FinDEVrSiliconValley 2015 / Temenos

Presenter Profile:

Temenos Group AG is the market leading provider of mission-critical software applications to over 1,650 financial institutions in 150 countries worldwide.


B2B Financial Apps MarketPlace

Join us to discover Temenos’ B2B financial services MarketPlace and become a world leading FinTech solution provider. We will walk you through the benefits of this route to market and show you how to spin up your own cloud core banking instance for use in development and discovery of products online. There are millions of product opportunities on the Temenos core banking platform (T24) and User Experience Platform (edgeConnect), and we’ll help you get started by giving you code and putting your product in front of 700 banks and financial institutions.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to develop the most successful and disruptive FinTech ideas
  • How development on a core banking system really works
  • How to market your product to more than 700 Banks and Financial Institutions


Aaron Phethean, MarketPlace Director | @aphethean |

Aaron has met with hundreds of banks over the last decade and been through dozens of product launches, core banking renovation projects, and digital channel initiatives. Originally from New Zealand, now based in London, he is a keen innovator and regularly contributes to open source projects.

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