FinDEVrNewYork 2016 / Accusoft

Presenter Profile:

Accusoft provides a full spectrum of document, content, and imaging solutions as fully supported, enterprise-grade, client-server applications, mobile apps, cloud services, and software development kits. The company is focused on solving document lifecycle complexities through a customer-focused approach, continuous product development, proactive support, and forward-thinking leadership.

Founded in 1991, Accusoft has grown through persistent product innovation and strategic mergers and acquisitions into the best-in-class solutions provider it is today. The company has been awarded 30 patents and is recognized as a thought leader in the industry.


Accelerate Your Secure Document Workflow Applications With Cloud Services

Accusoft will present the web services and technology that stack developers can use to easily develop and deploy solutions for secure document viewing and collaboration, including annotations and redaction. Developers can accelerate development and deployment of their applications by using Accusoft’s simple REST APIs and enterprise-grade cloud services technology stack.

What You’ll Learn

  • What the Accusoft Cloud Services development stack is built on
  • Why you can trust this technology as the backbone for your application
  • How quickly you can build secure document collaboration with Accusoft Cloud Services


Brandon Mount, Manager, Sales Engineering  |  @bmount  |

Explorer, Technology Advocate and Web Compute Knowledge Broker at Accusoft.

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Michael Pardue, Sr. Software Engineer

Michael is a Senior Software Engineer and technical lead for Accusoft Cloud Services. He is knowledgeable in a number of technologies including node.js, microservice architecture, cloud computing, continuous integration, and unit testing. He holds a Bachelor of Science in computer science from University of South Florida.

John Armenia, Director, SaaS & IS

Since 2014, as the Director of the SaaS Product Group, John’s primary responsibility has included managing the development and delivery of our Cloud Services product. Before joining Accusoft, John spent 15 years in the healthcare information technology field building client-server, desktop, and SaaS-based software.

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