Save up to $1,000 if you register for FinovateSpring before Friday!

Save up to $1,000 if you register for FinovateSpring before Friday!


Moving Home: FinovateSpring Returns to San Francisco

Moving Home: FinovateSpring Returns to San Francisco

Like many millennials, Finovate’s west coast conference is moving back home. San Francisco is FinovateSpring’s birthplace, where it tested limits in infancy and navigated angsty adolescent years. Only after maturing and outgrowing its room, did FinovateSpring move out. But San Francisco has always been home.

Now considered the flagship Finovate format, the conference agenda on May 7-11 will include an exploration of artificial intelligence and customer service on the summit day, two demo days with 60+ financial services products, and a final day to bring everything together with a series of keynotes, panels and sessions.

Tickets for the summit day (May 7) and the main conference (May 8-11) are on sale at early-bird rates. And if you would like to enhance your FinovateSpring experience beyond simply attending, there are a few ways to get involved (see details below). In whatever way, we hope you’ll join us for our homecoming!


Companies working on new technology in investment, insurance, compliance, customer experience, regtech, insurtech, wealthtech, security, identity, biometrics, blockchain, crypto, onboarding, open banking, digital banking, lending and payments should apply to demo. Don’t see your fintech’s concentration area on the list? Even better!

Showcasing your latest innovation is the best way to reach the greatest number of people who mean the most to your business in the least amount of time. It’s essentially a sales demo, press conference, analyst briefing, trade show, and business development meeting in just a few days. And unlike other events, our 360 degree approach means attendees vie for demoing companies’ attention, not the other way around.

The deadline to apply to demo is on Friday, February 1. More information is available on the event website and you can reach us at

Sponsoring & Speaking

Sponsoring and speaking are terrific ways to raise your profile and showcase your thought leadership. The sponsorship team provides flexible and tailored solutions to maximize your time at the conference and ensure you meet your business goals. They routinely work with a variety of businesses, including banks and credit union, consulting companies, VCs and investment firms, educational institutions, law firms, and tech companies.

For more information, please contact

Cracking the Fintech Code

Cracking the Fintech Code

As 2019 gets into full swing, we wanted to take one last look back at the highlights of the last few months of 2018. Download the latest eMagazine now!

Our multimedia eMagazine visits with industry analysts at FinovateFall, studies the value of bank-fintech partnerships, reviews important trends to consider before the year comes to an end, and more.

We’ve packaged all of this in a slick, new format focused on the user experience. Enjoy!

Finovate Heads East this Fall

Finovate Heads East this Fall

For the first time, Finovate heads east for three events this fall. Each event features a unique agenda focusing on regional financial services trends and technology, plus insights and analysis of fintech on a global scale.

With FinovateFall less than a month away, the complete roster of 80+ demoing organizations, including stealth companies, is now available online. With the amount of interest in AI right now, you can expect to see many products and services focusing on chatbots, virtual agents, and business intelligence on stage. 

The FinovateAsia demo lineup has recently grown to include two stealth companies and other exciting additions. See a preview of their efforts here.

Additional demoers and speakers will be announced throughout September. In the meantime, check out key speakers from Alipay, WeLab, ANZ, Startupbootcamp and more.

This week we’re also happy to announce the first wave of demoers for the launch of FinovateAfrica. From insurance coverage for crops using satellite imagery to a move for open banking, these companies illustrate the unique fintech emerging from Africa to address equally unique needs.

More information on these fall events and how to get involved is available at

Shaping the Future of Financial Services in Asia: First Wave of Demoing Companies

Shaping the Future of Financial Services in Asia: First Wave of Demoing Companies

This October, Finovate reunites with HK Invest to headline Hong Kong Fintech Week.

The celebration kicks off with the third annual FinovateAsia over the first two days, merging live product demos and insights on the latest regional trends and macro issues affecting financial technology. Fintech Week continues days three and four, hosting speakers to examine key themes in fintech, then crosses the border to Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley, for the first time, to continue its fintech exploration.

Each year, Hong Kong Fintech Week highlights the individuals and companies shaping the future of financial services. Trends and themes this year include AI, blockchain, payments, lending, open APIs, and open banking. All of these are areas in which Finovate’s presenters are innovating.

The first wave of demoing companies for FinovateAsia 2018 are problem solvers. Here are some of the issues they are tackling:

Remember, tickets to FinovateAsia are available online. Save $400 when you book before this Friday, August 3.

If you’re interested in demoing at the event, visit the demo page or email us at And if you’d like to get involved as a demoer, speaker, or sponsor with our launch event in Cape Town, South Africa this November, let us know at

Ninety-Nine Problems But Innovation Isn’t One

Ninety-Nine Problems But Innovation Isn’t One

We’ve asked our FinovateFall demo companies to use a Mad Libs fill-in-the blank format to describe themselves in order to get to the heart of the matter: What have they built? What problems are they solving and for whom? And, finally, how do they do it?

The demoing companies that will take the stage this September at FinovateFall 2018 reflect some of the most impressive innovations in financial technology today. And we can’t wait to tell you more about them. Remember that tickets to FinovateFall are available online. Save $600 when you book before this Friday, July 20.

FinovateFall 2018 Demo Lineup

  • Access Softek uses AI and machine learning to enable financial institutions to combat the growing and evolving risk of fraud.
  • Adobe‘s integrated solution leverages AI and facial recognition to remove friction from accessing money while improving security for retail banking channel executives.
  • AI Foundry‘s end-to-end mortgage origination solution uses AI and machine learning to extract relevant data and classify documents to improve data sharing and comparing for banks and mortgage origination companies.
  • aixigo‘s digital wealth management technology provides high-performance front-office functionality for retail banks, financial advisors, wealth and asset managers via a modular, predefined API-first high performance platform.
  • Ak Bars Digital Technologies‘ video validation system allows retail businesses to accept payments by leveraging highly accurate recognition models.
  • Alpharank uses debit and credit card data to map offline social networks enabling financial institutions to identify synthetic fraud.
  • Arcanum Technology‘s authentication solution uses a patented dynamic virtual interface leveraging proprietary DARC Cipher to combat password/data breach/hacks and password fatigue for financial institutions and services.
  • Averon‘s login solution solves the lengthy, difficult (and oftentimes frustrating) login process for the financial community (all areas).
  • Ballooning Nest Eggs‘ gifting platform allows parents to share their kids’ slew of celebrations and subtly prompt and easily enable their network to gift directly into the kids’ (pregnancy to age 13) investment accounts.
  • Banzai‘s financial literacy solution uses a choose-your-own-adventure simulation allowing people to make decisions and experience consequences in a fun, safe environment.
  • Billshark‘s API powers a white-label bill reduction solution for consumers and small businesses.
  • Biometric Signature ID uses biometric passwords drawn with a finger or mouse to help financial institutions prevent imposters from stealing passwords and committing fraud.
  • BlueRush‘s DigitalReach software creates and distributes interactive and personalized digital experiences to improve engagement and conversion rates for advisors (wealth, insurance, and mortgage).
  •‘s ’empathy engine’ — a human-centered AI platform — closes the gap and disconnect between banks & consumers.
  • Bucket Technologies‘ digitalization of coins at the point of sale aims to eliminate the wasteful cycle of physical coins
    for retailers & cash-paying consumers.
  • Bumped gives easy access to the stock market for over half the population who doesn’t traditionally invest by allowing them to own the brands they love.
  • CashDirector‘s Virtual CFO application uses an automated accounting platform integrated with online banking to improve SME lending & cash management.
  • Cashoff enhances customer engagement with its loyalty program offering cash back by big-name brands.
  • Cloud Lending Solutions‘ configurable digital engagement platform allows financial institutions to provide online experiences to their borrowers without writing any code.
  • Crypterium‘s mobile app solves the challenges of using cryptocurrencies for payments for the millions of people across the globe who recognize the advantages of cryptocurrencies over fiat money.
  • Digital Onboarding‘s SaaS platform uses guided digital journeys, SMS reminders, and machine learning algorithms to remedy poor customer/member activation rates for banks and credit unions.
  • DualAuth secures payments through the use of mutual authentication via mobile and beacons.
  • ebankIT uses out-of-the-box digital channels for bank and credit union digital transformation.
  • ecosystem.Ai‘s Computational Social Science Platform uses a Client Pulse Responder to solve financial behavior analytics for transaction clients.
  • Enova Decisions has solved the “cold start” problem in algorithmic decision making for businesses entering new markets with digital decisioning technology, machine learning, big data, business rules management and optimization.
  • Enterprise Engineering has developed the next generation of data aggregation to solve the security, ownership, transparency and data management challenges of of open banking.
  • Envestnet Yodlee‘s Business Intelligence Solution allows financial institutions, wealth management firms and fintech companies to understand and sell new products and services to customers at the right time using breadth and depth of financial data coupled with AI-driven consumer apps and robust and easy to understand data analytics.
  • ETFLogic‘s “Quant-in-a-Box” Software Solution solves questions around the liquidity and risk of ETFs using Quant Tools and Analytics that traditionally have been difficult to understand or calculate.
  • exagens Personal Banker: autonomous digital banking assistant with proven results increasing conversion rates & retention while lowering costs.
  • Experian has developed an enterprise-grade SaaS platform to enable precise customer decisions across the life cycle using a unique blend of best in class data, analytics and decisions strategies. This includes helping financial institutions make lending decisions with less risk.
  • FI.SPAN‘s cloud-based services management platform uses APIs to connect customers and fintechs to financial institutions in the US and Canada with over $5bn in assets and significant commercial and business banking.
  • Fortr3ss‘ Oracle service to Corda and Ethereum blockchains uses intelligent voice biometrics and artificial intelligence to solve the identity of node players in smart contracts for financial and healthcare institutions adopting blockchain.
  • Fraternitas looks beyond credit scores to promote financial inclusion in underserved communities and among individuals with little credit history.
  • Golden‘s financial assistant app helps the 75 million baby-boomer adults managing the finances of 50 million senior parents.
  • Horizn‘s Knowledge Platform solves digital adoption and digital transformation for financial service employees and their customers using proprietary micro-learning and engagement methodology.
  • ID R&D‘s biometric authentication solutions use scientific breakthroughs, proprietary research and frictionless UX.
  • ieDigital‘s financial health tool gives credit unions an opportunity to deepen their connection with customers by offering them a solution to manage their day-to-day cash flow.
  • iGTB‘s “Contextual Banking Experience” targets customer dissatisfaction with the current, traditional corporate banking experience using APIs, AI, machine learning, “best-next action” recommendations and “best next offer” point-of-need bank product offerings.
  • ING Bank‘s Invoice Financing solves the challenge of irregular liquidity gaps for entrepreneurs and SMEs using a quick and self-explanatory online platform.
  • Interactions‘ omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) uses a blend of AI and human understanding to solve frustrating customer experiences with banks.
  • ITSCREDIT‘s Instant Credit Express solution creates new payment methods with better conditions for both customers and non-customers of financial institutions.
  • James Finance is a one-stop shop for credit risk management allowing lenders to easily create, validate, deploy, and monitor regulation-ready, high-performing predictive models.
  • Launchfire’s game-based platforms motivate and change customer & employee behavior to drive adoption of digital banking products.
  • Lendindex provides innovative lending and credit scoring solutions for small businesses and investors.
  • LoanScorecard‘s non-agency automated underwriting technology solves portfolio and non-QM lending challenges for financial institutions.
  • Meniga targets lack of customer engagement and loyalty and uses internal and 3rd party data to drastically improve the digital banking user experience for bank and financial institution customers worldwide.
  • Modelshop‘s automation platform enables great agility for financial service firms creating intelligent business applications.
  • MuniRisk solves information fragmentation for municipal market participants.
  • Namaste Credit‘s automated credit assessment memo tool improves SME application review time and accuracy using image enhancement, OCR and advanced analytics.
  • NestReady‘s machine learning predictive analytics model gives visibility into the homebuying customer lifecycle for mortgage lenders so that they can analyze their portfolio and take action in a timely manner.
  • Nordigen Solutions‘ data analytics solution equips banks and alternative lenders with a better understanding of their customers.
  • Ocrolus‘ underwriting AI uses human empowered automation to help alternative lenders solve issues of human variation and inefficiency.
  • Onfido‘s AI-enabled technology uses facial biometrics and document checks to help global financial services businesses with digital identity verification.
  •‘s automated invoice financing system helps SMEs get access to credit when they have a limited number of tangible assets that can be used as collateral.
  • Partner HUB‘s white-label platform resolves the integration of e-invoicing and payments for banks as backbone of a globally interoperable e-invoicing network.
  • PasswordPing‘s compromised credential screening solution uses secure APIs tied to a salted and strongly hashed backend database of billions of compromised credentials from the dark web to stop authorized authentication by cybercriminals.
  • Prisma Campaigns‘ omnichannel marketing campaigns orchestrator uses machine learning to deliver real time segmented and personalized offers and solve cross-selling challenges on digital and non digital channels for financial institutions of all types and sizes.
  • Relay‘s CX Builder leverages the automated creation and delivery of proactive, prescribed digital solutions to solve crucial moments in the customer lifecycle for digital and CX focused leaders in banking and financial services.
  • RightCapital‘s financial planning API linked to its financial planning software allows financial advisory firms to provide planning advice for prospects and clients throughout their relationship.
  • Round Pegs‘ platform channels the agility of startups for businesses undertaking digital transformation.
  • Salemove improves customer engagement and experience using instant live video chat and guided browsing with no downloads and no installations required.
  • Saylent Technologies‘ customer engagement platform translates data into actionable insights using experience, data science and machine learning.
  • SecuredTouch balances security and user experience by using behavior biometrics for authentication and fraud detection.
  • Sezzle‘s payment platform solves the lack of credit available to young consumers using gamification and progressive credit profiling to give them purchasing power when they need it.
  • Simpler Trading‘s charting software gives both early and expert traders insights into investments.
  • Sitehands combines the right skills, tools, instructions, and material to deliver IT field services for its customers, partners, and technicians.
  • Spreedly‘s single API connects into a complete, flexible payments infrastructure that supports new business models and new markets.
  • Stealth Security‘s network defenses use invisible (to criminals) detection and deceptive mitigation to guard against web, mobile & API bot attacks.
  • Systelos‘ discovery and collaboration platform eases the friction in exchanging value between financial advisors and their clients.
  • Tala Security targets advanced security attacks against web apps as well as PC and mobile web users.
  • TESOBE‘s developer friendly and modern APIs move banks into the digital age.
  • Tinkoff Bank‘s “Stories” feature delivers best targeted offers and increases transactional activity and financial awareness for customers.
  • Tolerisk‘s SaaS tool solves the problem of weak, one-dimensional risk tolerance assessments for investment advisors.
  • unblu helps the world’s leading banks to increase revenue and reduce costs by delivering an in-person experience online that helps them provide a better user experience to their prospects and customers.
  • US Bank‘s Cadre uses push provisioning, AI and chatbot technologies to solve the challenges of business travel and expenses for employees without corporate cards.
  • Vments‘ enterprise digital banking platform & ecosystem brings banks and financial services into the modern, secure era using non-crypto blockchain-based virtual fiat money and scalable/flexible smart transactions.
  • Vymo‘s intelligent personal assistant uses automation and AI to increase sales productivity for enterprise teams.

The ROI of a Finovate Demo

The ROI of a Finovate Demo

Deciding how to best use your marketing budget is a big decision driven by three small letters: ROI. And for fintech companies pushing the envelope, Finovate is the event where you get maximized return on your investment, or what we call Return on Demo Investment (RODI).

Most conferences stick you on a 4- or 5-person panel in a faraway breakout room later in the day. If you don’t tweet your own selfie, there’s not a record of you even being there.

At Finovate, product demos are THE focus. You are the star of the show. You take center stage to address the entire audience. You hold court in your own turnkey booth. And the audience — financial services execs, analysts, VCs and bloggers — all want to talk to you. That’s RODI.

But your RODI starts well before the event:

  • When the upcoming cohort of demoing companies is announced, fintech investors and buyers pay attention because they know you’ve been vetted through a competitive application process.
  • We showcase your company with emails to our 60,000-person database, blog posts to our 350,000 visitors, as well as tweets to 40,000 followers.
  • We work with you to refine your message through 1-on-1 coaching sessions and a full dress rehearsal.

And your RODI doesn’t stop when the event does. Your demo video is hosted indefinitely at while our analysts keep you in the spotlight with articles about future funding rounds, product launches, awards, acquisitions and other notable news.

But don’t believe us, see what our alums have to say about the RODI here.

The earlier you get on board the bigger the RODI. So apply to an upcoming event now:


Finovate First: Three Events this Fall

Finovate First: Three Events this Fall

For over 10 years, Finovate has been the leading showcase of financial, banking and payments technologies. Following the trail of fintech innovation has led us across the globe to New York in 2007, Bay Area in 2008, London in 2010, Singapore in 2012, Hong Kong in 2016, Dubai earlier this year, and now Cape Town in November.

And for the first time this fall, Finovate has three events in three months — September, October, November.

Whether you’re planning to join as an attendee, demoing company, sponsor, or speaker, there are a few things to keep in mind before heading out for the summer holidays.

First, conference tickets are on sale now. For all event days, tickets cover everything from mainstage demos and keynote speakers to track session panels and fireside chats to exhibition booths and networking.

Next, apply now to demo your new fintech innovation. Over the past several years, fintech has expanded to include not just financial and banking technology, but also payments, wealth management, lending, investment, insurance, security, compliance, and regulation tools and tech. And our audiences want to see it all.

Finovate events give demoing companies a powerful platform to promote their new fintech, drive production adoption and partnerships, find new funding, establish technical leadership, garner press recognition, and more. Participating in events is an investment of time and resources, and we set up our events to give presenters as much return on that investment as we can.

Lastly, align your brand with fintech innovation by sponsoring the event. This can be done alone or in conjunction with demoing at an event. Sponsorships often include a speaking opportunity on one of our track panels, introductions with hard-to-access executives, interactive webinars, exhibition booths, etc.

More information and links to all events are available at Inquiries and questions can be sent to Rest up this summer for a busy Finovate fall!

New Year. New Venue. New Format. New FinovateSpring.

New Year. New Venue. New Format. New FinovateSpring.

2018. Santa Clara. 4 days of demos & discussions.

Less than two weeks into 2018, most of us are already running to catch up. But there are a couple deadlines you should not let pass you by: demo application deadline this Friday, January 12 and ticket deadline next Friday, January 19 ($800 savings).

With its expansion to four days this year, FinovateSpring moves to the Santa Clara Convention Center on May 8-11. The first two days will continue featuring Finovate’s signature single-track demo format, while the next two days will focus on deeper dives and insights from keynotes, panels, breakout sessions and more. All the fintech bang for your buck consolidated into just four days.

Companies selected to demo on May 8-9 will receive 7 minutes on stage to demo their latest fintech innovation, a booth in the exhibition area, ability to connect with 1,500+ C-level financial execs, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and influential press, analysts, and bloggers, plus many other perks.

If you’re thinking about applying to demo, now is the time. Earlier applicants may receive faster selection and are also eligible for lower pricing. This next deadline, which guarantees you the lower cost, is this Friday, January 12. More information on demoing is available here.

And if you would rather check out the event with an eye towards applying next year, get your ticket before Friday, January 19 and save $800.

Send questions to

Demoers from Near & Far at FinovateMiddleEast this February

Demoers from Near & Far at FinovateMiddleEast this February

2017 was a big year for fintech investment in the Middle East.

Amazon acquired Middle Eastern e-commerce firm,, local powerhouses joined the race (i.e., Kingdom Holding Company driving Careem’s Series E funding), startup accelerators launched across the region, and overall investment soared.

So, at the start of 2018, the message is clear: Look to the Middle East for fintech investment opportunities, acquisitions, partnerships, inspiration and competition. And there’s no better place to start than Finovate in February.

For this launch event, Finovate has partnered with the UAE Ministry of Finance and joined UAE Innovation Month and Dubai Innovation Week. Signature 7-minute demos will remain at the core of FinovateMiddleEast 2018 with startup and established companies showcasing their latest fintech innovations live on stage.

Dorsum — A chatbot platform that improves the difficulties of customer acquisition for financial institutions.

ebankIT — An omnichannel banking platform that enhances digital transformation for banks and financial institutions.

efigence — The Insights Now! platform uses smart web analytics’ tools to arm banks and financial institutions with real-time data driven conclusions.

Munnypot — An automated online solution providing accessible and affordable investment advice for millions of people in the U.K. and overseas.

Ondot Systems — Provides mobile card services supplying financial institutions, card processors and cardholders with mobile applications for credit and debit card control.

RISQ — A financial software platform improving the effectiveness of corporate loan acquisition and customer management for commercial banks.

Wealth Migrate — A global, direct investment platform remedying the lack of direct investment products for middle class, overseas investors.

Zagtrader — An end-to-end pre-integrated framework that connects banks, brokers, asset managers, and investment banks to the ultra-complex global trading ecosystem with ease.

Additional companies will be announced over the next several weeks.

Register by January 11 to save $300. Book online, call +1 (888) 670-8200, or email


Apply Now to Present at FinovateSpring 2018!

Apply Now to Present at FinovateSpring 2018!

With the holidays right around the corner, excitement for the new year is building and you won’t want to miss getting a headstart on opportunities available at FinovateSpring 2018. Now is the time to apply: the very early-bird deadline for presenter applications to demo is Friday, December 15.

The event will take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center on May 8 – 11, and will feature our signature seven-minute demo format. Presenters who are selected won’t just receive time up on stage — they’ll also have the opportunity to connect directly with senior-level financial executives, venture capitalists, other entrepreneurs, and influential press, analysts, and bloggers.

Competition to get on stage at Finovate events is high, with more companies applying than the demo slots we have available. And with the fintech scene continuing to grow and pave the way for new technology, now is the time to join your competitors on stage and gain the attention of new clients, investors, and potential partners.

If you’d like to learn more, please email us at and we’ll send you a presenter packet outlining the selection criteria, presenter package, demo costs, deadlines, and a link to the online application (applying is completely free and 100% confidential, so there’s nothing to lose!). Plus, if you apply by Friday, December 15, and are selected to demo, you’ll benefit from the very early-bird savings in your final demo cost. Hope to see you apply!

FinovateSpring 2018 is partners with: Aite GroupBankersHubBanking TechnologyBayPayBeFast.TVBigData-MadeSimple.comBreaking BanksByte AcademyCelentFemTechFinancial ITFintech FinanceHeadcountHolland FintechIBS IntelligenceInnovate FinanceMercator Advisory GroupNexChangeThe Nilson ReportOvumThe PaypersPlug and PlaySME Finance Forum, and Swiss Finance + Technology Association.

Raise your profile and showcase your thought leadership

Grow your business at FinovateSpring by becoming an event sponsor. We can provide flexible and tailored solutions to maximize your time at the event and ensure you meet your business goals. For more information please contact us via email.

Accepting Demo Applications for FinovateMiddleEast 2018

Accepting Demo Applications for FinovateMiddleEast 2018

Last week, Finovate teamed up with the UAE Ministry of Finance. The partnership aims to drive awareness and support for fintech innovation in the Middle East. As part of this collaboration, FinovateMiddleEast will join the UAE Innovation Month celebration in February 2018.

For over 10 years, Finovate has been the leading showcase of financial, banking and payments technologies. And we’ve been there from the start: New York in 2007, Bay Area in 2008, London in 2010, Singapore in 2012, Hong Kong in 2016, and now Dubai in 2018.

Finovate events focus on innovative fintech showcased via 7-minute live product demonstrations. The conferences consistently attract high-impact audiences of senior-level financial and banking executives, press and industry analysts, venture capitalists, regulators, and technology entrepreneurs. FinovateMiddleEast will be no different with fintech from across the MENA region and 300+ attendees.

Join us on February 26 & 27 if you’re looking to:

  • Drive product adoption of the latest and most innovative solutions in fintech
  • Showcase new, high-impact technology in front of an influential audience
  • Generate press recognition, find customers, network with peers, raise capital, and discover partners

For more information on applying to demo, please review the brochure for prospective demoing companies, then fill out the online application by December 31 at the latest. We’ll be in touch within a few days of receiving your application.

If you have any questions, please email And if you’re unfamiliar with Finovate events, take a look at videos from the past 40+ events.

FinovateMiddleEast 2018 is sponsored by Temenos, UAE Exchange, and Loxon.