TradeIt Teams Up with TradingView to Help Retail Investors Reach Big Brokers

Thanks to a new partnership between TradeIt and TradingView, average retail investors and traders will be able to buy and sell with some of the biggest brokers in North America.

“There are very few tools out there that give a complete picture of the market in a way that is conducive to both beginners and more advanced traders,” Trade It CEO Nathan Richardson said. “We are excited to be working with TradingView as this partnership will power retail investing across the web, a match made in heaven.”

TradingView is the largest social networking and data analysis tool for financial markets. The Chicago, Illinois-based company aims to give non-professional traders a “Bloomberg-like experience” with free charts and analysis, as well as the ability to share and discuss their own trading and investing ideas in real-time. TradingView’s platform leverages HTML5 to relieve users of installation and setup. The technology is compatible with a variety of formats, including iPad, tablet, and smartphone.

“With millions of users around the world, our mission is to provide the trading community with a comprehensive solution for investing, from social networking to research,” TradingView CEO Denis Globa said. “The developments we’ve made in recent years have not only benefited our user base, but they’ve expanded our global reach.”

TradeIt demonstrated its platform at FinovateFall 2015. Last month, the company announced that it was partnering with IBM Cloud for Financial Services to make it easier for developers to add universal brokerage functionality to their apps and platforms. The company’s solutions include TradingTicket, which enables investors to make, retrieve, and cancel market orders; PortfolioView, which links investors’ account balances and positions for easy monitoring; and SmartAds, which delivers highly targeted financial ads to help firms further optimize the platform.

Headquartered in New York and founded in 2014, TradeIt has raised $12 million in funding. The company includes Newfund Capital and Valar Ventures among its investors.

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TradeIt Teams Up with IBM Cloud for Financial Services

Thanks to a new partnership between TradeIt and IBM Cloud for Financial Services, developers will find it that much easier to add universal brokerage functionality to financial apps, platforms, and websites. TradeIt announced this week that developers would be able to use TradeIt’s instant order management solution TradingTicket and its portfolio management product PortfolioView on the IBM Cloud in order to synchronize data and trading with most online U.S. brokers.

TradeIt’s technology connects retail investors to their brokers via the myriad financial services they interact with every day in their mobile banking apps and even social media. By enabling consumers to go seamlessly from reading a stock quote on a watchlist in their PFM app’s dashboard to making an actual investment with their online broker, TradeIt removes friction from the trading and investing process, improving the customer experience.

And by leveraging APIs, TradeIt is able to make these connections securely, maintaining the privacy of the user’s financial information. “Not only do APIs offer a more tailored solution where you essentially get only what you need,” TradeIt CEO Nathan Richardson said in an interview with eWEEK, “(but also) they create a huge potential for innovation.”

TradeIt demonstrated its universal mobile brokerage app at FinovateFall 2015. The app features a quick onboarding process that lets customers fill out an application using information from their government-issued identification and their LinkedIn profile. Online brokers then bid for the customer’s application, with the winning broker completing the application process. This gives trading and investing consumers choice, while online brokers benefit from signing on the accounts that are best fits for their businesses.

TradeIt has raised $12 million in funding and includes Valar Ventures and Newfund Capital among its investors. Founded in 2014, the company is headquartered in New York City. TradeIt’s partners include TheStreet, Marketwatch, Motley Fool, StockTracker, and iStockAlerts.