FinDEVrNewYork 2016 / Solinea

Presenter Profile:

Solinea is the software and services company that accelerates adoption of production open-infrastructure cloud solutions to deliver on promises of agility, quality, efficiency and cost savings.

Solinea’s multi-disciplinary, technology-agnostic approach has a proven track record with Global 1000 companies addressing the entire cloud ecosystem to effectively define cloud strategies; design scalable, elastic architectures; develop processes that operationalize cloud systems; and provide cloud management platforms for management and monitoring of cloud compliance, auditing and security.


Security Challenges in Financial Services Cloud Deployments – Large Global Exchange Case Study

A cloud deployment cannot be treated like any other deployment while still delivering on agility and cost objectives. Cloud benefits come from aspects that may not work well with established security policies. The real benefits of cloud come from process and quality improvements brought about by automation and continuous integration (CI). Regulatory compliance in Financial Services is commonly achieved through a detailed electronic paper trail of checks, sign-offs, and “four eyes” approvals, which can take weeks.

We will discuss an implementation model for Continuous Integration that satisfies the security objectives of a Financial Service firm.

What You’ll Learn

  • The Solinea Approach: Our methodology to make cloud work with open infrastructure.
  • Solinea takes into account the entire ecosystem, from planning through maintenance, including lifecycle management that enables effective ongoing management of systems and processes.
  • Manage cloud across inter-related work streams that impact deployments including: governance, infrastructure design, build,& operate, application migration & architecture, and DevOps & automation.


Francesco Paola, CEO  |  @fpaola  |  |  650.520.1102

  • CEO and Co-Founder of Solinea
  • Over 20 years of global leadership experience in diverse industries
  • Prior to Solinea, held leadership positions at Cloud Technology Partners, Cloudscaling, JPMorgan Chase, and Cambridge Technology Partners

Luke Heidecke, Systems Engineering Director  |  @lukeheidecke  |

Luke Heidecke works at Solinea, Inc. to drive OpenStack and Cloud adoption for large enterprise customers. He focuses on infrastructure automation, monitoring, and management of large distributed systems.

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