end we still fear the next failed institution and scandal. Together we can make sure it’s not you.

How they describe their product/innovation: Pendo has the first cross vertical global investment accounting cloud solution. We provide services to capital markets across banking, asset management, wealth management, insurance, and corporate treasury. The landscape today consists of products that are vertically focused on industry (mutual fund, investment management insurance, etc.) & regionally (Asia Pacific, Europe, US). This has caused firms to have silos of investment accounting data – resulting in the same asset being valued differently with a variation of up to 25 basis points. It also is the inhibitor to transparency as the ability to drill down & view total exposure to a given sector, industry, currency, or cost basis cannot be done in a single database and instantaneously. This is a problem that our product solves. BasisPoint solves the issues for the verticals and provides for complete multi-jurisdictional processing for capital markets firms (insurance, mutual fund, asset managers, wealth managers, pension funds, and corporations).


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