FinDEVrSiliconValley 2015 / Clarify

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The API gives you the ability to search and understand your audio and video to make them actionable.


Don’t be a Smaug. Reinvest!

You’ve collected terabytes of recordings. You protect them like Smaug protected his gold. If someone wants to hear what a trader said to a customer, they have a mutliday 15 step process just to listen to it. That’s insane. Recordings are full of data that could be used to make gold. You could help clients get better information faster. You could see patterns before they appear in trade data. You could extract relationship information that belongs to the company, but instead compliance officers hoard it like gold and discard it as soon as the retention policy allows. “Honey, where did you put that bag of money?” “Oh, I threw it out. I didn’t think we needed it anymore.”

What You’ll Learn

  • There’s a lot of actionable data buried in your compliance recordings.
  • That actionable data is worth a lot of money.
  • It’s easier to get at than you think.


Paul Murphy, CEO | @PRMurphy | | 646-513-4234

Paul has spent 20 years in tech, including 10 years building systems for clients like J.P. Morgan and Salomon Brothers. He later joined Adeptra as CTO, a pioneer in automated outbound calling for credit card fraud detection. He has now dedicated his time to leveraging emerging voice processing.

Ivo Rothschild, VP, Research and Development

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