FinovateEurope 2016 / InvoiceSharing

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How they describe themselves: InvoiceSharing is a Free Electronic Invoice Distribution Network with Accounting-Robot, Invoice Financing and more. We connect accountings systems and invoicing platforms and speak all electronic invoice languages. Companies can now send and receive electronic invoices directly from their system, via InvoiceSharing, into the client system. This is free. Our revenues come from the Accounting-Robot that automates the accounts-payable invoice accounting on line-level; consistent and fast. We only sell white labels to (accounting/invoice-scanning) software companies and platforms. In addition there is an appstore with 3rd party products like Invoice Financing, payment buttons and other great stuff you can do with electronic invoices.

How they describe their product/innovation: The Smart Accounting-Robot is able to do the accounting for businesses without giving instructions! We collected actual accounting information from over 10 million invoices and thousands of businesses. Based on industry, location, size, historical accounting and best practices, the Accounting-Robot predicts how you want to do your invoice accounting. For example: When you are a painter and buy paint, the robot may know you want to book the paint as ‘cost of sales’. When you are an art-instructor, it may be ‘teaching materials, and for other companies it is ‘maintenance’. You allow the Accounting-Robot certain comfort levels, for example ‘90% certainty’, where it is allowed to do the accounting without asking questions.

Product distribution strategy: Through other fintech companies and platforms, licensed


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