A Look Back at the Finovate Best of Show Winners in 2013

Here at Finovate, we’ve been keeping a close watch on the development of fintech since 2007. This year was no different. Over the course of our four conferences in 2013, we saw:

    • 241 demos
    • 28.1 hours of demos
    • 16 “time’s up” gongs
    • 39 hours of high-intensity networking
In case you missed them, here are the Best of Show winners from this year:
  • MenigaLogo.jpgMeniga for its PFM platform, including “buy” vs “not buy” feature
    demo videoMovenLogoNew.jpg
  • oink_newlogo.jpgVirtual Piggy (now Oink) for its kids’ payment system with parental controls
    demo video
  • LendUp, for its LendUp Ladder loan platform that helps LendUpLogo.jpgthe underbanked build credit
    demo video
  • TipRanksLogo.jpgTipRanks, for its solution that brings transparency to individual investors, helping them decide who to trust
    demo video
  • motiflogo.jpgMotif for its platform that lets you invest in ideas in one click
    demo video
  • TipRanksLogo.jpgTipRanks, for its solution that brings transparency to individual investors, helping them decide who to trust
    demo video
  • YodleeLogo2012.jpgYodlee, for its debut of TANDEM that helps groups manage and discuss shared finances
    demo video

  • INDGroupLogo.jpgIND Group, for its Essence mobile banking app, with detailed financial management tools
    demo video
  • KofaxLogo.jpgKofax, for its omni-channel solution that accelerates and enhances the underwriting process
    demo video
  • YodleeLogo2012.jpgYodlee, for the international debut of TANDEM, an app that helps groups manage and discuss shared finances
    demo video

The Full History

Here’s the Best of Show history that spans back the inception of Finovate in 2007:

Finovate 2007
Held October 2, 2007

Held April 29, 2008
  • First ROI (now BancVue): Develops products and services for community financial institutions
  • Jwaala: Provides software solutions to help financial institutions compete
    demo video
Held October 14, 2008
  • Credit Karma: Provides a free and easy way for consumers to understand, monitor and monetize their credit profile
    demo video
  • Neosaej’s MoneyAisle (closed): Platform where banks compete in live auctions for an individual consumer’s business 
    demo video
Held April 28, 2009
  • BillShrink (now Truaxis): Provides a free cost-savings tool that saves consumers money on everyday bills
    demo video
  • Silver Tail Systems (acquired by EMC in October 2012): Predictive analytics to prevent fraud abuse
    demo video
  • SimpliFi: A web service that allows anyone to create and update their own financial plan
    demo video
Held September 29, 2009
  • Credit.com: Provides free interactive tools, education, and unbiased comparisons of quality financial products and services
    demo video
  • Silver Tail Systems (acquired by EMC in October 2012):  Online fraud detection services
    demo video
  • Yodlee: Provides personalized financial solutions to financial institutions
    demo video
Held May 11, 2010
  • oFlows (Purchased by Andera in 2011): Multichannel, paperless solutions for financial institution account opening
    demo video
Held October 4-5, 2010
  • oFlows (Purchased by Andera in 2011): Multichannel paperless solutions for account openings
    demo video
Held February 1, 2011
Held May 10-11, 2011
  • BancVue: Develops products and services for community financial institutions
    demo video
  • BankOns: Mobile app offering consumers real-time savings at local merchants
    demo video
  • oFlows (Purchased by Andera in 2011): Multichannel paperless solutions for account opening
    demo video
  • Mitek Systems: Provides apps for smartphones that allow users to deposit checks and pay bills via the camera on their device
    demo video
Held September 20-21, 2011
  • FeeFighters (acquired by GroupOn in 2012): Platform that simplifies the process of choosing a merchant account provider
    demo video
  • Offermatic (closed in June 2013): Targeted online offers provider
    demo video
  • oFlows (Purchased by Andera in 2011): Multichannel paperless solutions for account openings
    demo video
Held February 7, 2012
  • Nutmeg: Online investment manager that democratizes saving and investing
    demo video
Held May 8-9, 2012 
  • Dwolla: FISync service to enable banks to originate real-time, P2P payments
    demo video
Held September 12- 13, 2012

  • Credit Sesame: Financial Fitness Indicator that gives users a comprehensive view of their financial situation
    demo video
Held November 6, 2012

  • Finantix: Launched Sharp digital banking platform to improve sales and service interaction
    demo video
  • UbankNational Australian Bank (NAB), launched its peer-spending comparison tool, People like U
    demo video

Notes on methodology:  
1. Only audience members NOT associated with demoing companies were eligible to vote. Finovate employees did not vote.     
2. Attendees were encouraged to note their favorites during each day. At the end of the last demo, they chose their three favorites.    
3. The exact written instructions given to attendees: “Please rate (the companies) on the basis of demo quality and potential impact of the innovation demoed.”  
4. The companies with the highest percentage of submitted ballots were named Best of Show.  

FinovateAsia 2013 Best of Show: Yodlee

Thumbnail image for IMG_3293.JPG

Best of Show: Yodlee

Being able to put the “personal” in personal finance management may be the surest path to winning Best of Show at a Finovate event.

In New York, Yodlee introduced its “shared finances” PFM app, Tandem. Tandem’s use cases ranged from the woman able to co-manage the finances of a college age son (without dealing directly with “the ex”) to adult siblings collaborating via the app to help parents with their accounts. The technology impressed by showing attendees exactly how the mobile solution made managing money easier.

The international launch of Tandem in Singapore was equally adept at accentuating the personal. From the Indian ex-pat sending money to help pay for his parents’ new roof, to providing some not-too-tough love to a free-spending son newly at college, the Yodlee presentation succeeded in turning the abstraction of “financial circles” into something the average Mom, Dad, son or daughter can understand and appreciate.

Thumbnail image for FA13BoSLogo.jpg

Why It Won:
  • Tandem showed how it can help individuals and families manage those personal relationships that are also financial relationships. As the market for PFM solutions becomes more competitive, Yodlee’s demo based on regionally-familiar use cases helped distinguished the international launch of this new entrant to the field.
Bottom Line:
  • Tandem is as attractive as any other personal finance management app on the market. But what helps to set the solution apart is its embrace of the “shared finances” concept. As Katy Gibson, VP of Applications, points out in our brief conversation below, managing shared finances “is something people all over the world have to do.” Tandem honors the privacy and sensitivity of those relationships while making it that much easier to negotiate them.
To see Yodlee’s Best of Show winning demo, click here.


Interview with Katy Gibson, Vice President of Applications
Finovate: Tandem earned Best of Show honors at FinovateFall, and was again a crowd-favorite at FinovateAsia, winning Best of Show in Singapore this year as part of the technology’s international launch. Different audiences, same positive reaction. Why so?
Katy Gibson: At its core, Tandem does something very simple – it makes it easier than ever to talk about and manage shared finances which is something people all over the world have to do. Financial relationships are different wherever you go, of course, but we’ve designed Tandem to be versatile and flexible so that it can accommodate international differences.
Finovate: The idea of financial circles within shared finances is what helps distinguish Tandem from other PFM solutions on the market. The idea of different circles hasn’t panned out in social media in general (compare the languishing Google+ to popular Facebook). Why do circles work so well when it comes to PFM and Tandem?
Gibson: Relationships to finances are very different than the general social relationships found in Facebook and Google+. When it comes to money, relationships are more private and more sensitive – and differ drastically between different people. Circles is the best convention to define those relationships. Separating relationships and their associated conversations and transactions into circles make them much easier to keep track of, maintain and define – especially when a large group of people is working on or talking about something at the same time.
Also, many of people’s financial relationships don’t overlap. So separate financial circles let you talk about and manage money very easily without sacrificing any privacy or security.
Finovate: What is the upside for banks and providers to make Yodlee’s Tandem available to their customers?
Gibson: It’s hard to pick just one!
Ultimately, because it’s to banks’ benefit to give their customers tools they love, that make their financial lives easier – which Tandem does in spades. Customers who feel supported by their bank stay loyal to their bank, so by offering a unique tool like Tandem, banks can keep their customers happy.
Also, the more customers use Tandem, the more insight banks gain into their financial habits and needs – who they manage their money with, how and why they’re spending money instead of just what they spend it on. So banks are able to present their customers with extraordinary relevant offerings across their entire range of products and solutions – which is great from a sales perspective, and once again increases loyalty by giving customers comprehensive, personalized support.
Finovate: What’s next from Yodlee? Can we expect further innovation within Tandem? What sort of functionality might be developed for the app over the next 3-6 months?
Gibson: We’re always innovating and looking for ways to make our products and services more powerful, and though we’re not ready to make any announcements at the moment, we look forward to surprising you with what’s next when we’re ready!

FinovateAsia 2013 Best of Show: IND Group

Thumbnail image for IMG_3400.JPG

Best of Show: IND Group

“Shaping trends, pursuing innovations and our enthusiasm in e-finance are what make us capable of creating and delivering state-of-the-art solutions. 

The fact that we were named among the 100 best global vendors shows that IND has reached the top.”
–Balazs Vinnai, CEO, IND Group.
Who knew that IND Group was just one inspired Finovate demo away from even further accolades from the fintech community? Within weeks of earning its first spot on the Fintech 101, IND Group was returning home from Singapore with their very first Finovate Best of Show award.
People will rightly talk about IND Group’s laugh-out-loud demo, a skit that used an imagined wild night on the town with a cast of crazy characters to help showcase the company’s mobile banking and personal finance management app, Essence
But what also won fans is the way Essence is designed around both basic banking functions like checking an account balance or a transaction history, while at the same time providing modern features like the ability to send and receive money through Facebook.
The result is a very efficient user experience and a new channel through which financial institutions can engage their customers. 
To see IND Group’s Best of Show winning demo, click here.

Thumbnail image for FA13BoSLogo.jpg

Why They Won:
  • Mike Tyson jokes and gorilla suits aside,  IND Group’s presentation of Essence reminded our FinovateAsia audience how much our spending and saving says about us. Essence also showed us how we can use that information to guide us to our goals, or even just from one end of the day to the other.
Bottom Line:
  • A funny and memorable presentation, a powerful and practical personal finance and banking app, and the support of and industry veteran like IND Group suggest a major new entry in the race for the perfect PFM.
Interview with Viktor Balint, Marketing and Communications Director, IND Group

Finovate: With more than a wink and a nod at the hit comedy film, The Hangover, the team from IND Group made sure their demo would be memorable. Can you tell us a little bit about how a “slice of life” demo (albeit one that was over the top) helps tell the story of how people can manage the little slices of their own lives via your mobile PFM app, Essence?


Viktor Balint: With our demo we not only wanted to wake the audience up and enjoy a presentation that was something different, but to reflect how our mobile bank, Essence, is part of our everyday lives. Essence is all about the customer, their real life experiences and needs. 
The most successful companies are those that build up their structure, processes and products purely from the customer perspective. People don’t want to do banking. They want to live their lives, managing their goals and achieving their dreams in the most comfortable way. We wanted to create a mobile bank that helps them do just that, quickly and easily.
Finovate: At the beginning of the year at FinovateEurope, you showed us “Story of My Finances” which merged  online banking and PFM. Is Essence the fully-realized version of that vision?
Balint: “Story of My Finances” differs from traditional PFM tools that can be complicated and boring to use. That is the reason banks get disappointed when their customers don’t get excited about PFM modules. As in all IND products, our PFM’s starting points are a customer’s life situations and their financial health. Instead of functions and features we have developed stories that are real life events with financial impact (like “expecting a baby”). 
Our new mobile banking product, Essence, includes PFM features (or as we call our new approach: PFP – personal finance planner) we invented for “Story of My Finances”, such as goal setting and third party offers, but it is a complete mobile banking solution based on the uniqueness of mobile usage. Essence aims to make mobile banking simpler and more enjoyable by concentrating on the basic functions that people require when banking on the move: balance enquiry, money transfers and transaction history. Just like our PFM, via excellent customer experience it increases usage and so boosts sales and revenue for the banks.
Finovate: IND Group was recognized as one of the Fintech 100 by American Banker magazine. Fifteen years after the company was founded, what does earning this recognition mean to you and your colleagues?
Balint: This recognition is another clear sign of how much we have reached. IND was founded by three college friends in 1997 and now we are servicing 40 clients in 18 countries and continuously entering new markets. For several years now our clients have won numerous innovation awards with our solutions. FinTech 100 proves that we are not only a great innovator but also a global front runner in digital banking. 
Ovum, one of the most influential financial analyst firms also confirmed this in its latest report that gives a wide picture of the leading global digital banking vendors and we are proud that IND Group is among the vendors it recommends.
Finovate: We in the West hear and see so much innovation in banking come from Eastern Europe. What is it that Eastern European innovators are doing that the rest of the world could learn from?
Balint: Eastern Europe as always hosted a large-scale work force, and thus been a great place for outsourcing. The region has also shown potential to become Europe’s Silicon Valley. It is the human assets and the excellent educational background of the region that make it a major player in technological innovation.
We have indeed been called the fastest growing technological company in Central and Eastern Europe. This is thanks to our software developers that are talent professionals and we are constantly looking for more creative people to work with. We also invest a lot in keeping up-to-date with customer demands and researching what people want from banking. That is do
ne by IND Labs, and we think this is one of the most important ingredient of our secret sauce for success.
Finovate: What’s next for IND Group? What can we look forward to seeing by way of further innovation in Essence and mobile banking?
Balint: IND Group’s vision is to reinvent every unloved aspect around banking and to give people a chance for an easier and healthier financial life. Our next innovation will be launched in February at FinovateEurope. Our new internet and tablet banking platform, Foundation, is built on the idea that online banking can be more intuitive and efficient – and maybe even fun. 
Our solution focuses on usability and ergonomics and we are convinced that this will lead to more engaged and happier online banking users, providing the implementing bank with a real competitive advantage. With this approach we believe also new customer segments can be engaged in digital banking: both young and older generations, people that would love to manage their money digitally, you just need to provide them with the right solutions!

FinovateAsia 2013 Best of Show: Kofax

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Best of Show: Kofax

Turning smartphones and tablets into “powerful customer engagement platforms” is the project of mobile capture specialist, Kofax. 

It is also the technology for which the company was awarded its first Best of Show trophy at FinovateAsia in Singapore in November.

Kofax Mobile Capture puts the company’s innovations in image perfection, data extraction, and validation technology to work at what the company calls the “point of origination.” By leveraging the camera technology on the average smartphone or tablet, Kofax empowers users to capture a diverse range of documents and data – including photographs – and transmit them securely and safely to business apps and workflows.

Thumbnail image for FA13BoSLogo.jpg

To see Kofax’s Best of Show winning demo, click here.

Why They Won:
  • In an era of shoppers taking photographs of newly-empty cans and jars instead of scribbling out an old-fashioned grocery list, audiences see Kofax Mobile Capture and they get it. Finding new ways to put our precious smart devices to use will be a winning plan for innovators in the fintech space for some time. 
Bottom Line:
  • The big question for Kofax is how will they continue to leverage the functionality of smartphones and smart devices to make information and data travel more efficiently for consumers and businesses. Fortunately, the company provided a few clues in their demo – and a few more in our interview below.


Interview with Drew Hyatt, Senior Vice President, Mobility, Kofax
Finovate: Why do you think Kofax won Best of Show at FinovateAsia 2013?
Drew Hyatt: Kofax Mobile Capture technology won because it’s a very unique solution that gives consumers the ability to turn the cameras on their smart phones into advanced, real-time scanning/input devices. 
This was the first time the solution was shown to the financial community in Asia and the response was incredibly positive. Attendees were very impressed with how the solution can scan a driver’s license or other forms of ID and documents, extract that data, send it back to consumers for validation, and then insert it into the systems of record or whatever type of workflow the financial institution is using. Once they saw the entire process in action, it all made sense.
Finovate: One of the concepts emphasized from the stage in Singapore was the idea of the expanding capabilities of smart devices, especially smart phones, as a key innovation driver, from document capture to authentication. Is there smart device functionality that has been overlooked and has yet to be tapped into?
Drew: Yes. What we’ve developed is still in the very early stages of implementation. Right now the camera is primarily being used to get information from documents and IDs. But in the future, we’ll be able to capture and extract critical data from images of objects and goods and services. 
We’ll also see more applications evolve as the processors in the mobile device become more powerful. Essentially everyone will have a very powerful laptop or server in their hands, which will enhance the types of features that financial institutions are able to offer customers.
Finovate: From the stage in Singapore, you teased a few features that you were not able to demo in the allotted time. Can you elaborate on some of those features and use cases?
Drew: One of those use cases was giving customers the ability to pay bills or enter bill information into the bank’s payment system. There’s a growing segment of consumers who don’t like to type information on computers and who just want to tap on options on their mobile devices. 
Kofax is eliminating the need to read, copy and type information from bills and enter data manually into fields. The technology is enabling consumers to automate the process and save time by simply capturing and extracting the information with one photo.
Finovate: What can we look forward to from Kofax over the next 3-6 months?
Drew: Kofax has a wide range of products it will be introducing in the near future. Most of these innovations center around expanding the use of consumers’ cameras to make their lives easier while making data capture and data management processes for financial institutions shorter, more efficient and more cost effective.

FinovateAsia 2013 Best of Show: BehavioSec

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Best of Show: BehavioSec

“Nice! BehavioSec is the most interesting bit of fintech so far today, but the day is still young! #finovateasia”

–Paul A. Chapman via Twitter (@pchap10k)

In winning Best of Show for a second time (the first was at FinovateSpring 2012 in San Francisco), Neil Costigan’s BehavioSec revealed that it has plenty to show – and tell.
As a specialist in the field of biometric authentication, BehavioSec has leveraged its “continuously authenticating” algorithms to provide security solutions for e-merchants and mobile commerce.
And as a crowd-pleasing presentation of security technology, BehavioSec’s keystroke and gesture pattern-based authentication demonstrates just enough of the “wow” factor to make audiences feel they are seeing tomorrow’s technology today.
To see the video of BehavioSec’s Best of Show winning demo, click here.

Thumbnail image for FA13BoSLogo.jpg

Why They Won:
  • Removes friction from the end user’s experience
  • Uses biometrics in a practical way that doesn’t require expensive, additional hardware
  • Adds a layer of security that transcends beyond the traditional PIN
Bottom Line:
  • BehavioSec emphasizes removing the burden of security from the shoulders of end users, and gives technology the ability to improve over time due to continuous authentication provide a unique solution in the security space.


Interview with Neil Costigan, CEO, BehavioSec
Finovate: When you won Best of Show at FinovateSpring 2012, you said the single most compelling benefit of BehavioSec’s mobile security solution was “transparency” and a “fantastic user experience.” What has been the most significant development in BehavioSec that has led to winning Best of Show again a year later?
Costigan: I think our success in the market throughout 2013 has led to a “feedback loop” where we have really gained customer suggestions to enhance the technology.
I think it shows that we listen and improve, and that we speak more from real world experience now.
Finovate: Also a year ago you talked about how your technology helped “identify abnormal behavior” and that you hoped to expand the solution by offering to help customers decide “appropriate next steps aligned with the level of risk.” Have you continued down this path?
Costigan: Yes, we’ve opened up our APIs and formats and added the idea of policy triggers. We’ve also integrated more with the ecosystem that is around us.
Finovate: A point of emphasis for BehavioSec seems to be removing the burden of security from the shoulders of the end user. Why is this important?
Costigan: In security, the ‘user’ is actually the weak link. Make the security too much of a burden and the end user tends to ignore it, or subvert it for their own convenience. Think of password managers being like the user propping up a big safe door with a chair. The user expects the bank, payment service, or eCommerce site to solve the security issue, not be a part of it.
Finovate: What are some of the advantages of innovating in a country like Sweden? In what ways are Northern European markets different from those in other parts of Europe when it comes to security issues?
Costigan: Actually it can be a burden!
I’m not from the Nordics myself. I’m Irish. So I find this new market fascinating, how different it is from the rest of Europe.
What I have picked up over the last few years is that there is little to no fraud here. Hard to be selling anti-fraud solutions to people who don’t need them! I am half-joking. 
The Internet removes these barriers. I believe this Northern European market is a trendsetter for a technology update. What works here tends to mirror what will happen elsewhere. Our references here are taken as a good bellwether of what will happen in other markets.

FinovateAsia 2013 Best of Show Winners


FinovateAsia 2013 was quite a success. We just finished up the second annual FinovateAsia in Singapore. 

After the show, the audience selected their favorite of the 35 demo companies. The top four companies were named Best of Show, and took home a trophy.

The winners (in alphabetical order):


BehavioSec, for its behavioral biometrics-based authentication method 
Live blog post


IND Group, for its Essence mobile banking app, with detailed financial management tools
Live blog post


Kofax, for its omni-channel solution that accelerates and enhances the underwriting process
Live blog post


Yodlee, for the international debut of TANDEM, an app that helps groups manage and discuss shared finances
Live blog post

All of the demo videos will be posted on Finovate.com in a few weeks.

Many thanks to the great audience that participated in this year’s event. Also, thanks to the 34 innovative companies who demonstrated their newest tech from the FinovateAsia stage. Keep the tech coming!


Notes on methodology:  
1. Only audience members NOT associated with demoing companies were eligible to vote. Finovate employees did not vote.     
2. Attendees were encouraged to note their favorites during each day. At the end of the last demo, they chose their three favorites.    
3. The exact written instructions given to attendees: “Please rate (the companies) on the basis of demo quality and potential impact of the innovation demoed.”  
4. The four companies appearing on the highest percentage of submitted ballots were named Best of Show.  
5. Go here for a list of previous Best of Show winners. 

TradeNet Brings Multiple Market Equity Trading Systems to Emerging Market Traders and Investors


This post is part of our live coverage of FinovateAsia 2013.

Bringing our second event in Singapore to a close, here’s TradeNet presenting the TradeNet Store.

TradeNet Store expands the equity broker product offering and customer stickiness without incurring costs. Rather, equity brokers share revenue with functionality and content providers.”

Presenting Mohammad Attiya (CEO) and Ahmad Semary (MD)

Product Launch: June 2013
Metrics: More than 60 customers in 9 emerging markets
Product distribution strategy: Through financial institutions. Brokers make the product available to their customers through either their internet trading platform or a white-labeled version of TradeNet.
HQ: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Offices: Dubai & Cairo)
Founded: September 1999
Website: kn-it.com

Serverside Group Presents its AllAboutMe Facebook App for Bank Card Customization


This post is part of our live coverage of FinovateAsia 2013.

Our next presenter is Serverside Group, demoing their AllAboutMe Facebook app.

“Serverside’s Facebook app is a great way for banks to form meaningful conversations with their cardholders. This dynamic app allows customers to design their own personalized card by uploading a picture from one of their Facebook galleries. When they are satisfied with their design, they submit it and, once approved, it will be posted on their wall showing off their new card design to all their friends.

Everything to do with Card Customization brings Banks to a new level. From banks posting on their own wall to card holders sharing their own design with friends, card customization on Facebook is proving to be one of the most effective ways for banks to use social media, engage customers and to help drive positive viral marketing.”

Presenting James Barclay (SVP, Asia)


Product Launch: September 2013

Metrics: Serverside Group Limited is based in the UK and now has 100% owned subsidiaries in the US and New Zealand. In 2012, Gemalto NV became a full owner and as of 2013 the company has grown to 50+ employees globally.
Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B)
HQ: London, England
Founded: 2003
Twitter: @ServersideGroup

BlueKite’s Platform Helps Users Pay Utility Bills for Loved Ones Overseas

This post is part of our live coverage of FinovateAsia 2013.


Next, BlueKite demonstrated how its users can pay bills for family and friends living across borders:
“BlueKite’s real time bill payment platform is currently offered at affiliated Money Stores via a proprietary web portal (with our mobile application to be unveiled shortly) and is the perfect complement to traditional cash remittances.
Customers (typically “unbanked” immigrants) make billing enquiries and pay outstanding utility bills from U.S.-based stores for loved ones overseas. Immigrants gain visibility and control over the money they send home while relieving family members from the hassles associated with paying bills locally. BlueKite enables money stores to generate additional revenues and aids utility companies in reducing bad accounts and the administrative load of chasing receivables.”


Benny Hammond (Business Development Manager, US & Central America)


Toby Kennett (Head of Business Development, Asia)

Product Launch: April 2012
Metrics: BlueKite raised $1.5M seed funding through Peoplefund, closed a Series A round of funding in October 2013, and currently employs 41 people across 6 countries.
Product distribution strategy: Direct to Consumer (B2C), Direct to Business (B2B), through other fintech companies and platforms & licensed

HQ: Miami, FL, USA
Founded: April 2012
Website: bluekite.com
Twitter: @bluekite_tm

BRIDGEi2i’s Cloud-Based Analysis Platform Brings Banks Insight Into Consumer Needs

This post is part of our live coverage of FinovateAsia 2013.


BRIDGEi2i demonstrated how its Surveyi2i product can derive insight into the customer experience:
“Surveyi2i is a cloud-based one-stop shop for all analysis and reporting needs from survey data. Surveyi2i enhances productivity for analysts and researchers. Business managers can derive insights quickly without help from data scientists. Surveyi2i enables financial institutions to very easily implement data-driven customer and employee engagement strategies by understanding customer needs and experiences better at negligible costs.”
Presenting Prithvijit Roy (CEO & Co-Founder) and Pritam Kanti Paul (Director & Co-Founder)

Product Launch: August 2013
Metrics: 35 member organization working with 10+ enterprises globally in Financial Services, Insurance and Technology. Surveyi2i has around 80 registered users and 2 paid clients since launch. BRIDGEi2i has around 2,000 website visits per month with 10,000 page views and 1,000+ followers in social media. BRIDGEi2i has featured among the top 10 analytics and big data start-ups in several coveted publications.
Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B), through other fintech companies and platforms, and licensed
HQ: Bangalore, India
Founded: May 2011
Website: bridgei2i.com
Twitter: @BRIDGEi2i

Welcomer from White Label Personal Clouds Helps You Move Personal Data from Website to Website Securely


This post is part of our live coverage of FinovateAsia 2013.

Making their way to the stage next is the team from White Label Personal Clouds.

“WLPC’s first product is Welcomer. Welcomer will initially be focused toward ecommerce sites and the technology is intended across a range of different segments. Welcomer removes the need for websites to have user codes/passwords to identify returning customers. Websites that deploy Welcomer can – with the person’s permission – allow the person to move personal data securely between websites. This includes personal details such as name and address, preferences such as clothing size or preferred seat and also a person’s cards and accounts.”

Presenting Rory Ford (Product Manager) 


Product Launch: Finovate 2013

Metrics: $1M, 5 employees

Product distribution strategy: Direct to Consumer (B2C), Direct to Business (B2B), through financial institutions, and through other fin tech companies and platforms.
HQ: Canberra, ACT, Australia
Founded: June 2013
Website: wlpc.com.au

App Annie Showcases Mobile App Analytics Capability with Three Products: Store Stats, Analytics, and Intelligence


This post is part of our live coverage of FinovateAsia 2013.
Next, App Annie stepped up to demo:
“The App Annie suite consists of three main products – Store Stats, Analytics, and Intelligence.
App Annie Store Stats is a free online service that has become the standard for app ranking analysis in the industry. It provides a range of charts visualizing on historical rankings, daily rankings, ratings, and featured placements broken down by countries and categories.
App Annie Analytics offers the ultimate sales analytics dashboard for app publishers that is easy-to-use and packed full of features. It allows publishers to track their app downloads, revenues, rankings, and reviews across multiple platforms in one safe place. And App Annie gives publishers the tools to access that data via web dashboard, daily email reports, export function, and API. 
App Annie Intelligence is our premium offering for those that need advanced market intelligence about the global app economy. It provides the most accurate market estimates available for app stores, helping big businesses inform their product, international, marketing & investment strategy.”
Presenting Junde Yu (VP, APAC)

Product Launch: November 2013
MetricsVenture funded, series C; over $6B in app store publisher revenues tracked; 130 employees; 6 offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, San Francisco & London; 145,000 total App Annie users (all three products); 3.2 million store stats apps tracked; 300,000 apps tracked by App Annie Analytics; 90% of top iOS publishers (grossing) use App Annie; and 25 billion downloads
Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B)
HQ: Beijing, China
Founded: March 2010
Website: appannie.com
Twitter: @appannie