FinDEVrNewYork 2016 / Mambu

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Mambu enables innovative banking providers to rapidly create, launch and service loan as well as deposit products through its agile, flexible and affordable cloud banking platform. An alternative to legacy core banking software, Mambu accelerates time to market for new consumer and SME banking products via innovative channels, at a fraction of the cost. Established in 2011, the company works with more than 145 institutions in 35 countries worldwide, servicing a portfolio of more than a million accounts.


Smart Consumer Lending: Platform and Scoring Architecture

Lenddo will describe how they built and archived their social data-driven consumer credit scoring engine and used the Mambu banking platform for launching into three countries and refining their scoring and lending models. We will explore the architectural and business decisions behind what systems were built in-house and which were used off-the-shelf and the business and technical implications those decisions had.

What You’ll Learn

  • A high-level architecture behind a consumer-lending business
  • Which system should be built and which can be off-the-shelf
  • Architecting for global lending from day one


Eugene Danilkis, CEO, Mambu
LinkedIn:  |  @edanilkis  |

Eugene Danilkis is Co-Founder and CEO at Mambu, the SaaS banking platform, established in Germany in 2011. With a passion for technology and design and degrees in Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Science, Eugene is the driving force behind the Mambu vision.

Jeff Stewart, Founder & Chairman, Lenddo
LinkedIn:  |  @UrgentSpeed

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur and investor, focusing on technology enabled business, currently holding a position of Founder & Chairman of Lenddo.

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