FinDEVrSiliconValley 2015 / Arxan Technologies

Presenter Profile:

Arxan offers solutions for software running on mobile devices, desktops, servers, and embedded platforms – including those connected as part of the Internet of Things (IOT) – and is currently protecting applications running on more than 400M devices across a range of industries.


Mobile Payments: Protecting Apps and Data from Emerging Risks

It is possible to protect sensitive data and transactions while implementing progressive mobile payments technology and preserving the customer experience! Join security expert, Sam Rehman, CTO of Arxan, to understand emerging techniques hackers are using to attack mobile payment applications and related cryptographic keys – and the latest techniques developers can leverage to protect their payment applications and cryptographic keys.

What You’ll Learn

  • Mobile App Payment Landscape
  • How Criminals Can Attack Your Payment App
  • Comprehensive Protection Techniques


Sam Rehman, CTO

Sam joined Arxan in May 2015 with the mission to shape the technical directions and drive innovations. Sam is a proven technology evangelist and leader with over 25 years of experience in both leading product development and professional services companies.

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