FinDEVrSiliconValley 2015 / Modo

Presenter Profile:

Modo is connecting commerce to the new digital economy. Modo’s platform operates like a shipping container for intermodal payments. Value can be loaded into the container from a variety of systems, delivered across one or more channels, and arrive at a wide variety of destinations. Modo connects different types of value as well, including cards & accounts, and currencies such as digital, loyalty, offers, gifts, and cryptocurrencies. Modo also connects directly to mobile phones, with an innovative Connected Beacon™ that makes beacons two-way instead of one-way interactions.


Mobile Payments are Dead . . . Long Live Digital Payments

Mobile payments are the solution for a problem that doesn’t exist. Modo’s CEO will describe his voyage of discovery from mobile to digital and demonstrate why connecting commerce is the next big wave in payments.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why digital is the new mobile
  • How connecting commerce breaks the logjam
  • Get a tour of Modo – awesome for connecting commerce to the new digital economy


Bruce Parker, CEO & Founder | | 214-477-5196

Bruce Parker is a self-declared payments geek and has been a visionary and strategist for the some of the largest and most innovative payments technology companies in the world. Bruce has created new products, built partnerships and shaped strategy that has moved the payments industry.

Aaron Wilkinson, Chief Architech & Founder | | 214-702-2144

Aaron has a decade and a half of experience in Software Engineering starting with a foundation of real-time embedded software for high-end military vehicles and branching out to many other fields: from user interfaces to software architecture to web services.

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