Matchi Debuts its Global Innovation Community

This post is part of our live coverage of FinovateAsia 2013.


Second up, Matchi launched its global innovation community platform:
“A global community innovation platform for the financial services industry that offers market ready banking innovations from across the globe and collaboration opportunities that have the potential to save the banks millions of dollars in development costs.”
Presenting Warren Bond (CEO, Matchi) and Gerrit Hoekstra (Chief Technology Officer)
Product Launch: November 14, 2013
Metrics: Privately owned company with 10-50 employees
Product distribution strategy: Direct to Consumer (B2C) & Direct to Business (B2B)
HQ: Hong Kong, China
Founded: 2013
Website: Matchi.Biz

Red Zebra Analytics Presents its Analytics Engine to Boost Customer Engagement


This post is part of our live coverage of FinovateAsia 2013.

The first presentation of FinovateAsia 2013 is about to begin. Red Zebra Analytics are coming to the stage right now to demo the Red Zebra Analytics Engine.

“Suitable for any banking system, the Red Zebra Analytics platform is secure, fast, flexible and highly cost efficient. It maps consumer purchase behavior in detail, yet keeps the data entirely safe, with no individual customer identification ever leaving the bank. Retailers pay to upload campaigns via a simple interface while state-of-the-art predictive analytics deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time and through the right channel. And for bank customers, it’s a way to save money on things they actually want.”
Presenting Manuel Ho (COO) and Nell Omar (MD)

Product Launch: May 2012
Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B) & through financial institutions

HQ: London, United Kingdom
Founded: August 2011

Majulah Fintech! Finovate Returns to Singapore


One of the world’s busiest ports, a leading global financial center, and featuring the third highest per capita income in the world … is there any wonder why we are back in the sovereign city-state known as “Lion City” for FinovateAsia 2013?

There are less than 24 hours to go before the curtain goes up on our second show ever here in Singapore, and presenters are busy putting the final touches on their demos. 

Registration opens at 8:00 AM and the first demo session starts at 9:00 AM, so be sure to come early and get your seat before the first session. 

Where to Go
Walk, bus, drive, or cab to the MAX Atria @ Singapore Expo (1 Expo Dr. Singapore 486150). If you’re unable to make it, there are still a couple of different ways to enjoy the show:
Live Blog
As we do at every Finovate event, the Finovate research team will be posting all day long, live, from the MAX Atria at
We’ll document each and every presentation in real time, highlighting the innovations, key metrics, and business strategies that will help bring the benefits of the latest in financial technology to banks, businesses, and consumers around the world.
Live Tweet
And for those who prefer their FinovateAsia updates in 140 characters or less, the Finovate Twitter feed is the place to be. Follow us at @Finovate, and use the #Finovate in your tweets to take part in the conversation.
This year, 36 companies will demo a wide range of fintech innovations ranging from security and lending to mobile payments and asset management. Below is a look at the startups and veteran enterprises that will be presenting at this year’s event.
Everything you want to know about FinovateAsia 2013 is available at our FAQ page here. And, as always, feel free to email your questions to us at We are grateful for your support and can’t wait to see you here in Singapore.

An Exclusive Look at Arbor Ventures, an Asia-Focused VC Firm


In preparation for FinovateAsia November 14, we wanted to provide some insight into the region’s venture capital scene. Here’s what we learned from Melissa Guzy, Founder and Managing Partner for Arbor Ventures.

Arbor Ventures is a Hong Kong-based venture capital firm with roots in the Silicon Valley. The firm invests in companies based in Singapore, Hong Kong, and ASEAN regions, whose focus is in up-and-coming topics such as:

    • Big Data
    • Cloud Computing
    • Financial Technology
    • Collaborative Consumption


Finovate: Arbor Ventures is focused on the Asia market. How is the Venture Capital environment in Asia different from that of the U.S. and Europe?

Guzy: The market in Asia is quite different than the US and Europe and China is different from the rest of Asia in terms of venture capital and market opportunities. In Asia, we are looking for entrepreneurs that can understand the local 

opportunity, the business environment as well as scale across the region.

Finovate: What are some current trends in Asia-based fintech? 

Guzy: We have a large under served and under banked population so areas such as prepaid cards, remittances, cross border brokerage and FX are some of the most interesting areas for innovation.
Finovate: Where do you see financial technology evolving in Asia in the next 5 years? 

Guzy: Over the next 5 years, the convertibility of the Chinese Yuan will continue to drive change across the region as well as the formation of the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) in 2015. The technology to support mobile banking, payments, and money transfers as well as cross border transactions are going to be transformed.
Finovate: What 3 solid pieces of advice can you provide Asia-based fintech companies seeking investment?  

Guzy: It is the same advice that you would provide anywhere to a start up, build a solid team and understand the market pull and what is needed before spending large sums of money on a product or service. Start ups especially in ASEAN need to spend wisely since there is a shortfall of Series A and Series B funding in the region so entrepreneurs need to aware of this issue when developing their funding requirements early on.
If you’re interested in fintech in the Asia Pacific region, we hope to see you at FinovateAsia in a few days.

Check Out FinovateAsia 2013’s Diverse Audience

If you’re coming to FinovateAsia next week, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with a wide-ranging crowd. For next week’s show, attendees will fly in from as far away as South America and the U.S. (check out the map here). 

These folks represent a range of organizations, from high-profile bank and venture capitalist executives, to small startups and independent bloggers. Here is a word cloud we created from the titles of FinovateAsia attendees:


And a small sample of the organizations that will be attending:

  • American Express
  • ANZ
  • Bank BTPN
  • Bank of Singapore
  • Bank Respublika
  • BOC Group Life Assurance
  • Citi Ventures
  • Credit Suisse
  • IDC Financial Insights
    • i-exceed
    • IND Group
    • INSEAD
    • Intel Capital
    • Javelin Strategy & Research
    • Maybank
    • Microsoft
    • OCBC
    • RBS
  • S&P Capital
  • Security Bank
  • Singtel
  • Standard Chartered
  • Suncorp Bank
  • TMB Bank
  • UBS
  • United Overseas Bank
  • Visa

Don’t miss out on being a part of this diverse audience and seeing what your competition is up to. Get your ticket here

FinovateAsia 2013 Sneak Peek: Part 4


FinovateAsia 2013 is coming to Singapore in just over one week. And, just in time, here are the final seven companies who will bring their live demos to the stage.

If you missed the previous three installments of our Sneak Peek preview series, check out the links below.

Our final event of 2013 is only a few weeks away. Get your ticket here to be a part of the audience.

BehavioSec focuses on innovation in behavioral biometrics.
    • Transparent biometrics for mobile and web 
    • Large deployments 
    • Cost effective, low impact security
Why its great:
BehavioSec provides biometric security with no user experience cost  


Neil Costigan
Dr Costigan is a cryptography and security expert with over 20 years experience developing security solutions deployed with retail banking in the U.S. and Europe.

GMC Software Technology’s Inspire Research Portal (IRP) for investors provides a single platform for users to access and replaces all manual processes to automation.
    • Streamlining the process
    • Reducing human errors while increasing productivity
    • Ability to view research reports from multiple platforms
Why it’s great:
IRP will provide a centralized platform for both researchers and approvers to access and perform their job in an interactive and engaging way.  


Matthias Kraaz
Matthias has been in the customer communication space for many years and is currently looking after all the technical operations of GMC in Asia Pacific.  
Kelvin Huang
Working as a Presales Manager in GMC for 2 years, Kelvin specializes in web and mobile communication and is equipped with years of experiences in financial industry.


Intuition Intelligence’s end-to-end card linked offers solution delivers super relevant offers to users from a huge volume of offers.

    • Brings a huge volume of offers from Open-coupon Networks
    • Solve Pains: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Vicinity, Visibility & Value
    • Win-win ecosystem for the Bank, Merchants and Customers
Why it’s great: By learning user intent in click time, we deliver the right offers at right moment via digital channels without spam and friction in pre-and post-login.  


Arif Ansari
Keynote Speaker for Big Data and predictive analytics, expert in multiple areas of advanced intelligent systems and multiple patent holder.


Yusuf Ansari
Entrepreneur with track record of achieving #1 market share, visionary in building iconic products and hands-on execution and product management.


KlickEx is the world’s most advanced multi-currency payments network – active in 8 countries, SWIFT and UNDP funded – and Asia’s top-ranked Mobile Money platform deployment.
    • Completed solution to distributed/”crypto”-currency value destruction
    • No need to dis-intermediate Central Banks or regulators
    • Implemented, asset-based store of value – full USD alternative


Rob Bell
Rob and his award winning team turned the SWIFT and UNCDP funded, World Bank ranked, Pacific inter-bank payment network, into Asia’s top rated mobile money platform in 3 years. Ex HSBC, Stanford, NZX.


Brett Waterson
Brett is the multi-award winning architect behind many global trading and banking systems, including the NZ Police Database, and all four NZ bank credit card loyalty programs – and of course, KlickEx.

Mambu helps banks, microfinance institutions and financial innovators deliver banking services to individuals and emerging enterprises around the world.
    • Makes state-of-the-art banking technology accessible to all
    • Eliminates the costs and complexities of traditional core banking
    • Helps financial organisations get new products to market, fast
Why it’s great:
Mambu’s cloud-first Software-as-a-Service solution enables financial organizations of all sizes to rapidly deliver state-of-the-art banking services  


David Hamilton, president of Mambu


Eugene Danilkis, CEO and co-founder of Mambu

Payoneer simplifies global commerce by providing companies and businesses of all sizes with an innovative, convenient and cost effective solution to send and receive funds worldwide.
    • Global corporates can transfer funds to over 200 countries and more than 50 currencies 
    • Funds can be received on prepaid cards, local bank accounts, or even local e-wallets 
Why it’s great:
In a borderless world, Payoneer helps SMBs and professionals get paid with minimal friction and the convenience of choosing their preferred financial instrument.


Oded Zehavi
As CRO, Zehavi is responsible for Payoneer’s sales, marketing and product activities. Prior to joining Payoneer, he served as business development director for PayPal.

TSYSLogoHiRes.jpgTSYSAuthorization Controls allows the a user to set one’s own default account parameters and authorization rules.
    • Spatiotemporal locks allow user to geo-fence their location
    • Authorization Rules allow you to define spend limits for defined cycles
    • Authorization actions the user to Alert, Decline or Pre-authorize
Why it’s great:
TSYS Authorization Controls reduce risk to the card issuer, merchant and consumer by monitoring transactions in real-time and enforcing responsible spending at the POS.  


Paul Bridgewater
As Group Executive of Global Product, Paul is responsible for product strategy, product delivery, product marketing and TSYS Innovation across the company. 


Chris Colson
As the director of innovation for TSYS, Chris is an 18-year veteran of the payments and financial services industry, having previously served as vice president, product management, of Equifax.  

For more information about how to join us in Singapore, visit our FinovateAsia 2013 page here.

FinovateAsia 2013 Demo Companies Bring Global Innovation to Singapore

FinovateAsia is typically our most globally diverse show, and this year is no different. Two weeks from now, we will showcase 37 demos from companies spanning the globe that are innovating in everything from remittance to small business tools to back office solutions and much more. 

Given that diversity, we thought it would be fun put together a map showing the geographic spread of the demoing companies that will take the stage (click the map to enlarge).


Here’s the breakdown of the number of companies from each region:

  • Asia: 12
  • Europe: 11
  • North America: 9
  • Africa: 1
  • Oceania: 2
  • Middle East: 2

To refresh your memory, the list of the companies that we’ve hand-picked to show off their new technology at the Max Atria @ Singapore Expo on November 14, include:

  • Advanced Merchant Payments
  • App Annie
  • Arkalogic
  • ArthaYantra
  • Backbase
  • BehavioSec
  • BlueKite
  • BRIDGEi2i
  • CustomerXPs Software
  • DragonWealth
  • GMC Software Technologies
  • i-exceed
  • IND Group
  • Intuition Intelligence
  • KlickEx
  • Kofax
  • LifePAD
  • Luminous
  • Mambu
  • Matchi
  • Mistral Mobile
  • Mobexo
  • Mobino
  • Pangea
  • Payoneer
  • Pixeliris
  • Red Zebra
  • SaaS Markets
  • Serverside
  • Smart Engine
  • Tootpay
  • TradeNet
  • TSYS
  • White Label Personal Clouds
  • Yodlee

To see live demos of the new technology, meet the entrepreneurs responsible, and network with others in the industry, get your ticket to FinovateAsia here. If you have questions about the show, check out who is attending or email

FinovateAsia 2013 Sneak Peek: Part 3


Still just getting to know the companies that will be presenting at FinovateAsia 2013 in November? Here are another five fintech innovators scheduled to take the stage next month in Singapore.

And if you missed the previous two installments of our Sneak Peek preview, check out the links below.

FinovateAsia 2013 Sneak Peek: Part 2

FinovateAsia 2013 Sneak Peek: Part 1

Our final event of 2013 is only a few weeks away. For more information about how to join us in Singapore, visit our FinovateAsia 2013 page here.


Arkalogic’s latest innovation, Moneta, enables customers to have a seamless and secure payment system that caters to their key daily transaction needs, in one platform.
  • Mobile payments and banking platform
  • Seamless and secure transaction experience
  • Comprehensive end-to-end solution for cashless transactions
Why its great:
Transactions and life should be simple and secure. Always. With Arkalogic’s latest innovation, Moneta, it’s as if carrying your ATM and wallet in your mobile device.
Aryo Karbhawomo
Visionary Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO, Arkalogic
PhD in Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley


John Subroto Chard (pictured)
Strategy & Finance Advisor, Arkalogic
MBA, New York University. Expertise in corporate development, start-ups and corporate strategy. Previously with McKinsey.


BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions‘ cloud-based application, Surveyi2i, enables business users to unearth hidden patterns and share holistic insights from survey data in just a few clicks.
  • Zero in to key insights in matter of hours
  • Single tool for analyzing both quantitative and unstructured textual inputs
  • Design, automate and share dashboards without a single line of script
Why it’s great:
It makes the process of analyzing survey data incredibly faster, easier and cheaper.


Prithvijit Roy
CEO and Co-founder, Bridgei2i
Known among the pioneers of the analytics industry in India, Prithvijit has experience building and leading large scale analytics centers for Hewlett-Packard and GENPACT.


Pritam Kanti Paul
Business Analytics Entrepreneur, Bridgei2i
Known as an innovative thinker, Pritam has led development and implementation of several high impact and cutting edge analytical solutions for Hewlett-Packard and General Electric.

Thumbnail image for luminous_logo_2.jpg

Luminous is the ultimate financial innovations company with visionary products that are breakthrough in sheer simplicity.
  • Electronic safety deposit box
  • Banking customers can upload, sort and store personal and business documents
  • Ability to back up and save the most recent version of important documents
Why it’s great:
Banking customers can upload, sort and store personal and business documents.

Warren Bond
CEO, Luminous


Andrew Teversham 
Chief Technology Officer, Luminous
Andrew heads up the development and implementation teams at Luminous and has gained extensive experience with SAP implementations over a number of years.


Matchi is a global community innovation platform for the banking industry that offers market ready innovations from across the globe.
  • Unprecedented collaboration opportunities for banks
  • Marketing platform for innovators to showcase their innovations to banks
  • A go-to-destination for market-ready, banking innovations online
Why it’s great:
An innovation matchmaking site for banks globally


Paul Steenkamp
Head of Innovation, First National Bank


Warren Bond
CEO, Matchi
Warren is constantly looking for new ideas and ways to drive innovation and change in the banking industry.


Gerrit Hoekstra
CTO, Matchi 


Mobino aims to enable mobile payments for 5 billion people. The company was founded by J.F. Groff, one of the creators of Web technology.
  • Total independence from credit cards and telcos
  • Local and international payments, in-shop, peer-to-peer and e-commerce
  • Universal access from smartphones and dumbphones
Why it’s great:
Banked or unbanked, online or offline, privately or for business, Mobino lets everybody move money simply and efficiently.


Jean-Francois Groff
CEO, Mobino
Jean-Francois was one of the architects of the Web firm CERN. Mobino, his fourth startup, is guided by a lifelong passion: making technology serve humanity, not vice versa.
Be sure to catch the fourth installment of our Sneak Peek preview of FinovateAsia 2013 next week.

Payments, Mobile, Security, Social: A Look Ahead to FinovateAsia 2013

How many ways will the presenters of FinovateAsia 2013 express “innovation in fintech” this year?


Finovate returns to Singapore on November 14th for a one-day showcase of the latest in financial technology. And many of the themes that have defined the fintech conversation in 2013 will be well-represented at this year’s event:

From banks looking to onboard college students on campus to merchants making transactions in the field, companies are focused on providing superior mobile user experiences.
Lower costs and greater efficiencies remain key goals. Minimize friction. Maximize security. Reduce cart abandonment. Increase and personalize customer engagement. 
Security and Social
Acquisitions in the security space and the headline-grabbing IPOs of social media startups suggest major rewards for those companies able to make the marriage between what’s public and what’s private work for everyone. 
Register here and join us November 14th for FinovateAsia 2013. And if you’re looking for more information about our upcoming event in Singapore, visit our FinovateAsia 2013 FAQ page or email us with your questions at

Finovate Alumni News– October 24, 2013

  • Finovate-F-Logo.jpgFiserv to offer clients Guardian Analytics’ FraudMAP solutions.
  • Lending Club CEO, Renaud Laplanche, named a winner of Ernst & Young’s Venture Capital Award of Excellence.
  • PayPal and Blackhawk Network join forces to bring gift card services to the digital wallet.
  • Manilla User Survey: Consumers Want Bills in One Place and Banks with Bill Management.
  • Payments, Mobile, Security, Social: A Look Ahead to FinovateAsia 2013.
  • Are Utilities Ready for Mobile BillPay? Industry Leaders Weigh-in via Check Survey.
  • Locaid featured in American Express Open Forum column on attracting mobile customers with geofencing.
  • SeedInvest “thrilled” by new rules proposed for equity crowdfunding.
This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.