FinDEVrSiliconValley 2015 / Personal Capital

Presenter Profile:

Personal Capital is a next generation financial advisor, named by CNBC as a “Top Disruptor” for our innovative approach to wealth management. Our award-winning free tools and mobile apps give clients a complete picture of their net worth, and we offer comprehensive financial advisory services previously only available to the ultra-wealthy. This combination of high-tech and high-touch drives our ability to deliver truly personal and objective wealth management for the Internet and mobile age. We believe this is the best way to empower individuals and their money.


Data-Driven Retirement Planning

Presenting the inner workings of a truly data-driven retirement planner created by leveraging user’s aggregated financial data, enhanced by machine learning and personalized by user’s life events and goals. We will discuss how the investing and financial planning strategies are triggered to update as the user moves through different stages of her life and makes changes to her spending and saving behaviors. Finally, we will show how this functionality is visualized through a UI that makes sophisticated algorithms and complex data easy to use for any user, regardless of investing knowledge.

What You’ll Learn

  • How we employ machine learning techniques to forecast growth of a user’s portfolio and estimate available retirement spending
  • How we create a connected ecosystem that allows a user and his/her dedicated advisor to collaborate on the same financial data and retirement plan
  • How we use AWS infrastructure to supercharge our data-driven retirement planner


Fritz Robbins, CTO | @fritz_robbins |

Fritz Robbins is the CTO of Personal Capital, responsible for definition and execution of the technology roadmap and leadership of the technology teams. He has previously led technology and engineering efforts at Wells Fargo, Excite@Home, RSA Security, and elsewhere.

Ehsan Lavassani, VP Engineering & Founding Engineer | @EhsanLavassani |

Ehsan Lavassani is Personal Capital’s VP Engineerying and its first employee. He architected Personal Capital’s core systems from ground up and formed its world-class engineering team. Previously, he was one of the main architects of RSA’s Adaptive Authentication system.

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