FinovateAsia 2012 / BankersLab

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How they describe themselves: Airline pilots train in flight simulators, known to be one of the most effective training methods. After the financial crisis, isn’t it about time we ensure our bank risk managers also have access to the best training techniques? BankersLab® is innovating in human capital, bringing serious games to retail banks worldwide! We develop and deliver accessible strategic learning that improves customer and financial outcomes. Utilizing a blended learning model, BankersLab integrates numerical simulations, scenario games, the gamified classroom, and mobile learning for optimal knowledge and understanding.

How they describe their product/innovation: ScoringLab™ is simulation-based classroom training for bankers that addresses the usage of credit scores in retail banks. In ScoringLab, players are pitted against each other to operate virtual banks. That’s right – flight simulators for bankers! Although scores are used globally, it can be difficult to diagnose and understand customer trends, shifts, and impacts to model efficacy. First players must make portfolio underwriting decisions, and as the portfolio matures, manage the effects of external influences on customer behavior and model performance. The challenge is to run the most profitable bank with the most satisfied customers. May the best team win!


Bus. Dev., Press & Sales: Gail Galuppo, COO,

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