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Payments, Mobile, Security, Social: A Look Ahead to FinovateAsia 2013

How many ways will the presenters of FinovateAsia 2013 express “innovation in fintech” this year?


Finovate returns to Singapore on November 14th for a one-day showcase of the latest in financial technology. And many of the themes that have defined the fintech conversation in 2013 will be well-represented at this year’s event:

From banks looking to onboard college students on campus to merchants making transactions in the field, companies are focused on providing superior mobile user experiences.
Lower costs and greater efficiencies remain key goals. Minimize friction. Maximize security. Reduce cart abandonment. Increase and personalize customer engagement. 
Security and Social
Acquisitions in the security space and the headline-grabbing IPOs of social media startups suggest major rewards for those companies able to make the marriage between what’s public and what’s private work for everyone. 
Register here and join us November 14th for FinovateAsia 2013. And if you’re looking for more information about our upcoming event in Singapore, visit our FinovateAsia 2013 FAQ page or email us with your questions at