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Keynote DeviceAnywhere Lets You Test Your Platform on Mobile Devices


Next, Keynote DeviceAnywhere showed off its solution for browser-based testing across multiple devices and platforms:

“Real device or browser-based testing? It’s a common dilemma for enterprise mobile app developers and QA professionals. While most agree that testing on real devices is optimal for understanding the true mobile user experience, there are also some very practical efficiency and automation benefits to be gained from browser-based testing. 

TCE Automation with HTML5 Web Testing allows you to test on real mobile devices with all the ease of browser-based testing and automate across different mobile devices and platforms. These capabilities enable you to accelerate time to market for new apps and platforms while saving substantial time and cost.”

Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: San Mateo, CA
Company Founded: January 2003
Introducing Bryan Segale (Senior Technical Account Manager)