FinDEVrNewYork 2016 / The Beast Apps

Presenter Profile:

The Beast Apps offers an Application Distribution as a Service (ADaaS) as a utility in a pay-as-you-go business model where one can Build-Test-Deploy their financial apps in the cloud within hours and days as opposed to weeks and months. The Beast App’s ADaaS has attracted financial institutions such as exchanges, IDB, ECNs/ATSs, analytics vendors, market data vendors as well as innovative startups, that leverage the platform to significantly reduce time to market in providing services to their clients through the cloud, and in many cases, capturing additional customers that they were not able to tap before.


The Beast Apps – Application Distribution as a Service (ADaaS)

The Beast Apps will discuss why building and deploying applications for the financial industry is so difficult, time consuming and expensive. It will show how one can leverage Beast ADaaS to reduce time to market and offer a competitive solution leveraging cloud and mobility. The Beast Apps will also show how many institutions are leveraging its BeastExcel technology to solve workflow integration and deployment challenges.

What You’ll Learn

  • Build-Test-Deploy Cloud Based Applications Now
  • Application Distribution as a Service
  • BeastExcel – Solve workflow challenges by accessing markets from spreadsheets


Ashok Mittal, President  |  |  646.688.7500

Ashok Mittal has more than 30 years of IT experience with last 20+ years creating a secure, robust, 24×7 application-distribution architecture with a primary focus on helping distribute pre-trade, trade, and post-trade applications in the financial industry.

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