FinovateEurope 2019 / Scanovate

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Scanovate is a Cyber Identity platform that makes compliance simple and secure by automating and customizing complex processes. We provide a holistic, frictionless client on-boarding solution from the front end while managing all your KYC risk and compliance checks from the back-end.

With the ever-changing demands of the regulatory landscape, it is difficult for a financial institution to become truly and fully digital, especially with legacy systems and stringent compliance processes of customer on-boarding. As a result, with our kyc360 platform, customers can cut out time, effort and cost by automating many of the processes that are done manually.

How they describe their product/innovation: We have built an open, comprehensive platform designed to integrate with ISVs that enrich our solution and offer added value to our clients in one localized place. We also aggregate and normalize KYC data from top tier, 3rd party providers like Thomson Reuters, GBG, RDC to generate one unified compliance report.

Our kyc360 platform will clearly show how our technology has the ability to authenticate Cyber Identity by checking Livness and comparing it with a photo ID as well as performing compliance and KYC checks from the backend.

Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B), through financial institutions, through other fintech companies and platforms, licensed


Bus. Dev. & Press: Gili Sahar, Marketing Manager,, +972542576969

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