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If you're one of the lucky ones who will be able to tell the grandkids that you were at the very first FinDEVr, then congratulations! We couldn't be happier to have you onboard for what promises to be a historic opportunity for developers looking to make connections or add key final pieces to their own fintech projects.

We are expecting a diverse crowd on September 30 and October 1. Not only will decision-making CEOs and app-building developers be on hand for this inaugural, two-day event, but just about everybody in between, as well (see below).

Strategy Officers and Founders. Solutions Engineers and Presidents...from the boardroom to the back office, FinDEVr has more than just something for everyone. By combining presentations and demos, workshops and high-quality networking, we are leveraging our seven years of experience in hosting great conferences to bring the fintech community its newest "must attend" event of the year.

So whether you are a "plug and play" programmer or a "gray goose," click here to pick up your tickets and save your spot at this historic opportunity for fintech developers and members of the "Adminisphere" alike. 

And once you've scored your ticket, be sure to join the FinDEVr community on Bizzabo. See you in San Francisco!

FinovateFall 2014: Ready, Steady, Go!


It's rehearsal day here at FinovateFall 2014 - just 24 hours before the lights go up and the first of 70 live demos of the latest in fintech innovation begins.

Monday is a day of preparation for everyone: for the innovators practicing their pitches and triple-checking their laptops, smartphones, and tablets; for the ballroom technical crew and the Finovate team tending to last minute details ...


But Monday is a day of preparation for attendees, as well. And to help make sure you've got everything you need in order to make the most out of your FinovateFall experience, here's a last minute rundown of the whats, whens, and whys of the event - whether you are joining us in New York here at the Hilton Midtown or following the show via Twitter or the Finovate Live Blog.

Registration begins at 8am, with the first demo starting at 9am. We are expecting a full house, so be sure to arrive early.

Below is quick guide to the demos on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Twitter & Live Blog
They say if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. But for those who weren't able to make it to New York this time around, there are a couple of ways you still can take in every minute of FinovateFall.

Our Live Blog at will cover every demo, every presenter, every company over the two days of FinovateFall. You can also follow the show by way of our Twitter feed @Finovate. Just use the hashtag #Finovate and join in the conversation.

Bizzabo App
And last but not least, if you're here in town for FinovateFall 2014, please be sure to join the community on Bizzabo. Available on iOS, Android, and via the web, Bizzabo is a great way to see, meet, and connect with your fellow attendees as well as learn more about the companies demoing at the event.

Counting Down to FinovateFall 2014


We're only a day-and-a-half away from FinovateFall 2014our twenty-first conference, and things are really coming together here in New York City.

The Finovate team arrived earlier this week and has been busy fine-tuning the venue, organizing attendee packets, and preparing for the largest Finovate audience of all time, nearing 1,500 (thanks everyone!).

The presenting companies will begin pouring into the venue tomorrow to practice their demos and get the lay of the networking hall.

Before you arrive, here are some key things to keep in mind:


We'll open the doors at 8AM. Registration and continental breakfast will continue until just before 9AM, at which point the first demo will begin.

Here's the full agenda:
    • Remember to pack plenty of business cards and wear comfortable shoes
    • Download the Finovate app before the show to get a glimpse of who you'll be rubbing elbows with
    • Contribute to the conversation on Twitter using #Finovate, and follow @Finovate to stay updated on news about the companies on stage 
    • Check out the Finovate blog to watch the live coverage of each company's demo on stage.
    • If you're up for some last minute studying, check out our Sneak Peek series to see what some of the demos will focus on.

If you have any last minute issues or questions, please see our frequently asked questions or email and our team will be happy to help. We can't wait to see you all in New York!


Here's Part Three of our final preview of the companies that will be demoing their technologies on Tuesday, September 30, Day One of FinDEVr. In this installment, we look at:

Click here for Part One. Part Two is available here.

FinDEVr is less than a week away. But there's still time to get your tickets and save your spot.

Paradigm4 develops and supports SciDB: the open source, analytic DBMS; programmable from R & Python. SciDB is designed from the ground up to support more facile data management for Big and Diverse data and to do faster and bigger math. Hard questions. Fast answers. Open source.

Keynote: Crypto-Currency and Massive Network Analysis
We'll begin with a graphical overview of a crypto-currency financial network, discuss the key issues and challenges around massive network analysis and then demonstrate our solution using SciDB via the RStudio user interface.

Why it's great for developers:
More data science, less computer science with SciDB:
  • Horizontally scalable on commodity HW
  • Massively parallel matrix math
  • Programmable from R or Python
Big analytics without big hassles. Hard questions. Fast answers. Open source.

PayNearMe enables consumers to pay rent, repay loans, buy tickets, make online purchases, and do much more with cash. Consumers can make cash payments in their own neighborhood in less than 60 seconds through PayNearMe's network of 17,000 authorized payment locations including 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, and ACE Cash Express stores.

Keynote: Bringing Cash Payments into the 21st Century
PayNearMe secrets unveiled. Why do we even bother with innovating cash? How we developed a system to digitize cash? And how modern development techniques laid the foundation for PayNearMe to become the fastest growing electronic cash transaction network?

Workshop: Strong But Agile: Innovation When Money is On the Line
Innovation in fintech happens faster than ever. When working with other people's money, there is no room for error. How do you build teams and systems that are flexible for agile product development and rigid for security and reliability? What's the relevance of historical payment systems? And what about Bitcoin?

Why it's great for developers:
  • Supports endless number of payment use-cases including mobile, web, printed, and embedded barcodes.
  • Offers real-time communication path and various payment authorization options
  • Multiple implementation paths
The PayNearMe cash transaction platform is extremely flexible, handles the heavy lifting for merchants, and can plug into a large array of payment use cases.

Personal Capital helps people live better financial lives with technology-enabled advisory services as well as free financial software and educational content. Their award-winning apps enable you to effortlessly view your entire financial life in one place. Personal Capital brings to everyone wealth management that previously only the wealthiest could afford.

Keynote: The Art of Data Aggregation
This presentation is for developers and engineers who build applications on top of data gathered from multiple sources. The objective of our data aggregation platform is to model (and report) a user's complete financial life.

We share the three key architectural principles that have made this platform possible:
  • Owning the aggregated data to improve quality
  • Synthesizing data and developing machine learning intelligence to obtain unique insights
  • Developing APIs that hide data complexities to drive efficient UI development
Why it's great for developers:
  • Better data quality by owning collected data
  • Unique insights via data synthesis & machine learning intelligence
  • Efficient UI development via APIs that hide data complexities
We create complex models of a user's financial life using a rich data aggregation platform and present it to the user in a simple and straightforward way.

StockTwits is a social network and publishing platform for investors and traders. We created the $ prefix of stocks (e.g. $MSFT). Follow @StockTwits and go to stock of real-time ideas and stock conversations.

Keynote: Investing in a Social, Local and Mobile World
We are in a mobile boom that has connected people who also happen to be investors. The markets have always been giant mood rings, but the periods of quiet and volatility are more intense. We're discussing the best ways to use StockTwits to invest in the social era.

Why it's great for developers:
  • Get caught up on what stocks and markets are trending fast
  • Follow smart people that speed your financial markets learning curve
  • Leverage relationships to make money
Our mobile apps are easy to use and the trending ticker along with our suggested list make staying in tune with markets easy and doable in 10-20 minutes a day.

Tradier is a financial services cloud provider that offers a groundbreaking solution to serve platform providers, developers, and investors. The Tradier solution features an innovative set of fully hosted APIs, modules, and "out of the box" tools that are leveraged by a growing list of providers.

Keynote: An API Like Never Before - Do What Matters and the Rest Is Already Done
Have you ever tried to build a financial market app? It is painful and just about impossible. Too much data, trading, platform and process barriers. Tradier has done all that heavy lifting for you. An API that abstracts the pain and delivers the gain.

Why it's great for developers:
  • Free developer access (no brokerage account required)
  • Historical market data going back nearly 30 years
  • A Broker who does not compete against you
Removal of barriers to financial market app innovation. Ease of implementation with fully-supported APIs.

We hope you've enjoyed our FinDEVr Preview series. We'll be back in a week with our preview of companies presenting and holding workshops on Day Two / October 1 of FinDEVr.

And if you missed our previous editions of our FinDEVr Preview, the links below will help get you up to date.

FinDEVr begins in just over a week. To be a part of the first fintech event for developers, click here to get your tickets today.

Here is Part Two of our last look at the companies that will demo on Tuesday, September 30. In this installment, we meet:

Part Three is available here. If you missed our first installment, check out Part One here.

And don't forget to join the growing community of developers, software architects, and engineers on Bizzabo

CopSonic is a French company founded in 2013 specialized in the development and marketing of its sonic and ultrasonic authentication technology. The company is composed out of a strong team of researchers and engineers specialized in security, payment, sonic and ultrasonic authentication protocols. Recently, CopSonic joined the Microsoft Partner Network and became a member of the FIDO Alliance organization.

Keynote: Sonic and Ultrasonic Authentication Solution Working on All Mobile Phones
The CopSonic SDK allows contactless multi-factor authentication based on ultrasounds or sounds. This SDK is the first to introduce an "air gap" with encrypted analog information into the digital circuit. The security level thus achieved by CopSonic reaches current military security levels.

CopSonic is a universal solution working on all feature phones, smart phones, smart watches, tablets, computers, smart devices, internet of things, etc. as long as they are equipped with speakers and/or a microphone. It is operational on all standard GSM networks, on the intent or any other TCP-IP compatible network. The solution requires no change of Telco or of the existing hardware.

CopSonic enables e-commerce, financial and cybersecurity industries to propose a universal and secure solution for strong authentication to all of their customers worldwide. This authentication solution is an alternative to the use of online and/or offline passwords.

PhonicAccess and GateSonic are anti-phishing use cases of this highly secured technology. Also, for the first time, CopSonic enables the use of smart-bracelets as secure access key.

Founded in 1999, Finicity is a privately held fintech industry pioneer. Leading the charge to the Evented Financial Web, Finicity enables fintech developers to build real-time apps through its RESTful Aggregation API and the Finicity API Platform.

Keynote: Aggregation Reloaded
Forged and hardened in consumer PFM over the past 13 years, Finicity is publicly launching its Financial Aggregation API service with unparalleled FI uptime, broad FI coverage, 24/7 developer support, and exciting new endpoint features that will elevate your UX.

Why it's great for developers:
  • 24/7 Pre and Post-deployment Agg Support
  • Improve your app UX with unparalleled FI Agg uptime
  • Come see the launch of the Evented Financial Web
The Finicity API Platform, RESTful Aggregation API and Developer Portal make it EASY to deploy financial apps into the Evented Financial Web ecosystem.

The Mifos Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit that guides the development of the Mifos X solution for financial inclusion, an API-driven open source platform with a suite of configurable cloud apps. Our community speeds the elimination of poverty by scaling financial services to the 2.5 billion unbanked.

Our platform is game-changing because we are mobilizing a global community, which is the only way to confront the massive problem we face. Our open source license and community driven approach is unlocking new collaboration and enabling new business models that will allow the financial inclusion sector to scale upward and outward. It enables small institutions to mature and large institutions to reach down cost-effectively in a manner that never could be possible before.

Keynote: Mifos X, Open Technology Platform Unlocking New Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid
There is a massive opportunity to serve the 2.5B individuals who lack access to financial services. Discover how you can build and scale mobile and cloud-based solutions on top of the open Mifos X platform for financial inclusion, which is led by a global community & backed by Silicon Valley.

Mifos X is the world's only open source technology platform for financial inclusion. Built around an API-centric, cloud-based software architecture, the Mifos X Platform is a modern, connected core banking system for responsible financial services organizations bringing basic financial services to the poor globally.

Our innovative solution consists of a full suite of open technologies to scale the reach of financial inclusion to the 2.5B unbanked, encompassing an open source platform released under the Mozilla Public License 2.0, completely exposed through a full set of open APIs as well as a suite of cloud products and mobile apps on top of the platform. Whether you are an innovator looking to build a brand new fintech solution, an integrator looking to integrate or scale an existing product, a reseller looking to extend, implement, support, or host a feature-rich core banking system, or a financial institution looking for a solution out of the box, Mifos X has it covered.

Mifos X consists of 1) the platform (A RESTful back-end which talks to a MySQL database and is built on the Jersey/Spring/JPA stack) 2) the community app (AngularJS app that provides support for the most commonly used financial inclusion models) and 3) RESTful APIs from our platform accessing all the core underlying functionality to enable the community to quickly build their own enterprise grade financial inclusion products/apps on any technology stock.

Workshop: Building Apps for Financial Inclusion on the Mifos X Platform
In this hands-on session, you'll learn how to quickly build enterprise-grade financial inclusion solutions on top of Mifos X, an open-source cloud-based Java platform providing the common core banking functionality through a full set of RESTful APIs, an AngularJS web app and an Android client.

Why it's great for developers:
  • Market-Validated: 75 customers serving 2.5M clients
  • Open & Community-Driven: Open Source via MPL 2.0
  • Extensible: Complete platform - RESTful APIs on a modern tech stack
Mifos is the world's only fully open API-driven platform for financial inclusion providing a technology foundation to reach the 2.5 Billion unbanked at the Base of the Pyramid.

ModoPayments powers better buying experiences with better economics, created by YOU! Using our handcrafted API, any developer can build their own mobile app with the ability to perform in-store purchases at tens of thousands of store locations. Modo powers the payments and tech and you design the experience.

Keynote: How to Find Money & Love with Mobile Apps (maybe more money than love)
Learn about the best kept secret in payments platform APIs: Modo. Modo will show you in 6 minutes or less how to build a better buying experience that entices consumers to spend money, and make you money, with the mobile app of your dreams. Your love mileage may vary.

Workshop: Get Your Hands on Modo
Now you know the secret about how the Modo API can transform buying experiences for your users, audience or customer base, and make real money with your mobile app. Get to this workshop, roll up your sleeves, and build an app you will fall in love with.

Launched in 2007, OnDeck uses data aggregation and electronic payment technology to evaluate the financial health of small and medium sized businesses to efficiently deliver capital to a market underserved by banks. Its proprietary technology - the OnDeck Score - enables small businesses to obtain affordable loans with a fraction of the time and effort that it takes through traditional channels. OnDeck's credit models look deeper into the health of businesses, focusing on overall business performance, rather than the owner's personal credit history.

As a leading direct lender of small business loans, OnDeck has deployed more than $1 billion in capital nationwide.

Keynote: OnDeck Lending API's - Frictionless, Extensible, Powerful
The OnDeck Score evaluates thousands of data points - from cash flow to public records to social data - to more accurately and efficiently assess business health and deliver capital in as fast as 24 hours.

Pamela Rice, OnDeck's SVP of Technology, is discussing how the OnDeck platform provides a critically needed mechanism for financial institutions and other business service providers to efficiently reach the Main Street small business market.

The company has several APIs, which provide powerful, fully integrated lending capabilities, to third party partners, thus allowing for instant pre-qualifications, pre-approvals and loan applications. Through a coding and product demo, Pamela will demonstrate how both developers and non-developers can interact with OnDeck's APIs in a UI sandbox and how to utilize our Salesforce app for frictionless plug-and-play integration.

Why it's great for developers
  • OnDeck's technology makes the lending process simple, fast & efficient
  • APIs enable 3rd parties to provide more small businesses with the capital they need when they need it
  • OnDeck's technology has enabled the lender to deploy more than $1 billion in capital to small businesses across the U.S.
OnDeck's technology has enabled the lender to deploy more than $1 billion in capital to small businesses across the U.S.

Click here for Part Three of our look at fifteen companies that will be sharing their innovations at FinDEVr on Tuesday, September 30.

And if you missed our previous editions of our FinDEVr Preview, the links below will help get you up to date.

One of the great things about FinDEVr is the way it gives us the opportunity to get to know both new companies and innovators as well as see familiar companies and innovators in new and exciting ways.

To this end, here is the first of three looks at another fifteen innovators who will be taking the stage on September 30, Day One of FinDEVr.

Click here for Part Two. Part Three is here.

Tickets are still available for the first event for fintech developers. Click here to save your spot today. And once you've registered, don't forget to join the community on Bizzabo.

BehavioSec is a leader in frictionless behavioral user verification & authentication. BehavioSec examines how you interact with a website or mobile device to provide a frictionless layer in web fraud prevention.

Keynote: Realtime Scoring of Behavioural Biometrics via Web Services
Presenting our web & mobile SDK, we deep dove into the back end services and show how easy it is to instrument a web site or mobile app with frictionless behavioral biometrics to add a new layer of security.

In an interactive session we are demonstrating a number of use cases of both real-time scoring and 'after the fact' biometrics forensics. We open up the client SDK to show the APIs, file formats, etc. In parallel we expose the typical integration points to see the architecture and the power the backend web service APIs offer developers to represent additional transaction security in a way that suits your organization's business needs.

Why it's great for developers:
  • Frictionless web or mobile fraud prevention via behavioral biometrics
  • Lite touch integration to deliver a new layer in security for web and mobile platforms

Bluefin Payment Systems is a leading FinTech company focused on processing, integrating, and securing payments. Bluefin offers P2PE, tokenization, mobile payment SDK's, payment gateways, merchant accounts, PCI Compliance, transparent redirect, recurring billing, and branded online merchant account enrollment.

Keynote: Bluefin, Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
Bluefin is the only validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Solution listed by the PCI Security Standards Council, North America. P2PE can reduce the scope of card data environment and related PCI requirements. Your software doesn't need to be PCI Compliant if card data is encrypted using P2PE.

Why it's great for developers:
  • Your software doesn't need to be PCI Compliant if you implement Bluefin's P2PE Solution.
  • Add P2PE to webpages/applications using keyboard emulation or HID version.
Bluefin is currently the only PCI Council-listed P2PE Solution. P2PE encrypts card data before it reaches your applications and protects card data from malware.

CardFlight is a leading provider of mobile POS technology and tools that makes it easy for anyone to accept swiped (card present) payments in any mobile app with virtually any merchant account. They offer both iOS/Android mobile payment applications and software development kits (SDKs) that can be incorporated into custom applications. CardFlight's platform also includes encrypted card readers and a payment gateway that supports over 20 different processors, to provide clients with complete mobile payments and mobile POS (mPOS) solutions. CardFlight won the Electronic Transactions Association's 2014 Technology Innovation Award.

Keynote: CardFlight SDK for Mobile Payments
The CardFlight SDK allows any mobile developer to build mobile point-of-sale functionality into his or her own mobile apps. CardFlight supplies three things:
1. Encryped mobile card readers that fit into the audio jack of any smartphone or tablet
2. Easy-to-integrate software development kits for iOS and Android, complete with developer-friendly documentation and support
3. A PCI Level 1 compliant payment gateway that works with all major processors/merchant accounts

This allows developers to easily process swiped credit card payments within their own apps without the complexity of typical payment integrations. By using the CardFlight SDK, developers can fully customize their user experience and keep control of their product, while being able to integrate payment data into their other back-end systems (CRM, inventory management, analytics and reporting, etc.)

The CardFlight SDK and gateway is compatible with merchant accounts from leading processors, including Braintree, Chase Paymentech, Global Payments, First Data, Stripe, TSYS and Vantiv.

Why it's great for developers:
  • We provide iOS and Android SDKs and a credit card reader to add swiped credit card payments to your application.
  • We process transactions through our PCI compliant gateway, eliminating your scope for PCI Compliance.
  • We integrate with all major processors (Stripe, Braintree, Balanced, etc.)
CardFlight is a leader in credit card payment enablement for mobile. We make it easy to accept swiped credit card payments in your own application, allowing you to keep your merchant provider, branding and customer experience.

Cloud Lending Inc., is an enterprise cloud lending solution provider. Our agile solutions are designed to empower lending businesses to simplify business processes, stay compliant an deb future ready.

Keynote: Cloud Lending Inc. - Enterprise Lending Software
Cloud Lending products enable financial institutions achieve scale and flexibility by moving the core back office to the cloud. Why did we choose Salesforce? The results that have been achieved by our customers using applications built on the platform - three digit growth every quarter.

Why it's great for developers:
  • It is end-to-end and supports multiple loan types
  • It is borrower focused
  • It addresses regulatory changes in a matter of hours
We run on Salesforce, leveraging both its CRM to track loan status form bid to re-payment and its ability to integrate with other native apps.

Concur is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions trusted by over 25,000 clients around the globe with over 25 million users. The Concur Platform allows developers to develop and market innovative solutions to the lucrative $1.23 trillion business travel market.

Keynote: Numbers, they don't lie ...
Concur processes more than $55 billion dollars in annual T&E spend for its 25 million customers. In this presentation, Mithun Dhar,  Director of Evangelism & Strategic Marketing, will walk us through and give insight into this spend and tell developers why its a great opportunity to tap into this lucrative market.

Why it's great for developers:
  • Access to 25 million business travelers
  • Access to more than 25,000 businesses that use Concur
  • Insight into over $55 billion dollars of annual T&E spend
Business travel is a $1.12 trillion industry, with U.S. business travelers logging 460M trips a year. The Concur Platform allows you to tap into this lucrative market.

Click here for Part Two of our three-part look at another set of companies that will be presenting and holding workshops at FinDEVr on Tuesday, September 30. For Part Three, click here.

And if you missed our previous editions of our FinDEVr Preview, the links below will help get you up to date.

We've been helping you prepare for FinDEVr for a few weeks now. Between the presentations, networking, and workshops, there will be a lot to keep busy with during the show, so we wanted to make sure you're ready.

Today we're featuring:

To join in on the action, you can get your ticket here.

Avoka is a leading customer experience management company specializing in multi-channel customer transactions. Avoka powers customer engagement applications for banking and insurance organizations worldwide, capturing and delivering business-critical customer transactions into back-office systems.

Keynote: Omni-Channel & Social Account Opening In 60 Seconds
Avoka will demonstrate omni-channel account opening through our engagement platform demonstrating

    • Responsive & adaptive design
    • Cross-over between channels
    • Pre-fill from social profiles
    • ElectID verification
    • Separation of information capture from core systems to facilitate easy cross-sell.
Workshop: Build An Omni-Channel Account Opening Experience In Under 60 Seconds
Avoka will build an account opening experience in under an hour that Is responsive & adaptive

  • Supports cross-over between channels
  • Is integrated to social media for pre-fill
  • Is integrated to electronic ID verification
  • Facilitates cross-sell with loose coupling to core systems
Benefits for developers:

  1. Omni-channel digital customer experience
  2. Analytics platform to understand your customers engagement experience that enables;
  3. Speed, agility and rapid decision making
Omni-channel customer experience in days instead of weeks or months.

Financial Apps provides a suite of developer tools and API access for financial account and transactional data. Our solutions help to quickly build the next generation FinApp. The Financial Apps Relevancy Engine helps make data actionable, providing a comprehensive solution for Fintech development

Keynote: Driving the Data to Action
Detailed financial data is the "Big Data" we all want to work with. In this presentation, Financial Apps is showing how its Platform and Relevancy Engine enables developers to access, consume and integrate consumer financial data within their solutions..

Workshop: Get Relevant: Driving Data to Action
The Financial Apps Platform simplifies the way developers build, manage, and scale their applications' transaction driven components.  ​In this workshop, we will demystify the process of transforming financial data into relevant solutions that can directly consumed by your applications. Learn how to:

    • Connect to financial data using Financial Apps' easy to use RESTful based JSON API and developer libraries
    • Construct complex data aggregations in minutes using Boolean logic with the FA Relevancy Engine Interface
    • Execute and deliver new datasets at run time speed and make schema changes without system interruptions
    • Create queries and rules that analyze your data and deliver actionable results and alerts
Benefits for developers:

    1. Broad API providing access to your consumers Financial Data.
    2. Data Modeling and Workflow capabilities integrated within the platform.
    3. Solutions to make data actionable
Currently powering industry leading FinTech applications, The Financial Apps platform and tools are available for integration today! We make data actionable

InComm is the leading provider of prepaid and transaction technologies with 400,000 points of distribution, nearly $ 30 billion annual transaction volume and reaching over 1 billion customers weekly.

Keynote: Cashtie API - Rails for Cash Payments
Cashtie is an API that enables cash payments for bill pay, funding an account and money transfer at InComm's retail network. The Cashtie API connects to a transaction processing platform and is the rails for cash payments from its partners.

Workshop: Cashtie API - Democratizing Access to Retail POS
In this workshop we are showcasing how we democratized access to the POS (Point of Sales) of some of the largest retailers in the world like Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Family Dollar and many more. We are demonstrating how to insert transactions as line items into the customer receipt including validating pre-tender transactions and completing post tender.
We are also presenting various use cases how the Cashtie API is used to digitize cash payments and touch on our different integration methods for developers.

Why it's great for developers: 

  • Digitizing cash
  • Democratizing access to large retailers POS
  • Instantly build retail network for cash acceptance
Use Cashtie to streamline and simplify cash payments.

Xero is beautiful, easy-to-use online accounting software for small businesses and their advisors. The company has over 300,000 paying customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Xero ranks No. 1 by Forbes as the World's Most Innovative Growth Company.

Keynote: Open for Small Business
Small business is at the heart of every economy. Simple efficiency gains like eliminating data entry or getting paid twice as fast can make or break a business. At Xero we've created an open, extensible platform upon which hundreds of developers have created tools and joined our mission to make small businesses all over the world succeed.

Workshop: Building an API driven Ecosystem for Small Business
In this session, you'll hear how Xero has successfully grown it's marketplace to over 300 integrated applications. How we've structured our developer partner program and built our open API as well as the key lessons we've learned along the way.

Why it's great for developers:

    • Integrated Accounting
    • Open API 
    • Successful Partner Program
Xero provides an Open API, with the opportunity for integrated accounting between important small business applications.

If you missed any of the previous FinDEVr Preview posts, check them out below:


In the weeks ahead of FinDEVr San Francisco, we're taking a closer look at the companies that will share their technology through presentations and workshops on September 30 and October 1.

Today, we have two installments. In the first, we looked a Avoka, Financial App, Incomm, and Xero. In part two, we're featuring:

There's still time to pick up your ticket to join in on the first event for fintech developers.

Eshta develops and operates Eshtapay as a financial platform that can act as online payment system, e-wallet, escrow system, and self-service payment terminal back-end. Eshtapay (due to its very flexible architecture) is a Swiss-Army knife for the online banked and unbanked alike.

Keynote: Eshtapay: The Financial Swiss-Army Knife
Eshtapay is directly operated in Ukraine and Egypt and also used online from Dubai to France to power self-service payment kiosks, service vending machines, service marketplaces, and ATMs. With less than 6 months time to market for deployment, Eshtapay exhibits remarkable versatility and efficiency.

Workshop: Eshtapay: 80M People Market Case Study
Eshta CEO Catalin Braescu is offering a detailed break down of the customization and deployment of Eshtapay for the 80-million-person Egyptian market. Expect a colorful presentation, Indiana Jones situations, breakneck deadlines, and a Hollywood happy ending!

Why it's great for developers:

    • Suspiciously easy to integrate
    • Dangerously fast to deploy
    • Tempting pricing
Your company + Eshtapay = fast access to billions of developing world consumers.

EVO Snap* is a one-stop shop for application integration, merchant underwriting and international payment processing. Our developer platform provides single-integration access to omni-channel payment processing and value-added services through one API - making it easy for developers to support merchants.

Keynote: DIY Offers and Rewards - Closing the Digital Loyalty Loop

Description: Activate and deepen relationships with customers by linking consumer data with payment and marketing services to create customized loyalty programs, card-linked offers and real-time rewards at point-of-sale.

Workshop: DIY Offers and Rewards API - A Look Under the Hood

Get up close and personal with the EVO Snap* Connect offers and rewards API and discover how to integrate offer publishing and card-linked redemption services into your loyalty app. Learn how to leverage pre-built service modules and explore options for making your bank/app portal more valuable to merchants by offering detailed retail analytics. We'll crack open the API, review available data, and offer up sample code.

Why it's great for developers:

  • Simple, fast & easy-to-use payment APIs & integration tools
  • Simplify merchant activation & approval
  • Expand your global footprint and EMV readiness

Acquirer, Processor & Technology Partner - All-in-One. EVO Snap* is a one-stop shop for application integration, merchant underwriting and international payment processing.

Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) is an open platform that enables developers to integrate with rich financial and transactional data through REST-based APIs and offers unparalleled reach to millions of small businesses through Intuit

Keynote: The Small Business Opportunity
The importance of small business to the global economy can't be denied. With 600 million small businesses worldwide, the opportunity to drive their success is huge. Reach millions of small businesses by developing for Intuit QuickBooks Online, an open platform for developers that taps into the power of QuickBooks and the cloud. With partners from Square to American Express to Vend, QuickBooks Online allows Intuit and its ecosystem to simplify the business of life for millions of small businesses.

Workshop: Intuit's Financial Data APIs: Getting Started With the Best Platform to Connect to Small Business and Consumer Financial Data
QuickBooks Online (QBO) has the largest small businesses audience in the world and the QBO API opens up this valuable market to partners and developers like you. The Customer Account Data (CAD) API is the same API that powers giving you access to transaction data from over 19,000 financial institutions. In this session we will review the QBO and CAD APIs.

This session is best for developers looking to serve small businesses and accountants.

Key Takeaways:
  • What the QBO Platform offers to you as a partner and developer
  • How to start integrating with the CAD API so you can get started quickly
Why it's great for developers:

    • QB reaches millions of qualified SMB customers & accountants
    • You can easily connect your SaaS app to SMBs
    • Extend the power of QB to handle multiple jobs
Through IPP, developers can extend the power of QuickBooks, join Intuit's ecosystem of applications, and tap into millions of existing SMB customers.

Xignite is the pioneer of cloud-based market data APIs & the provider for leading Fintech innovators Wealthfront, StockTwits, Robinhood & Yodlee. Our APIs cover every asset class, market & data type available & are ideal for integrating data into FinTech mobile apps, websites, and platforms.

Keynote: Kick-Start Your FinTech Business with Xignite Market Data APIs
Xignite powers hundreds of breakthrough FinTech apps and platforms - touching millions of investors & finance professionals each day. Learn how Xignite can help you kick-start your FinTech business, fuel your growth, and power your success with our easy-to-integrate financial data APIs.

Workshop: Power Your FinTech Apps with Xignite Market Data Cloud APIs
Come see how easy Xignite makes it to add virtually any type of financial market data into your app and why the top FinTech start-ups are Xignite customers. Get first-hand experience calling Xignite REST APIs for pricing, reference, and historical market data. Novices and experts are welcome; Xignite experts will be on hand to answer any questions and explain basic concepts (i.e. how to call a REST API) and share best practices (i.e. using our open-source SDKs).

Why it's great for developers:

• Get going now with our special startup pricing 
• Get to market first - thanks to our easy APIs 
• Huge catalog of market data to fuel your growth

The flagship FinTech companies are winning with Xignite. Shouldn't you be too?

If you missed any of the previous FinDEVr Preview posts, check them out below:


CrowdFlower, the company that uses crowdsourcing for data scrubbing, announced yesterday it raised some cash to help it bloom.

The newest installment, which was led by Canvas Ventures, brings the San Francisco company's total funding to $28 million. Other investors in this round include Bessemer Venture Partners and Trinity Ventures.


CrowdFlower, which does data work for companies such as Home Depot and Cisco, pays more than 5 million people to contribute to the data scrubbing. Some of the applications include:

    • Data Collection & Enhancement
    • Content Moderation
    • Search Relevance Tuning
    • Sentiment Analysis

CrowdFlower plans to use the new funds to grow its product and customer base.

To see CrowdFlower demo its newest technology live, come see them at FinovateFall next week in New York. We still have a few tickets left.

Thanks to the $35 million Series-G funding of Finovate alum, Ping Identity, the fintech sector managed to pull in more than $50 million for the week. The 17 recipients of new investor cash included two financial comparison sites, Hong Kong-based CompareAsia which covers a broad range of personal finance products across Asia and Brooklyn-based Zapari, which focuses on U.S. health insurance. 

Here are the latest fintech fundings in order of magnitude (fundings from Sep 13 through Sep 19): 

Cloud-based identity management
Latest round: $35 million
Total raised: $110 million
Tags: Security, ID, authentication, Denver, Finovate alum
Source: Finovate

Automated debt recovery technology
Latest round: $5 million
Totals raised: More than $5 million 
Tags: Credit, collections, debt, lending, San Francisco
Source: Crunchbase

Asian financial products price comparisons
Latest round: $3 million
Total raised: $6 million
Tags: Lead generation, personal finance, Hong Kong
Source: Crunchbase 

Automated tracking of car mileage for expense reporting
Latest round: $3 million
Total raised: $3 million
Tags: PFM, expense reports, tax deductions, automobile, San Francisco
Source: Crunchbase

Connecting financial institutions and institutional investors to Bitcoin
Latest round: $3 million
Total raised: $3 million
Tags: Cryptocurrency, bitcoin, NYC
Source: Crunchbase

Digital payments technology for financial institutions
Latest round: $2.1 million
Total funding: $3.8 million
Tags: Mobile, payments, Omaha, Nebraska
Source: FT Partners

Gem (formerly BitVault)
Bitcoin platform for developers 
Latest round: $2 million
Total raised: $2.1 million
Tags: Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, 
Source: Crunchbase

DIY wealth management using ETFs 
Latest round: $1.9 million
Total raised: $1.9 million
Tags: Wealth management, investing, roboadvisor, Toronto, Canada
Source: Crunchbase

Social and information network for investors
Latest round: $1 million
Total raised: $1 million
Tags: Investing, news, Twitter, Linked:In
Source: Crunchbase

Crowdfunding via cryptocurrencies
Latest round: $1 million
Total raised: $1.4 million
Tags: Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Mountain View, CA
Source: Crunchbase 

Italian P2P lending market
Latest round: $580,000
Total raised: $1.3 million
Tags: Lending, credit, crowdfunding, person-to-person, Italy
Source: FT Partners

Dedicated tip hardware for physical point-of-sale
Latest round: $420,000
Total raised: $420,000
Tags: Payments, PFM, credit and debit cards, hardware, POS
Source: Crunchbase

Bitcoin payments and storage
Latest round: $220,000
Total raised: $430,000
Tags: Bitcoin, payments, cryptocurrency, Luxembourg
Source: Crunchbase

Mobile remittance service provider
Latest round: $150,000
Total raised: $150,000
Tags: Remittances, funds transfer, mobile, payments, Dallas
Source: Crunchbase

Reinsurance technology platform
Latest round: Undisclosed
Total funding: More than $2 million
Tags: Insurance, Gibraltar
Source: Anthemis

Mutual fund and investing enterprise software
Latest round: Undisclosed
Total raised: Undisclosed
Tags: Investing, enteprise, Columbus, Georgia
Source: Crunchbase

Health insurance comparisons
Latest round: Undisclosed
Total raised: Undisclosed
Tags: Insurance, Brooklyn, New York
Source: Crunchbase

Debt funding

Patch of Land (presenting Sep 23/24 @FinovateFall)
Real estate crowdfunding
Latest round: $125,000
Total raised: $1.5 million equity, $125,000 debt
Tags: Crowdfunding, mortgage, P2P lending, Los Angeles, Finovate alum
Source: Crunchbase

Alumni News-- September 19, 2014

  • Finovate-F-Logo.jpgGreen Dot Agrees to Buy TPG for Tax Refund Processing.
  • PayPal Here now on Android tablets.
  • Klarna Announces U.S. Team As It Plans For 2015 Launch In The U.S.
This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

Plug Into FinDEVr San Francisco 2014

Think you're fully prepared for FinDEVr? Aside from watching some of the top names in fintech present their latest tech and coding alongside others attending the multiple workshops, there will also be plenty of time for networking.

Get a head start by downloading Bizzabo and searching "FinDEVr". From there, you can see key information about the conference, join the FinDEVr community, and even send in-app messages to other attendees.


This native app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. There's also a web app for Windows phones and web interfaces.

After you've downloaded the app, search "FinDEVr" and join the community using LinkedIn or the email address you used to register for the conference.

If you haven't picked up your ticket yet, there's still time. Get yours here.


What is Toshi? And how might it put smiles on the faces of developers working to build Bitcoin-related web apps?

Toshi is the result of Coinbase's exploration into building web applications using Bitcoin Core. A full Bitcoin node, Toshi gives developers access to raw blockchain data, and is 100% compatible with Bitcoin Core. The open source API is written in Ruby and is backed by PostgreSQL.

As explained on the Coinbase Blog, the problem with Bitcoin Core is that while it works well as a reference implementation, Bitcoin Core has its limitations. Specifically, developer struggled to query blockchain data through SQL databases, as well as when trying to scale projects toward the million-user mark over multiple (as in dozens) of servers.

So what can developers do with Toshi?

  • Read information about blocks, transactions, and addresses
  • Broadcast new transactions
  • Receive height and confirmation time stats on the block chain
Coinbase makes a point to say that Toshi is still a v0.1 release, and that developers can expect updates and enhancements to the API in the coming months. More information on Toshi is available here.
Coinbase recently announced that it was now available to European customers in 14 countries. In August, the company acquired blockchain explorer, And in July, Coinbase launched Coinbase Vault to make it easier for bitcoin owners to securely store their digital currency.

A few Coinbase metrics:
  • 14 countries fully supported
  • 1.6 million consumer wallets
  • 36,000 merchants
  • 6,000 developer apps
Headquartered in San Francisco, Coinbase was founded in July 2012. Brian Armstrong is CEO and co-founded the company with Fred Ehrsam, who serves as President. The company demoed its technology as part of the FinovateSpring 2014 conference in San Jose. See a video of the company in action here.

And if you're a developer, software architect, or engineer, then visit our FinDEVr page for more information about our upcoming event designed specifically for builders.

Cloud identity management innovator Ping Identity announced that it has taken its total capital to $110 million, courtesy of a new investment of $35 million.

The funding round was led by KKR, and featured participation from new investor, Ten Eleven Ventures. Also participating were existing investors including:

  • Appian Ventures
  • Draper Fisher Jurvetson
  • General Catalyst Partners
  • SAP Ventures
  • Triangle Peak Partners
  • Volution Capital
  • W Capital Partners

Quoted in the Denver Post, Ping senior marketing director, Jeff Nolan said, "The cost of a data breach is far greater than the cost of replacing the old infrastructure in the first place." Nolan pointed to research that suggested that compromised passwords were the cause of more than 75% of data breaches. Add to this the idea that the $50 billion annually invested in IT security is dwarfed by the estimated $200 billion in password-related losses each year.

"The solution here is not better passwords, but getting rid of the password altogether," Nolan said.

Ping's technology leverages secure, open standards like SAML, OpenID, and OAuth to provide cloud-based identity management solutions to more than 1,200 customers around the world, including half of the Fortune 100. Ping Identity provides cloud single sign-on, mobile app identity security, API security, centralized IT control of cloud access and more.
Ping Identity has been in the fintech headlines more than once in 2014. The company acquired Accells Technologies in March. In January, the company was rated positively by Gartner's Web Access Management Marketscope Report. Ping Identity was founded in 2004, and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Andre Durand is CEO.

Ping Identity demoed its technology at FinovateEurope 2012. See the video of the company's presentation here.

Alumni News-- September 18, 2014

  • Finovate-F-Logo.jpgLighter Capital increases capital base to $17 million & completes 50th loan.
  • miiCard participates in NSTIC Pilot for State of North Carolina eID Program.
  • Billhighway wins 2014 "Metropolitan Detroit Best & Brightest Company to Work For".
  • Ping Identity raises $35 million in round led by KKR.
  • MasterCard announces launch of SimplifyCommerce in Ireland.
  • Monitise and BlackBerry launch BBM Money service for Indonesia consumers using Android, iOS, or BlackBerry smartphones.
  • Coinbase unveils its open source, bitcoin API, Toshi.
This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

Our preview of the upcoming FinDEVr conference continues with a look at two companies whose technologies have become synonymous with payment innovation: PayPal / Braintree and  Forte Payment Systems.

If you've missed our earlier previews, check out our previous features on: Yodlee Interactive, TD Ameritrade Institutional, Visa Developers, and MasterCard Developer Zone.

Remember, FinDEVr is less than two weeks away. Get your tickets today and save your spot.

The PayPal / Braintree Developer program is the face of technology innovation for the companies. Using an open source technology stack foundation, we are constructing new breeds of payment platforms, API standards, and identity systems to support the next generation of disruptive technologies.
Why it's great for developers:
  • Global Payment Platform (25 currencies, 200+ markets)
  • Simple Mobile & Web SDKs, in a multitude of languages
  • Industry leaders wearable payments, identity & biometrics
Keynote: The Future of Payment Identity
In this session we are exploring how new identification techniques around wearables, biometrics, and mobile are vastly changing the payment space.

Making Payments Fun
Whoever said payments were complicated/boring? This is a quick introduction into the world of online payments and how to make it fun and enjoyable for your customer. Whether it be on your smartphone or website, we'll show you how you can get set up and accept payments quickly.

Justin Woo, Developer Evangelist
Justin Woo is a Developer Evangelist at PayPal and has been programming ever since he got his first IBM XT running DOS. He loves writing mobile applications (especially hybrid-HTML5 applications) and wishes everything could be done in LISP.

Forte Payment Systems empowers developers to build secure and innovative electronic payment solutions for all platforms whether online, at a physical POS or on the road. Able to provide the modern, robust and powerful options that large companies demand, along with the ease of use, simplicity and affordability for the smallest of operations, Forte redefines the notion of flexibility and scalability.
Why it's great for developers:
  • Single API to enable Credit, Debit and Electronic Check (ACH)
  • Unlimited free support and sandbox access
  • Tokenization and PCI Compliance
Keynote: Professional Payments Made Easy: Developer to Developer
Enable payments into your application with Forte's full range of enterprise-class services. Our modern and professional RESTful APIs have been implemented to simplify integrations, yet keep power and flexibility for developers to build massively scalable and distributed payment-enabled solutions.

Forte Payment APIs - Deep Dive
This hands-on workshop is focusing on integration using Forte.js, Forte Checkout and Forte's REST-based APIs. We'll also discuss our SDKs, which make integration using today's most popular development languages and mobile OS a snap.

Jeff Thorness, CEO, Founder and Coder
Originally a coder, Thorness wrote the very first line of code to launch the company. With his inspired vision and thoughtful management, Forte has evolved into one of the largest privately-held payment processors in the nation.

Join us Friday for more of our FinDEVr Preview featuring Silver sponsors, Financial Apps, Avoka, Xero, Incomm, EVO Snap, Xignite, Eshtapay, and the Intuit Partner Program.

When we last looked at international money transfer innovator, TransferWise, the company was on the receiving end of a major investment from the likes of Sir Richard Branson, and Peter Thiel's Valar Ventures.

Today we are happy to see some of that capital put to work.

TransferWise has announced a major redesign, including a new national television ad. Taavet Hinrikus, co-founder of TransferWise, noted that part of the challenge for startups like his are a "handful of major players" who dominate retail banking in the U.K. 

This forces companies like TransferWise to come up with new, innovative ways to attract customers from the brand names they've grown up with.

To this end, TransferWise's makeover comes in three parts: web, design, and mobile. The website has been streamlined to speed customer onboarding and make the interface more intuitive. And a new logo has been designed to help distinguish the company's brand from traditional money transfer organizations like banks and brokers.

But the most exciting part of the redesign are the changes on the mobile side. TransferWise is now optimized for iOS8 for iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, and the iPad. This includes what the company calls "deep integration" with the iPhone contact book.

"We believe that just being a little better isn't enough," added Hinrikus. "So we strive to offer something that's ten times easier, faster, and better than the banks to make mainstream consumers of alternative finance providers like us."

This leads us to what might be the most talked about aspect of TransferWise's redesign: the company's cheeky new TV spot. TransferWise's first national television ad humorously features a "Wolf of Wall Street" like banker walking through his offices and lightheartedly lamenting the rise of TransferWise. 

TransferWise was founded in March 2010 and is headquartered in London. The company demoed its technology at FinovateEurope 2013. See a video of their demo here.

Alumni News-- September 17, 2014

  • Finovate-F-Logo.jpgCorrection: FreeAgent surpasses 2,000 customers in a single partnership deal.
  • Insuritas customer Denali Alaskan FCU increases revenue by 22% over the past 2 years from Insuritas solutions.
  • Cortera announces Cortera Score, a predictive risk measurement that extends the Cortera Pulse service.
  • App Annie expands mobile app analytics platform with analytics for Facebook Ads.
  • InComm partners with the Virginia Department of Transportation to launch the Virginia E-ZPass Reload Card.
  • Zooz and Alipay partner to give merchants access to Chinese customers.
This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

btn3_ov.pngFinovateFall 2014 is next week and it's official that the event will be the largest Finovate to date! Over 1,300 tickets have already been sold and we have less than 50 remaining!

If you're interested in attending to see the future of fintech debut live on stage via our fast-paced demo-only format, please get your ticket as soon as possible to lock in your seat.

As usual, the auditorium is going to be packed a potent blend of innovative bank execs, fintech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, press, and industry analysts. In case you're curious, below is a small sample of the great organizations already committed to attend:

  • Accenture
  • Adobe
  • American Express
  • Ameriprise
  • Bain Capital
  • Bank of America
  • Bank of Ireland
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Barclays
  • BBVA Compass
  • BlackRock
  • C1 Bank
  • Capital One
  • CIBC
  • Citi
  • Citi Ventures
  • CFPB
  • DBS Bank
  • Deliotte Consulting
  • Discover
  • Equifax
  • Everbank
  • Experian
  • Fidelity
  • FIS Global
  • Forbes
  • Fortune
  • FTV Capital
  • Gartner
  • Goldman Sachs
  • IBM
  • Intuit
  • Jack Henry
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • KPMG
  • Liberty Mutual
  • MassMutual
  • MasterCard
  • MACU
  • New York Life
  • Nordea
  • Oliver Wyman
  • Paypal
  • Polaris Partners
  • Primerica
  • PwC
  • QED Investors
  • RBC
  • Regions Bank
  • Rockland Trust
  • Route 66 Ventures
  • S&P Capital IQ
  • Santander
  • SAP
  • Saxo Bank
  • Sberbank VC
  • Scottrade
  • Silicon Valley Bank
  • SixThirty
  • Societe Generale
  • Sony
  • Swedbank
  • Tangerine Bank
  • TD Ameritrade
  • The Huffington Post
  • The Principal
  • Umpqua Bank
  • USAA
  • Venrock
  • Visa
  • Wells Fargo
  • World Bank
  • Xignite
  • Yankee Group
  • Zions Bank

We'll see you in New York in September (or in San Francisco for FinDEVr)!

FinovateFall 2014 is sponsored by: The Bancorp, CapitalSource, Financial Technology Partners, Greater St. Louis Financial Forum, Hudson Cook LLP, Life.SREDA, UK Trade & Investment, Visa, Xignite & Zions Direct

FinovateFall 2014 is partners with: Aite, ABA, Bank Innovators Council, BankersHub, Bobsguide, California Bankers Association, Canada, Celent, Filene Research Institute, Hotwire PR, Javelin Strategy, Mercator, NYPAY, Payment Week, The Paypers, SME Finance Forum, & Visible Banking

FinovateFall 2014 All Mapped Out


FinovateFall is generally one of our most geographically diverse events. Next week at the Hilton Midtown in NYC, we'll see companies take the stage from all over the United States.

While 10 companies are based in New York City itself, not everyone will have such an easy travel schedule to the New York Hilton Midtown, where the action begins September 23. In fact, of 72 companies debuting their newest tech, 18 companies from 10 nations are from outside of the U.S. 

Check out the map to see the full geographical array (click map to enlarge).


We are nearing a sellout, but you can still get yours today.

Interested in meeting some of these companies in person, or just seeing who else will be attending? If you're registered for the show, connect with the Finovate community:

1) Download the Bizzabo app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can also access it from the web interface.

2) Search "Finovate" and sign in using the same email address as the one you used to register for the conference. 

With FinovateFall 2014 starting a week from today, you'll have to forgive us if we've got a little New York on the brain.

But you'd have to admit that the latest roundup of the New York fintech scene's "Need to Know" from AlleyWatch couldn't be more timely.

Even better, not only does the lineup include five companies that have demoed at Finovate shows in the past, it also features a pair of alums that are presenting at the upcoming FinDEVr event in San Francisco, as well.

That would be CardFlight and Thinknum. Derek Webster, founder and CEO of CardFlight, and Thinknum Co-Founder Justin Zhen were two of the five alums featured in AlleyWatch's "21 People in the New York FinTech Scene You Need to Know About." CardFlight specializes in mobile POS technology that enables card-present transactions. Thinknum has designed a web-based platform that helps financial analysts leverage big data to better value companies.

Both companies will be presenting at FinDEVr at the end of the month. Bronze sponsor CardFlight will host a presentation at FinDEVr on Tuesday. Thinknum will be holding its FinDEVr workshop on Wednesday. And there's still time to get your tickets and join us for the first fintech event for developers.

Also noted in AlleyWatch's review of New York's Fintech Who's Who were Betterment Product Manager Nick Gavronsky, LearnVest founder and CEO Alexa von Tobel, and Market Prophit CEO Igor Gonta.

Betterment was a Best of Show winner at FinovateFall in 2010. LearnVest won Best of Show honors for its demo at FinovateFall 2013. And Market Prophit made its Finovate debut at FinovateSpring 2014 in San Jose.

Alumni News-- September 16, 2014

  • Finovate-F-Logo.jpgGoogle Cloud Platform profiles mCASH. Check them out at FinovateFall next week.
  • Credit Sesame wins two Stevie Awards in The 2014 American Business Awards.
  • Blackhawk Network acquires CardLab as Part of Incentives Expansion Strategy.
  • Bloomberg TV: How Check Point Stays on Cutting Edge of Cyber Security.
  • Tripwire's The State of Security takes a look at Rippleshot's ability to monitor and detect fraudulent transactions and security breaches.
  • Algomi adds Charles Teschner, Boston Consulting Group senior partner, to its board of directors.
  • Rebtel blog lists Toshl Finance among its best, free, "must-have apps" for people moving overseas.
This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

What are fintech developers up to in the newly-christened Age of Apple Pay?

Long before anyone had a clue what was going on with payments in Cupertino, fintech developers were busy at work building on many of the innovations that have already helped put financial technology in the same conversation as the latest consumer electronics gadget and the hottest trends in social media.

So it is no surprise to find these developers bringing many of the same themes that dominant tech headlines to FinDEVr: the first event for fintech developers.
FinDEVr is a unique opportunity for software architects, product engineers, and other builders to meet, network with, and learn from the professionals whose technology is behind some of the most widely deployed financial goods and services in the world. 

With presentations and workshops from industry veterans ranging from Avoka to Yodlee (see the full line up here), FinDEVr is an ideal setting for developers to make key contacts, discover new tools and technologies, and jumpstart their own projects.

Coming to San Francisco's UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center, FinDEVr begins Tuesday, September 30 and continues through Wednesday, October 1. To get your tickets and save your spot, visit our registration page.

And be sure to join the FinDEVr community while you're at it. We've partnered with Bizzabo to make it even easier to find, meet, and get to know your fellow attendees before, during, and after the event.

If you've registered to attend FinDEVr, then you're set. Just download the Bizzabo app (available for both iOS and Android) and use the same email address you used to register for the conference to log in to Bizzabo. Search for "FinDEVr" and you're ready to go.

Questions? Send us an email at

Alumni News-- September 15, 2014

  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Finovate-F-Logo.jpgMoven CEO Brett King says Apple Pay anticipates the end of physical bank cards.
  • United Way Worldwide now accepts bitcoin courtesy of Coinbase.
  • Monitise releases fiscal year 2014 financial results; announces new strategic partnership with Santander.
  • Business Spectator looks at how Apple, Google, Lending Club, and SocietyOne are part of "banking's double disruption."
  • Allied Payment Network announces integration of FlexPay with PicturePay.
  • Feedzai teams up with Azul Systems to speed its real-time data analysis.
  • The Washington Post features Betterment and HelloWallet.
  • Millicom and Kalixa partner to offer payment acceptance services for businesses and consumers in Africa and Latin America.
  • ProfitStars introduces Gladiator Hosted Network Solutions to enable FIs to move their IT infrastructures to the cloud.
  • Rippleshot, Braintree highlighted in Chicago Tribune column as examples of local contributors to the commerce infrastructure.
This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

Tink Raises $4 Million in Series A Round

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for TinkLogo.jpg

In a round led by Sunstone Capital, Swedish personal finance management innovator Tink raised $4 million in new funding. 

The capital will help fuel the company's expansion internationally, as well as help grow the team and continue product development.

Also participating in the round was entrepreneur Sven Hagströmer, along with additional existing investors. The investment brings the company's total capital to $4.8 million.

The investment also brings Christian Lindegård Jepsen, Sunstone Capital general partner and co-founder, to Tink's board of directors, Jepsen specifically referenced the "beautiful UI" of Tink's PFM app, as well as the degree of automation, which he said would help speed adoption.

Tink CEO and founder Daniel Kjellén echoed this point, saying "the fact that Tink is fully automated and everything is presented in a feed format makes it useful even if you only have two minutes to spare."
Tink has more than 200,000 users, with the average "Tinker" being a 23 year old female who uses the app two to three times a week, according to the company. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Tink demoed its technology at FinovateEurope 2014 in London, where it won Best of Show. See the company in action here.
Perhaps competition from Apple kept U.S. fintech quiet on the funding front this week. Through mid-day Friday, only 9 companies had announced fundings. But thanks to $77 million going to Chinese fintech companies, the total was an impressive $92 million, a $5 billion annual run rate! 

Then Friday afternoon it was widely reported that Square had raised another $100 million. If that's confirmed, the weekly total will be a monster $192 million. 

But the big news around our offices was the $4 million A-round by Finovate Best of Show winner Tink. Tink is a Swedish mobile PFM with a killer UI (see full post here).  

Here are the fundings in order of size from Sep 5 to Sep 12, 2014: 

Mobile payment acquiring
Latest round: $100 million (at $6 billion valuation)
Total raised: $540 million ($440 million equity, $100 million debt)
Tags: Mobile, POS, acquirer, California
Source: Crunchbase

Chinese investment information provider
Latest round: $40 million
Total funding: $53 million
Tags: Investing, China
Source: Crunchbase

Chinese peer-to-peer lending startup 
Latest round: $37.2 million
Total raised: $47.2 million
Tags: Crowdfunding, P2P, lending, mortgage, SMB, China
Source: Crunchbase

Real estate investing platform
Latest round: $5.5 million
Total funding: $5.5 million
Tags: Crowdfunding, home buying, mortgage, California
Source: Crunchbase

Swedish mobile-optimized financial management
Latest round: $4 million
Total raised: $4.8 million
Tags: PFM, mobilie banking, Sweden, Finovate Best of Show
Source: Finovate

Crowdfunding platform for commercial real estate
Latest round: $3 million
Total raised: $3 million
Tags: P2P, lending, credit, mortgage, investing, California
Source: Crunchbase

Microlending in Latin America
Latest round: $1.3 million
Total funding: $1.3 million
Tags: Lending, credit, Mexico
Source: Crunchbase

Payment enabler for mobile and online commerce
Latest round: $1 million
Total funding: $40 million
Tags: Cards, mobile payments, prepaid, New York
Source: Crunchbase

For-profit startup helping fund primary research
Tags: Fund-raising, payments, philanthropy, payments, California
Latest round: $150,000
Total raised: $150,000
Source: Crunchbase

Equity crowdfunding platform
Latest round: Undisclosed
Total raised: More than $540,000
Tags: Crowdfunding, SMB, lending, Sweden
Source: Crunchbase

Alumni News-- September 12, 2014

  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Finovate-F-Logo.jpgmiiCard launches DirectID to enable verification for high value transactions online.
  • FinovateFall 2014: Meet the People in Your Fintech Neighborhood.
  • First Trade Union Bank (+$700M in assets) deploys Q2platform from Q2.
  • TSYS and iMobile3 partner to Provide Apple Pay Integration.
  • Payfone announces release of new Mobile Identity as an Experience Platform.
  • Kony wins first place at 2014 CTIA MobITs Awards.
  • Tink raises $4 million in Series A round.
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FinDEVr Logo

FinDEVr San Francisco 2014 -- our first event ever focused on fintech developers -- is less than three weeks away and we are getting very excited! 

After months of anticipation, we've announced the full presenter roster and action-packed two-day agenda. The show is going to be an incredible showcase of the tools, platforms and APIs that are being used to build the next generation of fintech innovation.

Tickets are selling quickly ahead of the early-bird ticket deadline this Friday (register now to save) and we're expecting a crowd of 400-500 innovators. 

In case you're curious, here is a small sample of the organizations that are attending:

  • American Express
  • Ameriprise Financial
  • Avoka
  • Backbase
  • BancVue
  • BehavioSec
  • BlackRock
  • Bloomberg
  • Bluefin
  • C-SAM
  • Capital One
  • Cardflight
  • CIBC
  • Cloud Lending
  • Crosslink Capital
  • Devonshire Investors
  • Diebold
  • Eshtapay
  • EVO Snap
  • Exchange Bank
  • Experian
  • Filene
  • Financial Apps
  • Finicity
  • First Republic Bank
  • Fiserv
  • Forte Payment Systems
  • Franklin Templeton
  • GoDaddy
  • Google
  • GTE Financial
  • Incomm
  • Intuit
  • Javelin Strategy
  • LexisNexis
  • Life.SREDA
  • MACU
  • MasterCard
  • Mergermarket
  • Mifos Initiative
  • Modo
  • OnDeck
  • Paradigm4
  • PayNearMe
  • PayPal
  • PSCU
  • SF Fire CU
  • StockTwits
  • Target
  • TD Ameritrade
  • Tradier
  • USAA
  • UW Credit Union
  • VentureBeat
  • Visa
  • Wells Fargo
  • Western Union
  • Worldpay
  • Xero
  • Xignite
  • Yodlee
  • And many more!

If you and/or your technical colleagues are interested in attending to learn about the latest innovations for fintech builders, tickets are on sale at the early-bird discount of $100 off through Friday September 12th.

We'll see you there!

FinDEVr San Francisco 2014's VC sponsor is: Life.SREDA

FinDEVr San Francisco 2014 is partners with: BankersHub, BayPay Forum, California Bankers Association,, Hotwire, Mercator, PaymentWeek & The Paypers

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Online Identity as a Service (IDaaS) innovator miiCard announced the launch of DirectID, a technology that provides an embedded, integrated verification solution that makes it easier for financial services providers to securely and swiftly process high value transactions online.

miiCard CEO James Varga said, "DirectID allows business to unlock the incredible potential of new consumer finance offerings by eliminating fraud, meeting complex new regulatory requirements, and saving time and money."

DirectID is a single-use sign-on that leverages the customer's bank credentials and credit bureau data to verify both identity and transaction data. What's key is the fact that DirectID provides what Varga referred to as an "all-in-one solution"  that is especially helpful for the kind of affordability and other testing often involved in high value online transactions.

And many of those high value transactions are likely to come from alternative lenders, which helps explain why Landbay and, a pair of P2P lenders, are among DirectID's early adopters. DirectID is available as a white label solution, as well. Read more about the technology here.
miiCard also announced on Thursday that the company was opening an office in St. Louis, Missouri, and appointing Peter Esparrago as President of North America. Esparrago is a former Accenture Partner, as well as Co-Founder and General Partner of venture capital firm, Cultivation Capital.

miiCard was founded in September 2011, and is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. See the company's FinovateFall 2013 demo here. And get to know miiCard CEO James Varga in our Finovate Interview.

And for developers and other fans of enabling technologies like this, remember that FinDEVr less than a month away on September 30 and October 1. Find out more here.

FinovateFall 2014 is only a few weeks away. And if you are still among those who have not yet picked up your tickets, here's a reminder of the kinds of folks who have already registered to be in attendance at what promises to be our largest FinovateFall to date.

As always we'll have the Presidents, CEOs, Directors, and SVPs, the key deciders at innovators and enterprises large and small. But take a closer look below. 

Chief Creative Officers, Innovation Strategists, and Software Architects will also be on hand ... to say nothing of the managers, analysts and partners who handle everything from acquiring talent to coordinating strategy to investing capital.
Lights go up at FinovateFall 2014 on Tuesday, September 23, and the conference continues through Wednesday. 72 companies. 300 minutes of high-quality networking. 500 minutes of live demos. And an audience likely to top 1,200. What's not to look forward to about FinovateFall 2014?

There's no better way to meet the people in your fintech neighborhood than being a part of FinovateFall. To pick up your tickets today, visit our registration page here. And if you've already registered, be sure to join the FinovateFall 2014 community on Bizzabo.

Alumni News-- September 11, 2014

  • Finovate-F-Logo.jpgArcher Daniels Midland deploys Tradeshift's Collaborative Workflow system.
  • Coinbase opens its doors to European customers in 13 countries.
  • Dealstruck and Lendio partner to provide capital to Jidan Cleaning.
  • Oink releases v 2.0 of its app to improve mobile shopping experience and allow users to favorite retailers.
  • LightCyber partners with Check Point Software to provide breach detection and response.
  • Stitch Labs features Xero on its list of four apps for multichannel sellers this holiday season.
  • Forex Magnates takes a look at the latest upgrades to Darwinex's trading platform.
  • Kalixa partners with Millicom to launch new payments service venture in Latin America and Africa.
  • Top Image Systems announces new subsidiary TIS Australia.
  • PYMNTS: Braintree CEO Bill Ready talks about ApplePay with MPD CEO Karen Webster.
This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

Global payments company, MasterCard, will be showing off its Developer Zone at FinDEVr in San Francisco this September 30 and October 1.

While MasterCard has a long history in fintech, it is also on the cutting edge of future technologies (as seen with its recent partnership with Apple). At FinDEVr, MasterCard will showcase APIs in its presentation and three workshops.

Early bird pricing ends this Friday, September 12 so get your ticket now to save.


MasterCard is a technology company in the global payments industry. It operates the world's fastest payments processing network, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories.

MasterCard's products and solutions make everyday commerce activities easier, more secure and more efficient for everyone.


Why it's great for developers:

1) Robust, proven and secure. That's what businesses and developers need and are focused on. MasterCard provides it like no one else.

2) MasterCard offers services to address improving the shopping experience or making it safer. It is more than payment. MasterCard is a Technology Company and its expertise is a valuable tool for any developer.

3) MasterCard Developer Zone is the window into MasterCard technology. This is where it offers access to a suite of APIs, Tools and SDKs, including its popular Simplify Commerce or the digital wallet, MasterPass, sophisticated payment processing, peer-to-peer payments - all, and more, are now available, for the first time.

Keynote: Open for Business and Beyond - MasterCard Developer Zone
Come and discover how MasterCard has become a technology company and is sharing its resources with developers.


1) MasterCard Developer Zone: Under the Hood - Building a developer product and program

2) MasterCard Developer Zone: Selecting the right APIs and driving innovation

3) A Big Company in a Startup World (Building a global digital payment network with regions in mind)

Here are some previews you may have missed over the past few weeks:

We'll also preview the remaining 46 companies in the weeks leading up to FinDEVr, so keep a look out for those, as well.


It's quite common for Finovate alums to partner. It is more rare, however, for two previous Best of Show winners to work together.

That is what happened this week with iQuantifi and MoneyDesktop, two companies who will demo at the

upcoming FinovateFall show in New York. As a part of the partnership, iQuantifi will use MoneyDesktop's aggregation technology to help iQuantifi users gain an even more comprehensive view of their finances.


iQuantifi, whose aim is to help users achieve their financial goals, is known for its platform that helps consumers create a holistic financial plan. Specifically, it will use MoneyDesktop's technology to help:

    • Simplify on boarding, making it easier and faster for users to pull information from all their financial accounts
    • Enhance transaction categorization
    • Make goal tracking more accurate

iQuantifi launched its platform at FinovateSpring 2012, where it won Best of Show.

MoneyDesktop, a 4-time Best of Show winner, last demonstrated at FinovateFall 2013.

Alumni News-- September 10, 2014

  • Finovate-F-Logo.jpgAmerican Banker: TSYS and Visa have announced their tokenization technology will support Apple Pay
  • Cachet Financial receives order from top tier credit union in the U.S. for mobile money management platform, Select Mobile Money.
  • AcceptEmail selects Worldpay to power its international e-billing solutions.
  • Trustly releases open source alternative messaging technology for FIs, BankAPI.
  • Loop co-founder and CTO George Wallner weighs in on Apple Pay in Money column.
  • Visa teams up with the National Football League to promote Visa Checkout. See Visa at FinDEVr this fall.
  • Braintree to support Apple Pay. Come see Braintree at FinDEVr this September 30 through October 1 in San Francisco.
  • Business Insider profiles Christian Lanng, Co-Founder and CEO of TradeShift.
  • Dwolla CEO and Founder Ben Milne talks about the role of Apple as a new entrant in the mobile payments industry.
    This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

    It's hard to believe that FinovateFall 2014 is only two weeks away. And if the pre-event buzz is any indication, conference attendees and presenters alike are in store for quite a show.

    As always, our presenters are a fascinating mix of new startups and industry veterans, and the innovations they will be demonstrating on stage later this month are no less diverse and interesting.

    Take a look for yourself courtesy of our FinovateFall 2014 Theme Word Cloud. From authentication and biometrics to machine-learning algorithms and self-service banking, FinovateFall has something for everyone.

    If you like what you see then you'll love what we've got in store for you at FinovateFall 2014. This year, FinovateFall is moving to the New York Hilton Midtown. Located on the Avenue of the Americas, our new venue is centrally located, convenient to public transportation, and fully-equipped to serve as the center of the fintech universe for two days in late September. 

    We hope to see you there! Click here to get your tickets today.
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    Ten of Heartland Financial USA's banks have implemented the online banking platform developed by Q2 Holdings according to an announcement Tuesday morning.

    The implementation of the Q2platform took place over the five months between April and August. Matt Flake, Q2 CEO and president, said, "Everyone at Heartland has an outstanding commitment to simplifying the online banking process and creating a seamless user experience for account holders."

    A full list of the banks that have deployed the technology is below:
    • Arizona Bank & Trust
    • Dubuque Bank and Trust Company
    • Galena State Bank & Trust Co.
    • The Morrill & Janes Bank and Trust Company
    • Minnesota Bank & Trust
    • New Mexico Bank & Trust
    • Riverside Community Bank
    • Rocky Mountain Bank
    • Summit Bank & Trust
    • Wisconsin Bank & Trust
    An innovator in the field of cloud-based, virtual banking, Q2's solutions are particularly sought after by community banks, regional banks, and credit unions looking to provide new mobile and online services to their customers while keeping costs low. Q2 was recently in the news, announcing partnerships with Easy Solutions in July, and First Financial Bank in June. The company went public in March, trades under the ticker symbol "QTWO" on the New York Stock Exchange, and is currently valued at $500 million. 

    Founded in 2005 and based in Austin, Texas, Q2 demoed its Risk and Fraud Analytics technology as part of FinovateSpring 2011 in San Francisco. See the company's presentation here.
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