FinDEVrSiliconValley 2015 / Spreedly

Presenter Profile:

Spreedly is an API based service designed to help marketplaces and platforms securely create a universal credit card token that works across the broadest range of payment endpoints possible.


The Vault Grows Up

Storing credit cards is becoming more and more critical for businesses across the fintech landscape, but so often the choice is between taking on the whole burden of PCI compliance or being locked into a single payments stack. We’ll demo the rapid conversion of a legacy payment form into one backed by Spreedly’s modern vault and then walk through some powerful use cases for that data once vaulted.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to easily put a modern vault on top of a legacy stack with Spreedly
  • Once your payment data is in your Spreedly vault, you can transact against it with total flexibility.
  • Using a universal vault like Spreedly enables you to track a credit card across multiple channels.


Nathaniel Talbott, CTO | @ntalbott |

Initially drawn into fintech by client needs when running a software consultancy, Nathaniel has since built a deep expertise in the ins and outs of payments as the CTO of Spreedly. Passionate about fintech, technical leadership, distributed systems, and building a world class software organization.

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