FinovateAsia 2012 / Metaforic

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Metaforic is a leading provider of security software for protection against malware and hacker attack. Metaforic offers real-time security for firmware, OS, and applications, specializing in providing high performance solutions for financial institutions, at the server end and in mobile applications.

Metaforic solutions directly prevent subversion, hacking, malware, tampering or other corruption by automatically immunizing applications with high security protection. This defeats custom malware and malicious hacking attacks at the application layer stopping threats such as repackaging, credential theft, and communications eavesdropping.

How they describe their product/innovation: Metaforic is demonstrating our latest technology that can detect, respond, and report on a range of security threats to mobile financial applications. The product works on a per app basis at the application layer to inform operators of the real-time security state of the application and device.

For example, a Metaforic protected application can detect an application repackaged with a malicious payload, alert the institution if the app connects to its service, and mark any transactions with a higher risk profile. Another example is if the device is jail broken, it will be reliably reported.


Bus. Dev.: Douglas Kinloch, VP Business Development,
Press: Angela Ausman, Marketing Director,
Sales: Bruce Costello, VP Sales,

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