FinDEVrNewYork 2016 / Green Key Technologies

Presenter Profile:

Green Key, winner of the 2015 most promising startup award, is changing the way the world communicates. We built a voice software & VoIP network solution specifically for the financial markets. Telephones are dinosaurs. Dial tone is dead. Green Key is next generation telephony, a secure, compliant voice workspace designed for high throughput collaboration. One click push-to-talk over a secure encrypted platform to dozens of counterparties or colleagues. Conversations are recorded and converted to text data to be leveraged by compliance and analytical 3rd party partners.


Green Key Technologies – Voice Software

The presentation will be a demonstration of our voice workspace, including biometric login, making connections, push to talk, click to call, video call, instant messaging, voice & chat recordings, voice dictation, and recording transcription.

What You’ll Learn

  • Functionality increased. Superior voice quality, calling, intercom, video conferencing and screen sharing. Ideal for remote collaboration.
  • Data unlocked. Converts voice into transcribed, useable data, which is then made accessible to other applications through the GreenKey app store for data analytics.
  • Compliance and security expanded. Biometric log-in. Military grade encryption. Transcribed conversations give compliance officers the ability to analyze in real time.


Rohan Bedarkar, Sr. Software Engineer  |  @GreenKeyTech  |  |  312.608.1321

Lead Developer with 11+ years of software engineering experience primarily within the hedge fund, high frequency trading and quantitative trading industry.

Joe Heenan, VP Engineering  |  @GreenKeyTech  |  |  312.371.3160

Lead developer at Segovia Technology alongside co-founders of LinkedIn and Facebook. Key development work preceding series A led by Reid Hoffman. Deep background in algorithmic trading strategy development & voice recognition / machine learning.

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