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BehavioSec Uses Behavioral Analytics to Tackle Mobile Security


Second up, BehavioSec demonstrated its mobile security solution that uses behavioral analytics:
“BehavioSec is showing the answer to the mobile security problem.
It’s no longer sufficient to enter the correct PIN code or pattern; it has to be entered in the correct way.
BehavioMobile adds a layer of behavioral analytics to a financial app (such as a banking application), making sure it can only be accessed by a typing or swiping sequence that is uniquely connected to that person’s biometrics.
Anyone attempting to access the app has to use the correct pressure, velocity, and acceleration, and they must combine this with the correct sequence speed and key-flight before they can access it.”
Product Launched: December 2011
HQ Location: Lulea, Sweden
Company Founded: 2009
Metrics: $1.5 million raised to date, 7 employees
Introducing Neil Costigan (CTO)