FinovateEurope 2014 / fastacash

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How they describe themselves: fastacash™ provides a global social platform which allows users to transfer value (money, airtime, other tokens of value, etc.) along with content (photos, videos, audio, messages, etc.) through social networks and messaging platforms. The company has developed a patent pending link generation technology that enables the value transfer with a secure link.

As a technology enabler, fastacash™ partners with companies and brands in the payments, remittance, consumer products, social, and gaming industries to bring its technology to end-users. The company recently launched its showcase service in the United Kingdom (international remittances from the UK to Kenya) through a partnership with VFX Financial. It also launched in Indonesia (domestic money transfers) in November, with partner, DOKU, a leading PSP. The company is preparing to launch in Russia with UNISTREAM.

Product Distribution Strategy: Direct to Business to Consumer (B2B2C)


Bus. Dev. & Sales: Gilberto Arredondo, CCO,
Press: Radhika Angara, CMO,

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