FinDEVrNewYork 2016 / Magnet

Presenter Profile:

Magnet Message is a secure mobile messaging framework that enables enterprise app developers to build real-time messaging, in-app chat, surveys, feedback, announcements, channels, alerts and notifications – right into their mobile apps using simple APIs to improve user engagement. With Magnet, enterprise apps become relevant and engaging – with all the reliability, security and archiving features built-in. Delivered as a ready-to-run server with native mobile SDKs (iOS and Android) and a Javascript SDK, the solution is deployable in the cloud or on-premise and easily integrates with any app, existing system, or environment.


Build Better Engagement and Loyalty, One Conversation at a Time

Mobile plays an essential role in customers’ conversations with financial institutions. But unless a true, two-way, real-time exchange of ideas can occur, that conversation will be limited. Mobile apps must enable conversations to progress, mature and trigger workflows that result in greater loyalty and wallet share. One-way, SMS-based push messaging isn’t enough. The most effective way to enable these conversations is directly within mobile apps via real-time, in app chat. This session will highlight Magnet’s secure in-app chat SDK along with use cases financial institutions can use to build better loyalty and engagement, one conversation at a time.

What You’ll Learn

  • See our secure in-app chat SDK in action and learn why mobile messaging and chat is the new medium to engage and deliver value to users
  • How contextual, high-quality conversations delivered inside your mobile app can drive greater loyalty, engagement, present new products and services, and reduce chum
  • Why tech giants like Facebook and Google are investing heavily in messaging and chat to become the hub of all mobile conversations, and the threat this presents to your brand


Shannph Wong, VP Engineering

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