The Evolution of the Third Era of Commerce

During FinovateEurope 2019, Giulio Montemagno – Head of Europe, Amazon Pay took to the stage to discuss the ripples of change we’re seeing in payments and e-commerce, and how voice commerce will redefine the ideal customer experience. In the third era of commerce, only early adopters win.

“Since the emergence of digital, commerce has been in a state of transformation, first with e-commerce and then with the rise of mobile came m-commerce. Today, we are in the very early stages of the third era – voice commerce – a powerful medium that will transform our day-to-day lives and how we purchase.”

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Easy Come, Easy Go: The Disruption of Loyalty

Customers are more in control than ever before. Digital has transformed the purchase journey and market saturation is common. Even legislative changes are encouraging customers to shop around. With competition just a scroll, click or voice command away customer retention has never been more important. As a result, the Financial Services industry needs to establish new value amongst their audiences in order to drive loyalty. But what is deemed ‘value’ in this environment and how can new technologies help? In this talk from FinovateEurope 2019, Russell Pert, UK Head of Industry, Financial Services at Facebook, discusses how technology is augmenting relationships between brands and customers and why the future of loyalty is centred around relevant and meaningful one to one interactions, at scale.

Next Generation Fintech

As part of #FinovateLive, we bring you a round-up of all the best insights from FinovateEurope 2019 and beyond. Find exclusive interviews with Julian Sawyer, Starling Bank, Giuliano Montemagno, Amazon Pay and Thierry Derungs, BNP Paribas Wealth Management, as well as analysis from our Finovate team. Read the latest eMagazine now!

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Hear It From the Experts: Why It’s Riskier to Not Take Risks

Hear It From the Experts: Why It’s Riskier to Not Take Risks

As part of the #FinovateLive Digital Week, we bring you exclusive interviews with the leading minds in fintech. Hosted by David Penn, Finovate Analyst, and William Mills, these interviews cover a range of topics, from why it’s riskier to not take risks when it comes to retail banking, to whether or not robots are going to need passports in the future (hint: they will!), to what trends these experts are keeping a close eye on this year.

Brett King, CEO and Founder of Moven, on what the most disruptive technologies in history all have in common

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Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand, on why we need regulators to regulate for change

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JP Nicols, Co-founder of FinTech Forge, on why we’re not in the era of agility

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Dave Birch, Global Ambassador of Consult Hyperion, on the future of AI and robotics

FinovateEurope Demo Videos Are Live!

Just in time for your weekend viewing, the demo videos from FinovateEurope 2019 are now available for free in our video archives.

Whether you joined us in London at the Tobacco Dock last month, or will be watching the show for the first time, we think you’ll enjoy our high quality videos of each company that took the stage.

As a sampler, here are the demo videos from the eight companies that won Best of Show awards at FinovateEurope this year.



Glia (formerly SaleMove)





Live from London: Breaking Banks Power Hour Rocks FinovateEurope

The Breaking Banks PowerHour – a live feed of Brett King’s Breaking Banks podcast – returned to FinovateEurope last week.

In case you missed it, here’s your chance to join Brett, J.P. Nichols, Jim Marous, and Greg Palmer as they discuss the latest trends in fintech innovation, the rise of TechFin competitors around the world, the impact of Brexit on U.K. fintech, and their favorite demos from our conference.

FinovateEurope 2019: Find the Next Big Thing

Over 1000 fintech professionals joined us in London for FinovateEurope 2019. We saw the best of the Europe’s fintech through unique, short-form demos and learned from expert speakers on banking, regtech, payments, customer experience, investech, open banking and AI.

We’ll see you next at FinovateSpring, returning back to San Francisco this May 8 – 10. Find out more about our demoing companies, our expert roster of speakers, and our cutting-edge agenda.

Welcome to Day Four of FinovateEurope

Today is our special FinovateEurope Summit Day. For those interested in an especially deep dive into fintech’s most critical topics, Day Four of FinovateEurope is for you. Today we focus on two issues that many believe will define the future of financial technology: the rise of artificial intelligence and the promise and potential of open banking.

Our agenda for Friday will consist of two tracks running simultaneously: our Open Banking Summit in East Mall 2, and our AI Summit – sponsored by Personetics – in East Mall 3. Be sure to check out the Day Four tab on our FinovateEurope page for more information on individual speakers for each session.

0815 Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Networking

Open Banking Summit

  • 0900 Chair’s Opening Remarks
  • 0910 What Lies Ahead for Open Banking, and What Do You Need to Be Thinking About?
  • 0935 Reshaping the Industry: Maximizing the Strategic Opportunities Afforded by Open Banking
  • 1005 Building and Using APIs at Scale: What New Horizons Are Opening?

AI Summit

  • 0900 Chair’s Opening Remarks
  • 0915 Achieving Transformational Outcomes with an AI Strategy: Leading Perspectives on Business Implementation
  • 0950 AI: We Can All Talk the Talk, But Can We Walk the Walk?

1025 Morning Break and Networking

Open Banking Summit

  • 1100 How Open Banking is Changing Financial Systems, and Comparisons with Markets Outside the EU
  • 1120 The Clash: CX In Conflict in Open Banking
  • 1140 Delivering a Better, More Holistic Customer Experience Using Open Banking: Meeting Customers’ Expected Needs

AI Summit

  • 1110 Deep Dive: Harnessing the Power of Small Data in an Era of Social Media – The Future of Personalization
  • 1130 AI in Practice: Personalization of Offerings and Designing New, Tailored Services

1200 Lunch & Networking

Open Banking Summit

  • 1315 Open Wealth Case Study: Looking Beyond Open Banking to the Broader Future of Savings
  • 1330 Working with Fintechs And Non-Banking Institutions: How Partnerships are Being Transformed
  • 1400 The Data Dimension: How Will the Data Generated from Open Banking be Analyzed and Understood?

AI Summit

  • 1315 Case Study: Enterprise-wide Business Transformation Using AI
  • 1345 Real Application Showcase: The Potential of Machine Learning: A Spotlight on Use Cases

1400 Afternoon Break & Networking

Open Banking Summit

  •  1450 Case Study: Leveraging Open APIs for Better Customer Experience
  • 1510 Global Trends: Mapping Out the Context of Open Banking
  • 1530 Early Adoption and Early Advantage: How to Make the Most of Open Banking

AI Summit

  • 1450 Customer Engagement in the AI Age: Attracting and Retaining Customers, and Making Banking More Customer-Oriented
  • 1520 Lessons Learned: Incubating AI and RPA Startups

1550 Closing Remarks and End of Conference

Welcome to Day Three of FinovateEurope

Happy Valentine’s Day to lovers of fintech innovation everywhere!

The demos are done and the Best of Show trophies have been awarded. That means it’s time for our fintech experts to take the stage and help put into context many of the technologies we’ve seen over the past two days of FinovateEurope.

Here’s our agenda for Day Three.

0800 to 0840 Registration, Continental Breakfast, & Networking

0840 to 1045 General Session

  • 0840 Chairman’s Opening Remarks with Dave Birch, Global Ambassadfdor, Consult Hyperion
  • 0845 Opening Keynote: The NeuroGeneration – How a New Era in Brain Augmentation is Revolutionizing the Way You Think, Work, Lead, and Live with Tan Le, founder and CEO, EMOTIV
  • 0915 Easy Come, Easy Go: The Disruption of Loyalty with Russell Pert, U.K. Head of Industry, Financial Services, Facebook
  • 0935 The Evolution of the Third Era of Commerce with Giulio Montemagno, Head of Europe, Amazon Pay
  • 0950 Living and Breathing Agility: How to Emulate Digitally Native Companies
  • 1015 Analyst All-Stars Session
  • 1035 An Update on the FCA Sandbox: Fostering Innovation and Enabling Collaboration

1050 to 1115 Morning Break and Networking

  • 1050 Fireside Chat with Tan Le
  • 1050 Fireside Chat – In Response to the FCA Sandbox Update

1115 to 1235 Streams

  • The Changing Face of Banking
  • Technology in Practice
  • The Future of Regtech
  • Analytics and User Empowerment

1235 to 1330 Lunch and Networking

  • 1300 VC Lunchtime Panel: The Finance and Fintech Trends Getting Investment

1330 to 1435 General Session

  • 1330 Digital Transformation – Culture, Collaboration, and Competition – featuring Benoit Legrand, Chief Innovation Officer, ING
  • 1350 Q&A – Becoming a Unicorn Challenger Bank: OakNorth’s Journey to Profitability
  • 1405 Open Banking, Democratization of Data, And You: The Disruptive New Era of Customer Engagement
  • 1420 The Blurring of Identity Proofing & Authentication

1440 to 1545 Streams

  • The Changing Face of Banking: Challenger Bank Focus
  • Product Innovation and the Customer Experience
  • Innovation in Payments
  • Investech and Wealth Management Innovation

1545 to 1610 Intermission, Refreshments, and Networking

1610 to 1735 General Session

  • 1610 The Final Countdown: Best Practices in Onboarding Innovation
  • 1640 Breaking Banks Power Hour Chat: It’s Happening! Live Podcast – featuring Jim Marous, JP Nichols, and Brett King
  • 1730 Chair’s Remarks and Close of Conference

We’re looking forward to an exciting day of insightful discussion and debate on some of the hottest topics in fintech. Thanks for joining us!

Welcome to Day Two of FinovateEurope

The second day of FinovateEurope is here! After a great kickoff to this year’s annual European conference, we’re back at London’s Tobacco Dock Wednesday morning for what promises to be another great day of live demos of the latest in financial technology.

Here’s what we’ve got planned for Day Two. More information on our demoing companies is available on our FinovateEurope website.

0800 – 0915 Registration, continental breakfast, networking

0915 – 1030 Demo Session #5

1030 – 1115 Intermission with Refreshments & Networking

1115 – 1230 Demo Session #6

1230 – 1345 Lunch & Networking

1345 – 1500 Demo Session #7

1500 – 1545 Intermission with Refreshments & Networking

1545 – 1700 Demo Session #8

1700 – 1830 Reception & Networking – Plus our Best of Show award ceremony!

Registration opens at 0800 tomorrow morning with our Remarks from the Chair beginning at 0840.

Welcome to Day One of FinovateEurope

FinovateEurope kicks off today at the Tobacco Dock in London, U.K. The Tobacco Dock is located on Wapping Lane, at St. Katharine’s & Wapping, London E1W 2SF.

Registration opens at 0800, and the first demo begins at 0915. If you are hoping to attend FinovateEurope this year, but haven’t yet registered to save your spot, then know that our ticket window is open and we’d love to have you join us.

Here’s what’s on the schedule for Day One. Our detailed agenda for today is available on the FinovateEurope website.

0800 – 0915 Registration, continental breakfast, networking

0915 – 1030 Demo Session #1

1030 – 1115 Intermission with Refreshments & Networking

1115 – 1230 Demo Session #2

1230 – 1345 Lunch & Networking

1345 – 1500 Demo Session #3

1500 – 1545 Intermission with Refreshment & Networking

1545 – 1700 Demo Session #4

1700 – 1830 Reception & Networking

Winners of our Best of Show award will be announced tomorrow.

Door opens at 0800 again tomorrow morning, with the first demo session starting at 0845.

FinovateEurope Lands in London

Where can you find 1,200 fintech fans, 120 fintech experts, 64 innovative fintech companies, four days of fintech demos and discussions, and one digital graffiti wall?

The answer, my friend, is not blowing in the wind. It’s right here at London’s Tobacco Dock for FinovateEurope 2019!

Today is rehearsal day, which means that our demoing companies are busy putting the finishing touches on the live demonstrations that will fill the first two days of FinovateEurope. Rehearsal day also means that we’re less than 24 hours away from the start of the show, and if you haven’t picked up your ticket yet, there’s no better time than the present to visit our registration page and save your spot.

And remember that on Day Three, FinovateEurope will transition from live fintech demos to live fintech discussion and debate. We’ll have more than 100 industry experts and professionals taking on every aspect of financial technology – from AI and the blockchain to digital transformation and open banking.

If you are an old Finovate hand who has not yet experienced this new feature of our conferences, then you are in for a real treat. Check out the Day Three agenda for yourself; there is truly something for everyone.

We shared some conference notes and need-to-knows yesterday. For a quick refresher: FinovateEurope begins Tuesday, February 12 and continues through Thursday, February 14 – with a special Summit Day on Friday, the 15th. Our venue this year is London’s Tobacco Dock, a historic facility in the city’s Docklands area of the East End. It is located on Wapping Lane, at St. Katharine’s & Wapping, London, E1W 2SF.

Registration begins at 0800 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with Friday’s registration beginning at 0815.

Once you arrive at the venue – and grab a cup of tea or coffee and a sample of our continental breakfast – be sure to join our FinovateEurope community on our Knect3655 event app. Download the app from your preferred App Store, then search for “FinovateEurope” to access features like, our audience participation solution; our Best of Show voting dashboard; our networking platform Brella; our attendees list; conference agenda and much more.

If you have any questions, including any challenges working with the app, please send us an email at, and we’ll be happy to help.

In the meanwhile, our demoing companies have a few more practice runs to go before rehearsal day is done. We hope you’ll join us this week. Travel safe – and we’ll see you at the dock!