Finovate is Bound for London in 2022

Finovate is Bound for London in 2022

Two years since the last in-person event, FinovateEurope returns to London over March 22-23, 2022. Book your ticket at early-bird rates or consider these options for joining the 12th annual European event.

New for 2022, there are two demo opportunities for FinovateEurope: digital and physical.

We’ll kick off on Tuesday, March 15 with a digital day featuring a limited number of virtual demos. Attendees will tune in through the ConnectMe event platform for live streaming and networking. Plus, the demos will be available on demand throughout the event. 

On March 22, a second lineup of companies will demo in person at the venue. These demos will also be streamed to our virtual audience. 

Digital Demo: March 15  

– Prerecorded 7-minute demo streamed on March 15
– Event platform and networking app access to chat and schedule meetings with attendees
– Lead reports of demo views through the event platform and in the venue’s streaming lounge
– 30-minute one-on-one coaching for demo skills and format
– Video of your demo for your own use
– Demo video hosted on with 380,000+ visitors/year
– Chance to win the coveted Best of Show award
– And more!


In-Person Demo: March 22  

– 7-minute demo at the venue during the general session on March 22
– Physical demo stand in the exhibition hall on March 22-23 + lead report of scanned attendees
– Event platform and networking app access to chat and schedule meetings with attendees
– Lead reports of digital and physical demo views
– Video of your demo for your own use
– Demo video hosted on with 380,000+ visitors/year
– Chance to win the coveted Best of Show award
– And more!


For full package details, click here

Demo pricing varies by demo type, application date, and company category. Fees range from $2,795 USD to $19,995 USD — more details here.

Not ready to demo, yet? Join the Startup Booster program.

Startup Booster is designed for new startups seeking exposure, insights, and connections at Finovate events, but who are not ready to demo yet. There are two Startup Booster opportunities depending on your company’s goals for FinovateEurope 2022.

Participation in both is for fintech and tech startups who are less than 3 years old and have raised less than $1M USD. The Advanced Booster is limited to founders.

Startup Booster: £499  

– Event access at special discounted rate (£499 per ticket)
– Event content + networking*
– Event attendees with unlimited meetings and chat
– Breakfast, lunch and networking refreshments
– Startup profile on the event website  

Advanced Booster: £1,000  

– Startup Booster package plus:
– 3-minute pitch video on event platform, marketed and shared with investor attendees
– Virtual booth on the event platform for attendees to contact founders
– Lead reports from the event platform (pitch video views, virtual booth visitors)
– Access to the Investor Networking Reception on March 22  

Apply to the Startup Booster!

Take advantage of these opportunity to make connections with hundreds of the most influential people in fintech and apply as soon as possible. For questions, email

Moments That Matter: Tracking Finovate Alums from the Demo Stage to Real World Success

Moments That Matter: Tracking Finovate Alums from the Demo Stage to Real World Success

Each year, in the weeks leading up to our fintech conferences, we take the time to highlight those companies that have demonstrated their innovations on the Finovate stage, and then gone on to raise significant funding, sign partnerships with impressive new customers, merge with tech/fintech leaders, or achieve other major wins.

We recently shared seven stories from alums of Finovate’s annual autumn event – FinovateFall – which kicks off this year on September 13th and runs through September 15th. We’ll continue exploring them here, in addition to looking at both returning alum all-stars and new companies hoping to make big fintech headlines in the future.

Last week’s list dated back to Finovate’s debut in 2007, when Yodlee joined 19 companies on stage at our inaugural fintech conference. Yodlee continued on to dominate the data aggregation and analytics space, as well as share product launches and updates at Finovate conferences annually. In 2015, Envestnet acquired Yodlee for a whopping $660 million.

The founders of POS platform Shopkeep started their incredible journey at FinovateFall 2012, rounding it out with an acquisition by Lightspeed for $440 million in 2020.

Malauzai — first demoing its digital banking platform in September 2014 — capped off four years of demos with an acquisition by fellow Finovate alum Finastra in 2018. FlexScore, also appearing in 2014, was snapped up by United Capital Financial Advisors in early 2016 for its gamified financial planning platform.

Since first demoing in 2015 as SaleMove, Glia continues to break ground with ten Best of Show wins, $98 million in funding, and massive improvements to customer experience.

And more recently, Eigen Technologies, which specializes in data extraction and business intelligence, raised $37 million in Series B funding just two months after debuting in September 2019. Monit, a mobile, predictive cashflow and financial optimization platform, raised $5.2 million in equity financing this April after winning Best of Show last September.

With Finovate’s return to New York this fall, these next few stories feature companies you’ll see on September 13th and 14th. If you can’t attend in person, join digitally to make sure you’re part of the moments that matter.

Ultimately, Finovate events are about creating moments that matter – in a few short minutes, companies can go from obscurity to fame, from two customers to 20, from a small Series A to a huge Series B, from promising startup to full-fledged unicorn.

Greg Palmer, VP Strategy, Finovate

Backbase debuted at FinovateFall 2009. Shortly after its demo, the company opened offices in New York; signed bank partners across Europe, North America, and beyond; earned several Best of Show awards; and grew to be the fintech giant we know today. Backbase will demo its North American offering next month.

Vymo, a 2018 alum, raised an impressive $18 million in Series B funding in June 2019. The company is back on stage this fall with its sales acceleration platform.

Based in New York City, Instnt made its Finovate debut in 2019 with its customer onboarding solution for businesses. The company began 2020 by raising $2.9 million in seed funding and ended the year partnering with phone intelligence technology company Prove.

And after their September 2019 demo, Breach Clarity agreed to be acquired by Sontiq the following spring. Next month at FinovateFall, the company will debut BreachIQ, a solution to protect the financial health of FIs and the consumers they serve.

Each year, companies aspire to follow in the footsteps of these and other alums that have made a huge impact in the fintech space. Here are some new companies representing the FinovateFall 2021 demo roster that are hoping to make headlines:

  • Amplify‘s digital platform provides accessible, transparent, and convenient permanent life insurance products for Millennial and Gen Z consumers using an intelligent customer journey and instant underwriting capabilities.
  • ASA‘s scalable platform removes all barriers to entry allowing unlimited partnerships between financial institutions and fintechs using an access controller for secure transactions.
  • Atomic FI‘s payroll APIs supply financial service providers with better direct deposit services.
  • BANYAN‘s global interchange for SKU-level receipt data allows consumers to connect their receipts to any app in a secure, safe and anonymized way.
  • Berbix‘s ID validation solution utilizes machine learning and AI data-driven technology to reduce the friction and fraud in new account creation for fintechs that need to onboard new users online.
  • Ellenby‘s end-to-end cash deposit accountability system allows financial institutions to efficiently manage frequent cash deposits by businesses using its Validating Smart Transport Bag (VSTB).
  • Long Game‘s gamified finance app helps banks acquire new customers and increases engagement with their current customers in the Millenial and Gen Z demographics.
  • Perch‘s free app tears down the barriers of the current credit system by reporting alternative data such as rent and subscription payments to build the credit of the underbanked.
  • Posh‘s Conversational Interactive Voice Response technology targets the inefficiencies and expenses within financial institution contact centers using cutting-edge machine learning and natural language processing.
  • Railzs single API connects to major accounting and ERP software and targets complicated and unstandardized SMB financial data using data normalization and insights for financial institutions.
  • Sequretek simplifies cybersecurity for the financial service industry by offering a single AI-based solution for complete enterprise security.
  • Soul MachinesDigital People humanize and personalize each engagement and offer rich and emotionally interactive experiences for banking and financial service customers.
  • SpecTrust‘s no-code risk platform minimizes high costs and slow turnaround time to deploy solutions that help risk investigators, strategists, and engineering teams identify risk, orchestrate signals, and take mitigating actions.
  • UNest‘s mobile application democratizes access to savings and investing solutions for parents and extended family.
  • unitQ‘s quality monitoring platform is AI-enabled based on what your users say and do, so product, engineering, ops, and CX leaders at finserv companies can fix the right issues faster.
  • Akouba by Velocity Solutions reduces the lengthy lending process for financial institutions using a cloud-based digital lending platform.

Who’s Demoing at FinovateWest Digital?

Who’s Demoing at FinovateWest Digital?

Digital experience | Agenda | Speakers | Apply to demo | Register now

This November, 20+ startups and established organizations will demo their latest technology virtually at FinovateWest Digital. In these 10-minute showcases, you’ll have the chance to see how these services and solutions work and how they can benefit your business. Need to know more? All demoers will be available at virtual booths for Q&A and 1-to-1+ meetings.

Here’s a look at those already confirmed to demo from across the US and beyond:

The themes, trends and technologies from these companies encompass the new state of financial services in 2020:

  • Risk management connected to financial wellness, SMB financing, and intelligent data
  • Customer experience connected to call center contact, collaborative engagement, digital development, and balancing remote versus in-person support
  • Financial planning connected to fluctuating portfolio performance, employer benefits, and unemployment
  • Financial crime connected to growing corona opportunists

And much more. Click here to learn more about how their technology can help you spot opportunities for growth in your organization and run with that potential.

See these companies live in November! Book this week for $795.

Who’s Demoing at FinovateFall Digital?

Who’s Demoing at FinovateFall Digital?

Digital experience | Agenda | Speakers | Apply to demo | Register now

This is probably not your first time hearing about Finovate’s commitment to digital — digital finance, digital innovation, digital events. But it’s likely your first time seeing the FinovateFall Digital demoing companies. All selected because the future of finance is digital, and they are ready to transform your business.

Here’s a look at the demoing companies already confirmed for this year from across the US:

These companies’ products and solutions have been developed (and selected) to meet your business needs from all sides:

  • Unlock sensitive data in complete compliance
  • Meet small business needs with a 360° commerce solution
  • Deliver actionable insights to drive better behavior
  • Connect employees with an easy-to-understand retirement plan
  • Optimize debt recovery and collection
  • Monitor the overall health of your small business customers
  • Equip your employees with reliable AI-generated next steps
  • Transform your legacy systems to meet today’s banking needs
  • Invest in mobile payments because over 60% of the world’s populace uses cell phones
  • And see how you stack up against other banks, fintechs, and techs

See these companies live next month! Book this week for $795 (a $400 saving).

Finovate Goes Digital

Finovate Goes Digital

Fintech has always had a digital backbone. Cashless payments. Security tokens. Robo advisors. Invoice financing. Mobile banking. And hundreds of other connectors, all building the path for a digital future, a future where companies are growing and innovating faster than ever.

From a buyer side, companies need technology to digitally do business. From a seller side, companies have to deliver these services and solutions. And all sides need confidence that Finovate’s fall events are going to run successfully to help them achieve their business needs. With all of that in mind, we’re embracing digital.

Now that the events have been moved online, you know FinovateFall Digital and FinovateWest Digital will take place. You can plan with 100% confidence, see more solutions, expand your reach, and access highly curated and produced content. These are all things Finovate is already known for. 

Because of Finovate’s quality standards, these won’t be like any other digital events you’ve seen before. Live and on-demand content will put your finger on the pulse of the industry. Live Q&A and polls will ensure you can engage directly with speakers. And 24/7 networking and an app packed with fintech enthusiasts will make it easy to start a conversation with the right person.

So if you’re a buyer, register now. And if you’re a seller, apply to demo at FinovateFall, FinovateWest— or both– to reach different audiences.

Demos will be live streamed throughout the events, plus available on-demand to 1,000+ senior fintech leaders. All demo companies will have virtual booths for Q&A, deeper product dives, and 1-to-1 meetings. Plus, we’ll deliver leads to everyone participating. Visit the event websites above for more information.

The future of fintech is digital, and we hope to see you digitally this fall.

Photo by Johnson Wang on Unsplash

Looking Forward to Fintech this Fall

Looking Forward to Fintech this Fall

Finovate events have always been celebrations. Celebrations of innovation, celebrations of technology, celebrations of industry. But this spring was not a time for celebration, and our thoughts are with every single person and company impacted throughout the community.

As heard from our followers and in news recently, we are turning a corner and seeing the light. The fall season has always been a big time for product launches, and these will be more important now than ever as companies reemerge. And that’s something to celebrate.  

This fall for the first time, Finovate hits both coasts: FinovateFall in September in New York and FinovateWest (formerly FinovateSpring) in November in San Francisco. And we’re accepting applications from companies interested in demoing their technology at each.

Showcasing products and solutions – not just talking about them – is the best way to do business. It allows 1,000+ potential buyers, partners and investors to see how your technology works and how it can benefit them. Not convinced? Hear from some of our alums:

It’s one of the leading fintech conferences around the world, so there’s no better place to launch a product. With any conference, it’s about the return on investment — you never know if you’ll meet one person of five, but we’ve already met 10 potential partners that I’m really excited to work with.

Dana Budzyn, CEO & Founder, UBDI

It’s been successful here! We’ve already had around 30 to 40 people visit our booth and 15 requests from people saying, “Can you come and show us your technology?”

Ned Phillips, CEO & Founder, Bambu

I think we’ll be here every year – we met 90% of our clients at Finovate. We meet our clients; we meet our prospects. If you’re a bank or fintech and want to know about the trends and get a sneak peek into the future, this is the place.

Uday Akkaraju, CEO, Bond.AI

Finovate is the best place for our startup to get exposure to potential clients and investors, all under one roof!

Emil Tarazi, Chief Data Scientist & Founder, ETFLogic

Finovate is a great way to meet the right people at the right organizations! It was really exciting to have them approach us after seeing our demonstration on stage!

Mark Friedenthal, CEO & Founder, Tolerisk

For more information on demoing this fall, visit the FinovateFall and FinovateWest websites. Hope to see you apply!

‘Tis the Season for Product Launches!

‘Tis the Season for Product Launches!

Fall has become synonymous with product launches, and this year’s demoing companies will deliver.

This September at FinovateFall, see dozens of new fintech services and solutions, including: retirement tools for wealth management advisors, data breach response plans for businesses of all shapes and sizes, API libraries for digital banking, portfolio aggregators to help investors, colleague planning tools for financial advisors, chatbots to better engage customers, and more. All 75+ products will be showcased through live, seven-minute demos.

Learn more about the first wave of companies now. And remember that tickets to FinovateFall are available online and you can save a whopping $1,000 when you book by July 12.

First Wave of Demoing Companies

Stay tuned — more companies to be announced!
ALTR is a transformative data security platform that protects against insider and human threats to data using intrinsic security and integrity properties of blockchain.
ARM Insight‘s innovative data refinery engine securely monetizes data for financial institutions and payment processors.
Bambu‘s API library for digital wealth technology reduces the cost and time to market for financial services firms.
BidMoni‘s integrated end-to-end 401(k) solution targets the lack of fiduciary-focused 401(k) technology for financial execs and VCs
BlytzPay‘s text-to-pay solution is a mobile point of sale delivered directly to a customer’s phone that meets the need for real time payments and communication for all types of billers and payers.‘s conversational AI solution uses intelligent virtual agents that can be continuously trained and improved and that seamlessly hand off conversations and customers to humans when appropriate.
Breach Clarity uses dynamic algorithms, a design-forward UI, and deep research experience as an expert witness in all large data breaches to demystify response plans to the current epidemic of data breaches for consumers and their financial providers to reduce their risk of becoming a fraud victim.
Chatbots.Studio‘s platform digitalizes communication between small enterprises, like coffee shops and barber shops, and their customers using a cloud marketplace of commercial bot templates for iMessage and other smartphone messengers.
Cinchy is a real-time Data Collaboration Platform used by enterprise financial service providers to solve data integration, data access, data governance, and solutions-delivery challenges. The results are accelerated projects, more secure services, and vastly reduced development costs.
College Aid Pro combats the student loan crisis using late stage college planning strategies to enable families and their financial planners make educated and financially responsible college decisions.
Datanomers‘ Customer Insight Manager uses AI to provide comprehensive customer insights and preemptively detect churn for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.
ebankIT uses out-of-the-box digital channels for bank and credit union digital transformation.
Edmit‘s Edstimate® algorithm targets the student loan crisis by pre-emptively estimating college cost and future earnings for high school students and their families.
Eigen Technologies‘ natural language processing software uses machine learning to analyze qualitative data for banks and other organizations.
Envestnet | Yodlee has developed a solution to solve for consumers managing complex financial lives, it enables FIs and FinTechs to provide their consumers with the ability to curate and create their own financial insights based on their individual needs, using comprehensive and accurate financial data, analytics, and conversational AI.
Flybits‘ easy-to-use digital experience platform solves the challenges of developing and implementing AI and machine learning capabilities for marketers, customer experience leaders and creative teams in financial services.
Glance‘s Mobile App Sharing utilizes in-app visual engagement to improve customer service and support within financial service mobile apps.
Glia‘s system of engagement uses a combination of technology and the human touch to solve complex online inquiries for large enterprises.
Illuma Access is a voice authentication service for identity and access management for finance and insurance applications relying on voice as an actionless, efficient, and privacy compliant implementation.
Insuritas‘ ilnsure platform builds a new source of value-added, annuitizing fee income for FIs and their retail and commercial customers that promotes customer share and retention through offering Property, Casualty, Life, Accident and Health Insurance.
Intellaegis‘ masterQueue software uses AI to solve the complexity of collecting debt for large financial institutions and their party vendors.
InterGen Data‘s personal financial health and wealth operating system uses AI-based machine learning and a digital advisor cash flow forecasting widget to preemptively measure the economic impact of major life events of banking industry clients so that they can make well-informed financial decisions.
JSOL‘s AI-based business forecasting technologies for financial institutions resolve the delay in analysing corporate credit ratings and growth and decline of businesses.
Kindur combats the modern retirement crisis by providing a variety of wealthtech, insuretech, and other cutting-edge fintech products for the baby boomer generation.
Meniga‘s SaaS solution increases the intelligent capabilities of data usage for banks to make people’s lives and world a better place.
NYMBUS‘ SmartLaunch enables financial institutions to rapidly transform into fully operational, digital-only banks without converting their legacy technology.
Persistent‘s Conversation Round-About technology solves the problem of frequent redirection of retail banking and insurance customers to call center human agents when they are chatting with a bot.
Plinqit Build Skills improves the financial literacy of millennials using relevant, paid, education-focused content.
Qwil Messenger is a global client chat platform that enables safe and compliant business conversations for all professional service organizations from one single app.
SalaryFits‘ platform tackles the issue of financial exclusion and abusive pricing for employees of big corporations and SME’s around the world using salary deduction technology that offers more sustainable financial products.
Stratifyd‘s unsupervised and supervised AI workflows analyze and automate omni-channel Voice of the Customer for financial experience and digital transformation teams.
SwapsTech‘s Galaxy Banking platform modernizes open banking by delivering treasury services to banks extremely quickly.
Trulioo‘s global solution solves cross-border compliance pain points with scalable, future-proof technology for banks and fintechs.
Utluna‘s web application collects, aggregates and analyzes data relating to multi-asset class, multi-currency, multi-broker portfolios using financial institutions’ and market data providers’ APIs.
ValidiFI’s Payment Risk Optimizer is a payment processing service for fintech companies that targets ACH returns and card declines.
VeriTran’s low-code, omnichannel and open platform lets users deploy faster and better digital applications for banking and payment solutions.

Interested in demoing? Reach out to

FinovateAsia is Heading Back to Singapore!

FinovateAsia is Heading Back to Singapore!

600+ attendees. 35+ firms demoing. 100+ expert speakers.

Insights and connections to the Asian fintech community you will only find at Finovate.

Save the date for FinovateAsia 2019! We’re moving back to Singapore this October 14 through 16, with a show that will feature demos of new fintech solutions, key insights from thought-leaders and influencers, and networking that delivers meaningful connections with fintech decision-makers.

Lowest price to attend ends Friday, May 31!

The agenda is packed with the latest fintech innovations, industry titans, and up-and-comers. The first day will feature digital trailblazers and disruptors analyzing the latest trends in fintech and financial services digital transformation in Asia. The stellar speaker faculty will debate the big issues facing financial institutions and fintechs in the new tech driven world. And the second day will feature Finovate’s signature live demos from 35+ fintech innovators.

Plus, don’t miss the two add-on Summits on October 16 that will give you the chance to take a deeper dive into Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain Applications.

It’s not just what you see and learn. Make essential business connections with the 600+ senior decision makers at the event. You can arrange meetings using the networking app before the event to make the most of your time there.

Register by Friday, May 31 and save up to $1,100. Book online here today or contact our customer services team at +1 (888) 670-8200 or

Make it at FinovateAsia!

Whether a new innovation or service, partnership or brand pivot, you’ll reach an audience of 600+ of the most influential people in fintech. Finovate’s format of seven minutes on stage, exhibition stand, attendee introductions, marketing exposure, and more delivers you a fantastic ROI.

The demo application process is competitive, so apply early to give your company the best chance of getting on stage. Plus, secure the lowest possible rate if chosen to demo.

Cutting Edge Fintech in the World’s Financial Capital – Get Involved Now!

Cutting Edge Fintech in the World’s Financial Capital – Get Involved Now!

Save the date for FinovateFall 2019! We’re returning to The Marriott Marquis in Times Square this September 23 through 26 with a showcase of fintech solutions, insights that deliver real-world value, and meaningful connections with senior financial decision makers.

Witness exciting new technologies via our signature live 7-minute demos (no slides or canned video allowed!). Following the demos, our innovative speakers share success stories and lessons learned to help make those solutions a reality within your own organization. Plus, don’t miss the add-on Summit Day that takes a deeper dive into Artificial Intelligence and Wealthtech & Investech.

With 75+ demoing companies, 120+ expert speakers and more networking opportunities than ever before, no other event gives you as much insight from start-ups, tech giants, large FIs, community banks and credit unions – from New York City and beyond.

FinovateFall by numbers

FinovateFall fintech innovation event

Get involved now!

Want to demo?

Demo your latest fintech innovation on stage and show the audience of 1500+ senior finance executives how you can help their business.

At your exhibition space, meet the bankers and investors who can grow your business.

Why you should demo at FinovateFall in 60 seconds – watch now

Demo your fintech innovation

Want to sponsor?

Stand out from the crowd and win new business from C-level executives from financial institutions.

Align your brand with innovation and the fintech growth story.

Demonstrate your thought-leadership to Finovate’s event audience and digital community of 300k fintech professionals.

Sponsor FinovateFall fintech innovaton event

Want to speak?

Would you like to get your voice heard by the cream of the North American fintech community? You only get one chance a year to be heard by 1,500+ leading fintech experts in the world’s financial capital – now’s the time to get in touch.

Please reach out to Laura Maxwell-Bernier now to inquire about speaking or moderating.

FinovateFall fintech event agenda

Want to connect with 1,500 decision makers?

FinovateFall makes it easy to connect with the people that matter to you. This is your chance to speak directly to innovators behind the most exciting tech in finance.

The event app suggests relevant attendees based on your business needs and offerings. Create quantifiable business opportunities with returns you can measure.

Book now at lowest price – save up to $1,500

If you’d like to attend as a delegate, book online here today or contact our customer services team at +1 (888) 670-8200 or

Hope to see you in New York in September!

Goldilocks and the Three Finovates

Goldilocks and the Three Finovates

With three Finovate conferences this fall, find the one that’s just right for your new finech.

Finovates are for public companies, startups, and established leaders with new financial services innovations. Past demos have included technology focused on customer experience, regtech, insurtech, proptech, healthtech, wealthtech, security, identity, biometrics, blockchain, crypto, investment, onboarding, open banking, digital banking, lending, payments, and more.

Demoing companies are at the core of the conference series, which is designed to give them the best return on their demo investment with a 360 degree approach:




So how do you know which conference is right for you this fall? By region — North America, Asia or Middle East.

Are you expanding services or solutions to one of these places? Announcing new partnerships or targeting key customers? Graduating from an accelerator with your sights set on raising funding or attracting clients? Apply to demo at the Finovate in the region where you want to do business.

The earlier you get on board the bigger the return on demo investment. So apply to an upcoming event now:

See Who’s Attending FinovateSpring and Meet the People that Matter

FinovateSpring is also making it easier than ever to connect with the attendees that matter to you. We’ve partnered with the Brella networking app that uses a matchmaking algorithm to suggest relevant attendees based on your business needs or offerings. Once you find someone you’d like to meet, Brella will schedule a meeting in our dedicated meeting area or location of your choice.

“I’m expecting to close 2 to 3 deals from these meetings.”
~ Dave Hazan, Versapay

Customer Experience Summit
It has never been more important to identify and meet customer needs today, to implement the products and services they want tomorrow.

Artificial Intelligence Summit
Taking a deeper dive into AI, our dedicated summit day brings you case studies of where AI is being used and having an impact.


See Fintech Before it Gets Big at FinovateSpring – Register Now and Save $700.

Before they raised $100 million in the summer of 2016, mortgagetech innovator Blend appeared on stage at FinovateSpring 2016. They would go on to announce significant partnerships with both Wells Fargo and US Bancorp in the year following their demo.

Watch now

Ellie Mae was founded way back in 1997, but after appearing on stage at FinovateSpring 2017, they would go on to get acquired by Thoma Bravo in a stunning $3.7 billion deal.

Watch now

Equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd was on stage at FinovateSpring 2016, and just four months later they had raised an additional $72 million in a series C funding round.

Watch now

Seven months before Cyberfend was acquired by Akamai Technologies, they were on stage at FinovateSpring 2016, showing the latest in their bot and automation detection solutions.

Watch now