FinDEVrSiliconValley 2015 / Enterprise Engineering

Presenter Profile:

Since 1995, Enterprise Engineering (EEI) has provided strategic technology services such as enterprise data management, data architecture and governance, big data, business intelligence and systems integration. Our software products are proven and trusted by the world’s largest wealth managers (front ending assets under management well in excess of seven trillion dollars). Therefore, EEI can provide deep expertise and insight delivered through services and software solutions. EEI focuses on the total picture to ensure that all aspects – people, process and technology are addressed in a holistic manner.


I Want Access to My Own Data and I Want It Now!

EEI will be presenting its Trusted Network Platform, which is our advanced data aggregation and management software. The Trusted Network consists of both a core engine and an API. This technology drives innovation across industries enabling clients to offer leading products and services to the market along with gaining insight from the information that is available. The initial industry focus is Wealth Management given EEI’s extensive knowledge in this area and the leverage that consolidated data can provide to wealth managers.

What You’ll Learn

  • EEI’s platform provides connectivity and acquisition of data through a direct connection to data sources.
  • EEI’s platform is “trusted.” It does not utilize screen scraping and addresses the risk, accuracy, consistency and timeliness issues.
  • The Trusted Network provides a secure platform that harnesses the power of many sources of data in the power of one consistent source of data.


Jack Cassaro, SVP, Software Products |

Jack Cassaro, a leader in several key financial services technology consortiums, has spent his entire career in Fintech. Jack brings extensive experience to EEI. His leadership and innovative approach have driven significant growth in EEI’s data aggregation and intelligence solutions.

Arthur Wasson, SVP, Global Treasury Management, Square 1 Bank |

Art Wasson leads Square 1’s Global Treasury Management products and services, including deposits, treasury services, credit cards, foreign exchange and letters of credit. He is an innovative leader with a successful background in strategic planning, product management and business development.

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