FinDEVrNewYork 2016 / Sayula

Presenter Profile:

Sayula is a leading provider of countify, a cloud based real-time analytics application platform. Countify’s SaaS provides financial institutions with a cost effective, reliable, scalable, high performing and regulatory compliant service for their mission critical applications. Countify’s eco-system empowers users with sharing and collaborative interaction that generates derived knowledge which can be easily tapped by the world of openAPI data.


Mission Critical Service based on Cloud Technology 

A leading Swiss investment bank searches for technology that averts them from a ticking time bomb IT collapse. In this session, we present how in a short time Sayula provided this bank with the most powerful structured derivatives pricing platform on the market by leveraging cloud technology.

What You’ll Learn

  • How a leading Swiss investment bank went from a “ticking time bomb” mission critical service into a cloud based solution,
  • How it drastically reduced its Total Cost of Ownership,
  • And how it has skyrocketed from being a local player to becoming the global leader of the structured derivatives markets.


Cristian Alzati, CTO, Sayula

Cristian has 20+ years of software development experience in the financial industry. He designed a spreadsheet server system that is in production at UBS for 20 years. Cristian has Master’s and Engineer’s degrees from Stanford and a Master of Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon.

Bill Fenick, Strategy & Marketing Director, Interxion  |

Bill has 20+ years of financial services industry experience in data distribution and trading technologies, managed services, co-location and hosting. He worked at Thomson Reuters and Tibco, has a PhD from University of Vienna, a MA from Webster University in Vienna, and a BA from UCLA.

Daniel Mueri, COO, Sayula  |

Daniel has 20+ years of architecting and engineering market data systems. He has Master’s (Cornell University) and Bachelor’s (Rutgers University) degrees in electrical engineering.

Florian Korn, Strategy & Marketing Director, Sayula

A spirited entrepreneur has helped build, structure and set up new companies for 10+ years. He is active in the corporate finance arm of a major bank and supported early stage corporate financing strategies. He holds an MBA from HEC Paris and a B.A. in Business from the University of Cologne.

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