FinDEVrSiliconValley 2015 / Worldpay

Presenter Profile:

Worldpay US provides leading payments processing services across multiple verticals including grocery, petroleum, retail, restaurant, ecommerce and small business. Utilizing traditional point-of-sale technologies to mobile devices, customers can accept payments anytime, anywhere. From transaction capturing and processing to merchant acquiring, Worldpay provides insightful expertise, seamless delivery and valued relationships. We’re defining the way we work at Worldpay. Through innovation and investment, the Worldpay brand supports our desire to strengthen our focus on our customers and provide the most secure and reliable processing platform in the industry. Visit us at


Add secure payments to any website, app or mobile device with the single Worldpay Securenet API

What You’ll Learn

  • Enhanced payments data allows developers to create awesome user experiences
  • Various layers of the payments ecosystem
  • Electronic payments REST interface


Chester Ritchie, SVP & Head of Strategy

Chester Ritchie created an award-winning Retail STAR point-of-sale software and the top-selling payment processing software called X-Charge. During his tenure with an ISO, he built the company into a powerhouse through sales initiatives that resulted in a share price appreciation of 1,850%.

Abe Gandara, Senior Sales Engineer |

Abe Gandara has over 8 years of experience across several different verticals and industries. He is versatile as a product and solution expert. Abe is primarily focused on assisting partners and merchants with providing strategic solutions based on current needs, as well as offering a vision for their future.

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