Identity Verification Specialist OCR Labs Secures $30 Million in Series B Funding

Identity Verification Specialist OCR Labs Secures $30 Million in Series B Funding
  • OCR Labs, an identity verification company founded in Australia and headquartered in London, announced a $30 million Series B round.
  • The funding takes the company’s total capital to $46 million and will be used to help OCR Labs expand further in North America and EMEA.
  • Making its Finovate debut in 2016, the company won Best of Show at FinovateAsia a year later.

In a round led by Equable Capital, a New York-based family office, identity verification specialist OCR Labs has raised $30 million in a Series B round. The investment will be used to help the London, U.K.-based company grow its team in North America and EMEA, and gives the firm $46 million in total capital.

“2021 was an incredible year for OCR Labs, with continued validation from customers who have chosen us as their provider for online digital identity verification,” OCR Labs CEO John Myers said in a statement. “This investment provides us with the capital to continue our growth while bringing a value-added investor on to our board.”

Boasting a 5x increase in new clients and 3x growth in the size of its team over the past 12 months, OCR Labs offers automated identity verification via ID document validation, facial biometrics and other techniques. OCR Labs’ approach removes the need for human intervention in the customer identification process, and gives companies the tools they need to meet AML and KYC requirements and reduce fraud.

The company made its Finovate debut at our developers conference FinDEVr Silicon Valley in 2016 and returned one year later to win Best of Show at FinovateAsia in Hong Kong. Securing Series A funding last year, OCR Labs also recently opened a new office in North America, added a direct sales force, and hired a global Chief Revenue Officer.

“Our vision remains unchanged,” Myers said, “we strive to be the leading technology provider of digital identity verification, globally. The market opportunity continues to grow, and with our expansion in the U.S., and investment in our global sales effort, we’re in a phenomenal position to grow our customer base.”

The first private company to earn accreditation as an identity provider under the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) of the Australian government, OCR Labs serves customers in a wide variety of verticals including financial services companies, brokerages, insurers, telecoms, and gaming companies.

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Digital ID Verification Specialist OCR Labs Secures $15 Million to Power Expansion

Digital ID Verification Specialist OCR Labs Secures $15 Million to Power Expansion

From the rise of digital commerce to the growth of the gig economy to the challenge of a global pandemic, digital identity technology has been one of the bigger beneficiaries of a number of trends sweeping societies around the world. Add to this a new emphasis on financial inclusion and social equity, and you have a recipe for opportunity for many innovators in the digital identity space.

The latest company to take advantage of the current moment is OCR Labs, which made its Finovate debut at our developers conference, FinDEVr Silicon Valley, in 2016. The company, headquartered in Sydney, Australia and founded by Matthew Adams and Daniel Aiello, returned to the Finovate stage the following summer, earning a Best of Show award for a demo of its ID verification solution.

OCR Labs combines five different technologies – ID document OCR, document fraud assessment, liveness detection, video fraud assessment, and face matching – in a single, end-to-end digital identity experience. The company’s technology has been deployed in a wide range of verticals – from financial services and e-commerce to telecommunications and real estate – to provide AML and KYC-compliant digital ID verification and customer onboarding.

This week OCR Labs announced that it had raised $15 million (EUR 12.5 million) in Series A funding. The round was led Oyak Group of Turkey and will enable the company to expand into markets into Turkey, the U.K., and throughout Europe. OCR Lab currently maintains an international headquarters in London.

“No one wants to spend hours trying to prove who they are, whether it’s for a job or for a bank account, and we also want to know we’re protected against identity theft and fraud,” OCR Labs co-founder Daniel Aiello said. “Digital ID verification has a key role to play, but this year we’ve also seen the limitations if hybrid models are used. People are a barrier and a risk, but fully automated technology can have a huge impact on many industries and privacy. OCR Labs is built to be secure, frictionless and fast, and capable of recognizing ID documents the world over.”

Enjoying triple-digit growth since its launch, OCR Labs has partnered with Reed Screening to help businesses verifying candidate identities during the COVID crisis ahead of a potential in-person COVID check mandate later this month. There is some pressure to allow businesses to continue remote COVID checking, an idea with which OCR Labs understandably sympathizes.

“The need for digital verification is growing exponentially,” Aiello said. “This past year we’ve seen more demand from new sectors as they try to navigate the pandemic and an inability to operate in-person. We believe it has accelerated what needed to happen.”

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FinovateAsia 2017 Best of Show Winners Announced

FinovateAsia 2017 Best of Show Winners Announced

FinovateAsia 2017 is in the books. And after two days of live fintech demos from 32 innovative companies from around the world, our Finovate attendees have made their preferences known as to which companies should win Best of Show trophies.

One of the most interesting aspects of our Best of Show awards is how they provide an insight into which technologies are truly being put to work to solve real-world financial problems for financial institutions, merchants, and consumers alike.  Whether the challenge is making payments safer and easier, helping individuals and families meet their financial goals, or fighting fraud and cybercrime, the companies that earn Best of Show at Finovate conferences are the ones that have shown our attendees that they have the solutions that the rest of the competition is still searching for.

This is why it is no surprise that so many of the companies that have earned the title of Best of Show have made such a significant impact in fintech – either as an emerging industry leader in their chosen field or as the sought-after acquisition from a larger firm eager to leverage a specific set of skills to broaden their own ability to serve a wider range of customers.

So with no further ado, let’s take a look at the award winners for Best of Show at FinovateAsia 2017 (in alphabetic order):

AApay Technology for its unique payment app that enables consumers to automatically split bills and gives businesses access to multiple payment methods to better manage all of their electronic transactions.




Bambu for its machine learning model, People Like Me, that goes beyond traditional roboadvisory to help users better identify and reach their financial goals.


OCR Labs for its Orbit ID SDK that enables enterprises to stop fraud, reduce friction during the onboarding process, and help manage KYC/AML obligations.







YUKKA Lab for its technology that leverages natural language programming and machine learning to provide real-time analytics into the financial markets.





We hope you enjoyed FinovateAsia 2017 and our new expanded format including panel discussions and keynote speeches from major fintech thought leaders. We had a great time bringing our fintech conference to Hong Kong for a second year in a row, and are looking forward to being back again next year. As always, a thousand thanks to all those who attended, sponsored, partnered with, and demoed their latest and greatest innovations live on stage. We’ll see you again in 2018!

Notes on methodology:
1. Only audience members NOT associated with demoing companies were eligible to vote. Finovate employees did not vote.
2. Attendees were encouraged to note their favorites during each day. At the end of the last demo, they chose their three favorites.
3. The exact written instructions given to attendees: “Please rate (the companies) on the basis of demo quality and potential impact of the innovation demoed.”
4. The four companies appearing on the highest percentage of submitted ballots were named “Best of Show.”
5. Go here for a list of previous Best of Show winners through 2014. Best of Show winners from our 2015 and 2016 conferences are below:
FinovateEurope 2015
FinovateSpring 2015
FinovateFall 2015
FinovateEurope 2016
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FinovateFall 2016
FinovateAsia 2016
FinovateEurope 2017
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FinovateFall 2017

FinDEVr Flashbacks: Full Presentation Videos Now Live

FinDEVr Flashbacks: Full Presentation Videos Now Live


It’s FinDEVr Silicon Valley like you’ve never seen it before—on video! If you missed out on last month’s conference and want to catch the latest in fintech developer trends, or if you just want to re-live the moments from the show, you’re in luck.

All of the presentation videos from the conference are available for free on Not sure where to start? Take a peek at these award-winning companies:

Tuesday crowd favorite: MX

Wednesday crowd favorite: OCR Labs


Media favorite: 1787fp


Favorite alum:

Favorite debut: WiseBanyan

Favorite established company: IBM

Favorite startup: Alloy


We’ll see you next year or at FinDEVr New York on March 21 & 22, 2017!

FinDEVr Silicon Valley: Celebrating the Best of the Builders

FinDEVr Silicon Valley: Celebrating the Best of the Builders


After watching two days of live presentations from fintech innovators from around the world, the attendees at FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016 have made plain their preferences. So many presenters received enthusiastic praise for the way they are solving problems and developing tools/APIs to make payments more efficient, security more effective, and financial data more accessible. Although all companies impressed the audience, still a few emerged as clear favorites.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at them (all chosen by audience vote, except the press/analyst favorite):

Crowd favorite, day one:

  • MX for its heartfelt message on how it gets the necessary work done, both in fintech and in life

Crowd favorite, day two:

  • OCR Labs for its innovations in optical character recognition (OCR) and facial recognition (FR) technology and their application on web and mobile platforms.

Press/analyst favorite:

  • 1787fp for its mobile app that helps consumers track and manage their finances and investments.

Favorite FinDEVr alum:

  • for its registered email and registered electronic contract technology.

Favorite FinDEVr debut:

  • WiseBanyan for its free, independent, goal-based roboadviser designed to help investors reach their first $100,000.

Favorite established company:

  • IBM for its implementation of the Hyperledger Project and blockchain-as-a-service strategy.

Favorite startup company:

  • Alloy for its software solutions that help financial services companies conduct KYC/AML; develop risk-management strategies; and maintain continuous compliance.

We want to thank everyone who made FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016 possible. From our presenters to our attendees to all the staff and others who participated in this year’s event, we truly could not do this without you. So give yourselves a pat on the back, raise a toast of something tasty, and mark your calendars as we take our developers conference to the Big Apple next spring for FinDEVr New York 2017, and then across the Atlantic in June for FinDEVr London 2017.