FinDEVrNewYork 2016 / Praesidio

Presenter Profile:

Praesidio is a Security Data Platform designed exclusively for banks and credit unions that unifies detection, investigation, reporting, and policy compliance. Built from the ground up in the cloud with technology that wasn’t available to legacy vendors, Praesidio monitors your entire network without an exorbitant price tag. It searches events up to 120x faster, ingests 10 million events per minute and links cyber security policies to real-time alerts, so you can prove to regulators that you are both secure and compliant with new FFIEC cyber security requirements.


Role Based Behavior Analytics – Patterns and Anomalies in User Behavior as Indicators of Attack

It is easy for attackers to beat traditional security measures: antivirus, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. This is because those methods are akin to blacklisting known bad behavior. Attackers need only to modify their behavior slightly to avoid the blacklist. Anomaly detection, instead models normal user behavior and alerts when attackers deviate from that without any humans specifying what normal behavior is.

This talk will explain what anomaly detection is, how it works, and how to apply it to your network.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why traditional security measures (antivirus, firewalls, IDS, etc.) are not enough to secure your network
  • How anomaly detection works
  • How to apply anomaly detection to your network


Sean Cassidy, CTO & Co-Founder  |  @sean_a_cassidy  |  |  206.673.4835

CTO and Co-Founder, Sean Cassidy, is an engineer, leader, and innovator – building products that offer consumers not only a holistic approach to their work but a better way to do business. He is the author of numerous open source projects and has been involved in the information security community for over a decade.

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