FinDEVrSiliconValley 2015 / Nexmo

Presenter Profile:

Nexmo is the global cloud communications platform leader providing innovative communication APIs and SDKs for voice, text, messaging and phone verification services. Nexmo enables applications and enterprises to communicate with their customers reliably and with ease, no matter where in the world they are located. Companies such as Alibaba, Airbnb, LINE and Viber send millions of messages per month using Nexmo APIs. Nexmo was recognized by analyst firm Gartner as a 2014 Cool Vendor in Communication Service and by Roaming Consulting Company as a Tier 1 A2P SMS Messaging Vendor in 2015.


Using the Cloud to Decrease Fraud, Secure Transactions, and Protect User Identity

Online and mobile banking has come of age and consumers today are empowered with dozens of convenient ways to manage their finances online. However, securing transactions, protecting user identity and protecting both the financial institutions and consumers from an ever-increasing risk of fraud has not evolved. Most users do not follow the recommended practices for online security, and the fragmentation of online identities implies most of them repeat their passwords across their different identities. Strong authentication in such scenarios is often cumbersome and makes for a bad end-user experience. In this session, we share how Nexmo’s APIs & SDKs can help you increase security, significantly decrease fraud and protect user identity, without compromising the end-user’s experience.

What You’ll Learn

  • How phone number based identifiers coupled with phone based verifications can help businesses easily implement Strong Authentication to increase security, significantly decrease fraud and protect user identity, without compromising the end-user’s experience
  • How you can quickly and easily integrate Nexmo’s powerful APIs into most fintech app flows
  • How to future proof your engineering efforts by using best practices to be ready for scale from the start, regardless of the size of your user base


Eric Nadalin, CTO  |

Eric Nadalin is the CTO and co-founder of Nexmo. Eric has managed teams in both the payments and messaging spaces for 18 years. His startup, iPIN, was acquired by Valista and integrated with major mobile operators around the globe. Eric holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

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