FinovateAsia 2012 / Pandai

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: (盼贷网), which means ‘Hope’ and ‘Borrow’ when translated, strives to deliver the safest, most transparent and convenient channel for lenders to invest in borrowers in China. Through our robust credit risk system, we are able to deliver different niche loan products for different demographics (Taobao stores, short-term lending, SME loans, consumer loans, student loans, car loans, etc.), allowing Pandai to become the only destination in China to build credit. Pandai has also partnered with various e-commerce companies to provide customized niche products for their consumers in the past. Lenders on our platform garner 12-15% returns, where protects defaults as well as delivers a high liquid product for our lenders.

How they describe their product/innovation: Peer-to-peer lending platform that connects borrowers with lenders through a robust credit risk management system that understands different customer demographics within China.

For our lenders:

  1. High fixed-income returns (12-15% p.a.) for lenders through investing as little as 100 RMB
  2. High liquidity through loan transfers on a homogenous platform
  3. Platform and borrower transparency through our convenient web platform

For our borrowers:

  1. Fair priced products based on borrower demographics risk profile
  2. Build credit over the long-term garnering lower priced loans
  3. Convenient online platform for application and payment

Moreover, with our robust credit management system and customized loan product design, also is a platform for trying and testing alternative credit models.


Bus. Dev., Press & Sales: Roger Ying, CEO,

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