FinDEVrSiliconValley 2015 / Markit

Presenter Profile:

Markit is a leading global provider of financial information services. We provide products that enhance transparency, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency. Our customers include banks, hedge funds, asset managers, central banks, regulators, auditors, fund administrators and insurance companies. Founded in 2003, we employ over 4,000 people in 11 countries. Markit shares are listed on Nasdaq under the symbol MRKT. For more information, please see


The Future is Now: Modernization & Modularity as Keys to Rich UX

Using browser-based technologies and a capabilities-oriented modular approach, we can create anticipatory personalized experiences that make desktop and terminal replacements a thing of the present. We will cover F2 (, an open source foundation and web integration framework, as well as several key Markit capabilities (Charting, Smart Text, Personalization), as key building blocks for multi party integrated experiences.

What You’ll Learn

  • What F2 is, and how it can solve brokerage, wealth management, and banking related problems
  • The ease with which Amazon-like personalized experiences for financial services can be created
  • Markit’s capabilities and deep experience with key technologies for financial services, such as Charting and Smart Text


Tim Burcham, Head of Labs | | 303-583-4292

Over the last 16 years, Tim has worked with Markit (formerly Wall Street On Demand) architecting, coding, managing, mentoring & leading teams to deliver high-quality websites & rich user experiences under incredibly high traffic volumes and tight timeframes.

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