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Finovate First: Three Events this Fall

For over 10 years, Finovate has been the leading showcase of financial, banking and payments technologies. Following the trail of fintech innovation has led us across the globe to New York in 2007, Bay Area in 2008, London in 2010, Singapore in 2012, Hong Kong in 2016, Dubai earlier this year, and now Cape Town in November.

And for the first time this fall, Finovate has three events in three months — September, October, November.

Whether you’re planning to join as an attendee, demoing company, sponsor, or speaker, there are a few things to keep in mind before heading out for the summer holidays.

First, conference tickets are on sale now. For all event days, tickets cover everything from mainstage demos and keynote speakers to track session panels and fireside chats to exhibition booths and networking.

Next, apply now to demo your new fintech innovation. Over the past several years, fintech has expanded to include not just financial and banking technology, but also payments, wealth management, lending, investment, insurance, security, compliance, and regulation tools and tech. And our audiences want to see it all.

Finovate events give demoing companies a powerful platform to promote their new fintech, drive production adoption and partnerships, find new funding, establish technical leadership, garner press recognition, and more. Participating in events is an investment of time and resources, and we set up our events to give presenters as much return on that investment as we can.

Lastly, align your brand with fintech innovation by sponsoring the event. This can be done alone or in conjunction with demoing at an event. Sponsorships often include a speaking opportunity on one of our track panels, introductions with hard-to-access executives, interactive webinars, exhibition booths, etc.

More information and links to all events are available at Inquiries and questions can be sent to Rest up this summer for a busy Finovate fall!