FinDEVrNewYork 2016 / TokBox

Presenter Profile:

TokBox, a Telefonica company, develops and operates a real-time communications platform.  Organizations can embed live video, voice, messaging & screen sharing into websites & mobile applications, for experiences ranging from one-to-one chats to large-scale broadcasts.

TokBox’s Wealth Management Solution enables organizations to embed real-time communications directly into web & mobile interfaces. With the addition of just one line of code, advisors can offer their clients high-touch, secure and personalized services anytime from anywhere.

TokBox is trusted by leading organizations including The Royal Bank of Scotland, Esurance, eGain  & more.


Why You Never Need People in a Branch Again

Innovation in banking has recently focused on enabling the always-on customer without increasing the cost of operating the bank. This push to digitize has led to banks having less of a personal relationship with their customers. How then can banks have their cake (a personal relationship with customers) and eat it too (low-cost, always-on access)?

TokBox Director of Product, Melih Onvural, will talk about technology solutions that make superior customer service online a possibility.  Melih will talk about the challenges & trends, emerging use cases, possible solutions, and how TokBox products plan to be a part of this equation.

What You’ll Learn

  • How you can cut spending on customer support while still increasing NPS
  • Why going digital doesn’t mean losing the human touch points of your business
  • Just how easy building real-time communications into any banking application can be


Melih Onvural, Director of Product

Melih Onvural is Director of Product at TokBox. With a background in Software Engineering, Melih prototyped and shepherded the OpenTok platform from a web-only Flash client, to a cross-platform, protocol neutral offering. He now focuses on delivering a truly endpoint agnostic live video platform bringing the highest quality face-to-face experience.

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