FinDEVrNewYork 2016 / Nostrum Group

Presenter Profile:

Nostrum Group provides technology and processing services to the consumer lending industry. Based in the UK, and we are the market leader in providing digital solutions to this sector. Our mission is to leverage technology to make lending cheaper, faster and safer for lenders and more accessible to consumers. Our SaaS solution focuses on automation and self-serve models. Access to the loan engine’s rich functionality across origination, decision making, payments and collections is facilitated through a full stack web API, making adoption quick, easy, reducing time to market and driving product and service innovation.


Nostrum Loan Engine API

Nostrum is pleased to present the latest picture of UK consumer lending and how its loan engine web API is driving increased adoption of digital lending strategies, not only for banks and finance companies, but also in a very interesting case study, where spreading payment over a structured schedule is providing benefits to customer and supplier alike, alongside a cellular mobile airtime contract. A deep dive into the structure and behavior of the web API in one particular use-case is on the agenda, and we shall see live transactions being executed, in detail.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is happening in UK Consumer Lending right now – what technical and service innovations are driving the shape and adoption of digital strategies
  • How digital lending is enabling customers with mobile device purchases, without adding any undue friction to the customer journey through interaction with the Nostrum API and loan engine
  • Understanding the needs of the developers that work with us, we’ll show that by using REST we can make a functional, well-documented, uniform and discoverable API that makes integration simple.


Alex Stephen, CTO
LinkedIn:  |  @alex_nostrum  |

Alex is responsible for all aspects of technology at Nostrum. A champion of software excellence, disruptive thinking, cutting-edge technology and a focus on delivery, he is the creator of our SaaS solution.

Tom Martin, Head of PMO
LinkedIn:  |  @tom_nostrum  |

As Nostrum’s Head of Project Management Office, Tom is responsible for delivery throughout the company, but is also a passionate technologist.

Simon Quin, Head of Software Development
LinkedIn:  |  @simon_nostrum  |

Simon is responsible for Nostrum software development and technical architecture. With over 18 years experience, Simon guides and manages our software solution.

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