FinDEVrSiliconValley 2015 / Fidor Bank

Presenter Profile:

“Fidor Bank is one of the few neobanks with a banking license, allowing it to redefine traditional banking from the ground up.” – Celent, March 2015

Fidor Bank introduced community banking more than five years ago and were early enablers of Bitcoin and Ripple. Now we are the first bank to offer open RESTful APIs secured with OAuth2.0, giving customers and partners direct access to our services and customer base.

Fidor Bank is a fully licensed online Bank with both a user oriented and tech driven mindset. We strongly believe in partnerships. Most FinTechs need banks because of regulation and processing. Fidor Bank provides both regulative support and technology. Fidor Bank is privately owned. We are located in Germany, UK , Russia and are currently preparing market entry in the US.


No Stack Banking
Learn how to use APIs to leverage Fidor’s technology and european banking license to set up your own digital banking services. The presentation will feature a customer use case of a telco offering banking services as well as a hands-on live demo of setting up and using Fidor’s APIs to make and receive payments in the european SEPA area.


Patrick Gruban, Head of Global Solutions |

Social media entrepreneur in the mid-90s, consultant and Ruby on Rails developer in the aughts and since 2007 at Fidor where he was responsible for the architecture of Fidor’s platform fOS. He’s now working on solutions for international clients and partners for FidorTecS. On the side he produces organic yarn for hand knitting and hosts Munich’s Nerd Nite.

Richard Billeci, Chief Software Architect |

Since the late 1990’s Richard worked as a consultant and architect for some of the world’s mostly highly trafficked e-commerce sites. As the Chief Software Architect at hybris, Richard drove the vision and design for their commerce-as-a-service solution that is transforming SAP with its API-first, microservice architecture built on Cloud Foundry. Richard joined Fidor in 2015 as the Chief Software Architect, heading the architecture and product development teams, that are implementing Fidor’s open API and no stack-banking vision.

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