FinDEVrSiliconValley 2015 / Wallaby Financial

Presenter Profile:

Wallaby Financial helps consumers get the most out of their credit cards by optimizing usage based on individual preferences. Through our products, you can optimize your credit card usage for rewards, credit limit, statement due dates, linked bonuses, and other factors. Wallaby is available for your smartphone, your web browser, and your wearable devices.


APIs for Cards and Wallets

Paying isn’t just about getting a transaction complete. Wallaby’s unique API platform allows developers to build a variety of applications to make their payments smart and build engaging content about credit cards for users. With our APIs, you can build and maintain a complete wallet for your users. This enables you to create an engaging experience, collect additional data, reduce bad charges, and provide incremental discounts and values to your users. Non-transactional capabilities allow companies to build complete experiences with rich data and imagery around cards. With thousands of credit cards in the US, Wallaby can help you organize and use them right.

What You’ll Learn

  • Cards are complicated, but we’ve made it simple.
  • There’s a best card to use in every transaction.
  • You can save your users money without paying for the discount.


Matthew Goldman, CEO & Founder | @magoldman

Matthew is the Founder and CEO of Wallaby Financial. He raised more than $2M from venture capitalists, such as Founders Fund, prior to successfully selling Wallaby to Bankrate, Inc.

Todd Zino, CTO & Co-Founder | @toddzino

Todd is the Co-Founder and CTO at Wallaby Financial. A big data and targeting expert, Todd has worked at Adobe, DemDex, and many startups across the US.

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