FinDEVrNewYork 2016 / Symbiont

Presenter Profile:

Formed in 2015, Symbiont is a New York-based company using its purpose-built smart contracts platform to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and Wall Street. Symbiont’s Smart Securities™ drastically reduce overhead costs and inefficient processes, while eliminating the need for “trusted” intermediaries. Its initial priorities include facilitating the issuance, trading and processing of less liquid financial instruments, such as corporate bonds, syndicated loans and structured products. In August 2015, Symbiont validated its technology with the first production use of smart contracts to issue its shares on the Bitcoin blockchain.


Distributed Ledgers and Smart Contracts

Adam Krellenstein will describe the architecture of Symbiont’s Smart Securities™ system, focusing on how it differs from a traditional distributed database. He will detail the advantages and disadvantages of such a system, as well as discuss implementations of similar architectures.

What You’ll Learn

  • What smart contracts and distributed ledgers are
  • The difference between token systems and full smart contracts systems
  • How different parties have been using this technology so far


Adam Krellenstein, CTO & Co-Founder  |  @SymbiontIO

Adam is co-founder and CTO of Symbiont, a pioneer in the use of smart contracts in finance. He is co-founder and chief architect of Counterparty, a protocol for peer-to-peer finance built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, and a Founding Director and Chief Scientist of the Counterparty Foundation.

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