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The ROI of a Finovate Demo

Deciding how to best use your marketing budget is a big decision driven by three small letters: ROI. And for fintech companies pushing the envelope, Finovate is the event where you get maximized return on your investment, or what we call Return on Demo Investment (RODI).

Most conferences stick you on a 4- or 5-person panel in a faraway breakout room later in the day. If you don’t tweet your own selfie, there’s not a record of you even being there.

At Finovate, product demos are THE focus. You are the star of the show. You take center stage to address the entire audience. You hold court in your own turnkey booth. And the audience — financial services execs, analysts, VCs and bloggers — all want to talk to you. That’s RODI.

But your RODI starts well before the event:

  • When the upcoming cohort of demoing companies is announced, fintech investors and buyers pay attention because they know you’ve been vetted through a competitive application process.
  • We showcase your company with emails to our 60,000-person database, blog posts to our 350,000 visitors, as well as tweets to 40,000 followers.
  • We work with you to refine your message through 1-on-1 coaching sessions and a full dress rehearsal.

And your RODI doesn’t stop when the event does. Your demo video is hosted indefinitely at while our analysts keep you in the spotlight with articles about future funding rounds, product launches, awards, acquisitions and other notable news.

But don’t believe us, see what our alums have to say about the RODI here.

The earlier you get on board the bigger the RODI. So apply to an upcoming event now: