Finovate Alumni News– October 7, 2013

  • Finovate-F-Logo.jpgHydrantID selects Authentify’s Services to Strengthen Online SSL Certificate Delivery.
  • The Dexterity Ventures’ Place2Give team describes its time at FinovateFall 2013.
  • EBG Podcast interviews Taulia about dynamic discounting and common misunderstandings.
  • BellaDati launches version with extended social networking capabilities, HANA platform connector, & 15 new stat functions.
  • Nous Infosystems signed with Kony’s partner program as a strategic reseller and implementation partner.
  • Affinity Solutions joins CardLinx Association as launch member.
  • Support for its PaySecure International solution growing in Indian e-commerce market, says Acculynk.
  • FIS launches first cloud-based, real-time, core banking utility for Central and Eastern European mid-tier banks.
  • Arroweye Solutions announces launch of EMV (Europay/MasterCard/Visa) On-Demand.
  • Prepaid Resources forms wholly-owned subsidiary, Trefoil Technology, LLC.
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Kony at #28, Five Other Finovate Alums Make Inc. 5000 for 2013

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Congratulations to six Finovate alums named to the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies.

The list included two Finovate alumni in the top 500: Kony Solutions (#28), and CashStar (#108). Prosper just missed the top 500, ranking #548. Also on the list were OnDeck (#660), Authentify (#2,328), and Capital Access Network (#4,535).

Rank: #28
Description: Offers a codebase for developing mobile and multichannel applications

Thumbnail image for Kony.jpg

3-year revenue growth: 79x (eg. 7,900%)
2012 revenue: $51.1 million
2009 revenue: $648,000
Employees: 1100
3-year employee growth: 1003
Founded: 2007
Additional honors: #2 Top 100 Software Companies, #4 Top 100 Florida Companies
Rank: #103
Description: Hosts and maintains a transaction platform for retailer-branded gift card programs
3-year revenue growth: 35x

Thumbnail image for CashStar.jpg

2012 revenue: $9.7 million
2009 revenue: $276,000
Employees: 96
3-year employee growth: 73
Founded: 2008
Additional honors: #6 Top 100 Software Companies, #3 Top 100 Maine Companies
Rank: #548
Description: Peer-to-peer lending marketplace
3-year revenue growth: 9.3x


2012 revenue: $6.8 million
2009 revenue: $732,000
Employees: 84
3-year employee growth: 50
Founded: 2006
Additional honors: #36 Top 100 Financial Services Companies #97 Top 100 California Companies, #31 San Francisco Metro Area
Rank: #660
Description: Small business lender
3-year revenue growth: 8x

Thumbnail image for OnDeckLogo.jpg

2012 revenue: $36.7 million
2009 revenue: $4.6 million
Employees: 153
3-year employee growth: 117
Founded: 2007
Additional honors: #41 Top 100 Financial Services Companies, #40 Top 100 New York Companies, #5 New York City Metro Area
Rank: #2,328
Description: Delivers automated, multi-factor authentication services
3-year revenue growth: 2.6x

Thumbnail image for Authentify.jpg

2012 revenue: $14 million
2009 revenue: $5.5 million
Employees: 37
3-year employee growth: 13
Founded: 1999
Additional honors: #36 Top 100 Security Companies
Rank: #4,535
Description: Provides working capital and data services to small businesses
3-year revenue growth: 49%

Thumbnail image for CapitalAccessNetworkLogo.jpg

2012 revenue: $152 million
2009 revenue: $102 million
Employees: 425
3-year employee growth: 144
Founded: 1998

Finovate Alumni News– July 19, 2013

  • Finovate-F-Logo.jpgPayPal reviews second quarter performance.
  • features SocietyOne as 1 of 5 industries where you should be using a ‘share business’.
  • Network World reports: Authentify xFA provides simple, secure primary authentication using digital certificates and voice biometrics.
  • Compliance Week reports: Actiance Socialite helps simplify social media compliance.
  • MasterCard’s Margaret Shine talks debit card adoption with
  • Lendio prevents five reasons why small businesses should rely on cloud accounting.
  • Project Runway season opener features contestants using GoBank accounts to make purchases and manage spending.
  • Netbanker looks at the benefits of Moven’s contactless NFC sticker.
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Finovate Alumni News– July 10, 2013

  • FinovateLOGO.jpgAuthentify launches security app for mobile devices, replacing passwords with digital images and spoken pass phrases.
  • Google Wallet’s “Buy with Google” promotion provides discounts via Android apps ranging from Airbnb to Uber.
  • IBS Intelligence ranks SAGE SA’s Prospero 2nd in 2013 Sales League Table.
  • Manilla’s activated user base surpasses half million mark.
  • CashStar announces new clients for its digital gifting program.
  • Moven’s beta program expands to add additional testers as company anticipates mobile signup by year’s end.
  • Bank Innovation reviews GoBank’s progress toward customer engagement and mobile centricity.
  • American Banker reports: Mitek Receives Patent for Mobile Card Balance Transfers.
  • SecondMarket launches General Solicitation solution in response to the SEC lifting of the ban on general solicitation by the JOBS Act.
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Finovate Alumni News– April 16, 2013

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  • Upstart Business Journal features SeedInvest. See them demo at FinovateSpring in San Francisco in May.
  • Experian announces acquisition of Decisioning Solutions.
  • Volunteer Federal Savings Bank and Peoples Bank of the South choose Jack Henry Banking for  enterprise-wide automation.
  • GFT Blog interviews Matthias Kroner, chairman of the Fidor management board for Fidor Bank.
  • Authentify placed in Visionaries quadrant of the Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant for User Authentication.” 
  • Boku partners with Bigpoint SARL and Co to allow users to make virtual payments.
  • Kony Solutions partners with Blue Shield of CA to develop and deploy apps on the KonyOne Platform.
  • miiCard adds YubiKey Authentication to online identity proofing solution.
  • SF Gate lists Mint and Expensify as 2 of 4 services to keep tax records organized.
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Finovate Alumni News– November 8, 2012

  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Finovate-F-Logo.jpgBill Dwight, CEO of FamZoo, interviewed by Unlock Your Wealth Radio.
  • TechCrunch reports BillGuard Teams Up With Lemon’s Mobile Wallet, Will Alert Users To Fraudulent Charges.
  • MyBankTracker reviews Betterment’s gift registry feature.
  • Tech in Asia describes why Striata caught its eye at FinovateAsia.
  • Personal Loan Finder looks at SocietyOne.
  • BetaKit reports ShopKeep adds employee time tracking feature to iPad POS system.
  • SecureKey launches Online Authentication Service for Government of Canada.
  • TechCrunch reports Lending Club Surpasses $1B In Personal Loans, Hits Profitability.
  • PaySimple Launches ReceivablesPro Turnkey Private-Label Solution.
  • Campaign Asia reports London-based Innovation Agency launches in Singapore.
  • At FinovateAsia, Barclays announces the launch of PFM powered by Strands.
  • SG Entrepreneurs covers Perfectsen’s launch of The Hook at FinovateAsia.
  • Des Moines Register covers Dwolla’s MassPay.
  • e27 lists 3 finance startups that caught their eye at FinovateAsia 2012.
  • Pando Daily reports Bazaarvoice replaces its CEO and acquires Longboard Media.
  • Finextra reports Authentify opens Japanese subsidiary.
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Finovate Alumni News– April 16, 2012

  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Finovate-F-Logo.jpgDes Moines Register reports Dwolla to establish small New York City satellite office.
  • Armada Data Solutions adds Check Point Software Technologies’ firewall services to security practice.
  • TSYS signs payment services agreement with Pivotal Payments.
  • AOL UK lists CurrencyFair as 1 of 5 ways to transfer money abroad.
  • The Washington Post lists Expensify as an app that can make life at work a bit easier. Come see their new tech at FinovateSpring.
  • Blaze Mobile awarded another patent for NFC payments. See its live demo at FinovateSpring.
  • Credit Union Times looks at Filene-backed SaveUp. Come see its live demo at FinovateSpring.
  • Chicago Sun-Times highlights Authentify’s technology.
  • The Wall Street Journal discusses P2P lending networks Prosper & Lending Club.
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Finovate Alumni News– March 12, 2012

  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Finovate-F-Logo.jpgGov Info Security interviews Authentify CEO Peter Tapling about authentication.
  • Ping Identity partners with Winvale, a gov’t tech solutions provider.
  • Fox Business News looks at how to get more money from Kabbage.
  • unveils revamped user support.
  • TechCrunch reports PayPal to unveil small business payments platform.
  • Kabbage & Outright announce partnership.
  • cbanc Network launches Backstage Pass to open its platform to vendors.
  • How Kasasa helps community banks give megabanks a run for their money.
  • Plastyc partners with IDology to make authentication more consumer friendly.
This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You
can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

Authentify Launches 2CHK Out of Band Authentication Technology

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Today, Chicago-based Authentify launched 2CHK, a secure and convenient out-of-band authentication service:

Here’s how it works:


1) The user downloads the app on their smartphone and/or PC and links it to their account

2) In the background, 2CHK is “always on” and is connected with Authentify’s authentication service

3) The FI notifies the consumer of transactions and gives them the ability to approve or reject transactions (see image on right).

To learn more about Authentify’s 2CHK solution, watch its FinovateFall 2011 demo.

Finovate Alumni News– March 7, 2012

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  • The Consumerist features ReadyForZero.
  • MIT Technology Review covers Dwolla.
  • BlackRock teams with DCisions to improve contribution portfolio benchmarking & customer insight capabilities.
  • Dwolla, FamZoo, LendingClub, SecondMarket, & Segmint listed in the Coolest Startups in America book.
  • ProfitStars introduces BusinessManager for healthcare providers.
  • Authentify launches 2CHK out of band authentication technology.
This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You
can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

Authentify’s 2CHK Provides Insight Into Transaction Activity

Authentify.jpgThis afternoon, Authentify demonstrated 2CHK, an application that:

“Establishes a separate, 2-way window into a user’s bank account from their mobile device or desktop. 2CHK permits a user to double check account transactions and approve or cancel them using controls provided by the app. 
Developed to combat MITM/MITB/Zeus SpyEye malware variants, the heart of 2CHK is its encrypted second communication channel established only when the user completes an out-of-band authentication with the application’s backend. Once established, the encrypted channel can be used to verify multiple transactions extending a financial institution’s ability to apply interactive OOB transaction verification against virtually all transactions types.”

Product Launched: September 2011 

HQ Location: Chicago, IL 

Company Founded: October 2009 
Metrics: Authentify is a privately held, 35 person firm with 200+ customers in financial services, e-commerce and corporate security.
Presenting Peter Tapling (President & CEO) & John Zurawski (VP Sales & Marketing)


FinovateFall 2011 Sneak Peek: Part 2

FInFallLogo.jpgMore than 60 leading fintech innovators, both startups and established companies, are gearing up to present at the biggest Finovate ever, Sept. 20/21 in NYC.

Each company provided a sneak peek of what they’ll be demoing on stage next month. Below is the second installment of these teasers (see part 1 here). We’ll have more next week. 
Don’t miss your chance to see the live demo from each company and meet the execs responsible. Get your FinovateFall ticket here



Customers use different communication channels throughout the day and expect the same from their FI. But to reach and interact with the greatest number of customers – and deliver reward value to both institutions and their customers – banks and reward vendors alike must fully support the growing range of channels: online, mobile, social, e-mail and more, while providing requisite security and privacy for email communications featuring sensitive data. 
Cardlytics & ActivePath combine powerful technology to personalize reward offers based on transaction data that can be securely delivered and transacted directly within interactive email, enabling customers to respond at their convenience, anytime, anywhere.
Innovation type: Cards, communications, rewards

Andera (2).jpg

Andera’s FortiFI product stops online new account fraud. It scans applications submitted online at over 500 institutions, discovering patterns used by fraud rings only visible on an industry-wide scale, and flags applications matching known patterns before an account is opened. 
FortiFI is available as part of Andera’s hosted account-origination solution and its Software Development Platform that gives developers “plug and play” access to the services and software components (e.g., ID verification, application risk management, funding risk management, funds transfer, etc.) used by Andera’s popular hosted online account-opening solution, reducing the time and cost to bring innovation to market.
Innovation type: identity, marketing, sales


Online and mobile banking has created a new breed of cybercriminal. New forms of defense are needed.  
Authentify will unveil publicly for the first time, Authentify 2CHK. It is an app that will transform an end user’s mobile device into a secure transaction authenticator. The device becomes a defensive weapon in the battle against cybercrime. Authentify 2CHK is a natural extension of Authentify’s out-of-band technology and will help satisfy audit requirements for end user and transaction authentication spawned by FFIEC guidance updates.
Innovation type: Identity, payments, security

Thumbnail image for BillGuard.jpg

BillGuard is the world’s first antivirus for bills. This free, Web-based solution empowers consumers with the assurance of an unheard-of level of personal finance security. The easy-to-use service has already saved consumers more than $300,000 from unwanted or unauthorized charges.  
BillGuard aims to be the “seal of approval” that merchants and financial institutions display so consumers recognize that their accounts are protected and that all posted charges are accurate. In the future, it will be imperative to display a BillGuard badge to gain customers.
Innovation type: cards, identity, security


Gen Y embraces frugality and seeks “engagement banking” with rich, interactive online experiences around their $200 billion in income.
Bobber represents a profound shift in how Gen Y relates to their money, integrating the most effective social engagement mechanics for cost-efficient acquisition, sustained loyalty, and increased wallet share. Bobber’s cash-management tool simplifies daily spending and incentivizes goal achievement. Users engage in a highly interactive debit rewards program grounded in their personal savings goals.
Bobber’s technology is architected into the Facebook ecosystem for low-friction onboarding, social collaboration, and experiences tailored to users’ Facebook data.
Innovation type: banking products, cards, marketing, online UI


CarryQuote IntelliCast is a private-labeled solution that allows you to securely deliver proprietary research and mul
ti-media content directly to your clients’ Apple, Android, BlackBerry, or Microsoft smartphones and tablets. 
Through CarryQuote’s unique, SaaS-based mobile technology platform, which offers compatibility across all five major mobile platforms, CarryQuote IntelliCast allows you to place a highly advanced, branded mobile application in your clients’ hands, and become their “go to” source for the latest financial research. Notably, this turnkey solution can be customized and deployed across all platforms in fewer than six weeks.
Innovation type: communications, investing, mobile and tablet UI


Cartera Commerce is re-inventing the deal with card-linked offers. 
Cartera, the leading provider of card-linked marketing solutions, will unveil its solution that enables banks to tap the explosive growth of the local deals market popularized by daily deal sites.
For banks, issuers and loyalty programs, Cartera provides the industry’s most comprehensive card-linked offer platform powering personalized in-store and online shopping programs that build consumer engagement, maximize card spend and create new revenue streams. For merchants, Cartera powers the industry’s largest card-linked advertising network, targeting and tracking shopping offers to 150 million+ loyal consumers. 
Innovation type: cards, marketing, rewards


CashStar, the preferred digital gifting and incentives partner for retailers and incentive partners, provides consumers with the most personal, compelling and convenient gifting experiences available. The only company to successfully combine an on-demand digital gifting and incentives platform with innovative multichannel marketing strategies, CashStar is changing the way rewards currency is exchanged from the digital world to the brick and mortar.
At FinovateFall 2011, CashStar will unveil a first-of-its-kind, location-based iPhone application that enables consumers to instantly turn credit card points into digital currency while they are in a participating retailer’s store.
Innovation type: cards, marketing, rewards


How do you know whether to trust online profiles? Where do you turn for assurance or accountability? The ability to demonstrate financial ‘good sense’ would give you an invaluable edge to stand out and succeed in career, business and personal objectives.
At FinovateFall 2011, Credit Sesame, one of the Internet’s most trusted credit management sites — backed by global financial institutions and world-class science, technology and financial experts — will reveal how to get that “edge.”
Whether you’re applying for a new job, transacting commerce online, or interacting with someone on the Web for business or personal reasons, Credit Sesame can help.
Innovation type: identity, lending, PFM


You’ve seen it all: savings tools, financial games, virtual banks and so on. But these products have a limited reach with your customers. DoughMain is the first and only service to combine family coordination and financial education into one simple and convenient platform.  
Achieve a new level of engagement with your adult customers who have active families. Integrate your bank and financial service products in a completely new way and upsell your offerings to a lucrative market.
Innovation type: banking products, marketing, PFM
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for FeeFighters.jpg

Samurai is the easiest and most elegant gateway on the market. It gives you ultimate flexibility at an affordable price.
With Samurai, you’ll be able to integrate payments on your site in minutes. Samurai boasts premium features such as intelligent routing, data portability, and gateway emulation. Send payments anywhere with Samurai — it’s universally compatible. Oh yeah, and that’s just a sneak peek at all that Samurai has to offer.
Innovation type: back office, payments, small business


Google Advisor makes it fast, safe, and easy for consumers to find personal finance products. Google will be showing the latest version of Advisor and be available for conversations with potential partners who are interested in the platform.
Innovation type: banking products, online UI

IND_Group (1).jpg

IND Group “wow” innovation is a new online and mobile banking platform that has reinvented the way a bank can communicate with its customers. The platform’s simplicity and ease of use is underpinned by natural language and data visualization — key differentiators.
Easy-to-use main features are the account and transaction visualization, wizard-type money transfers and investments, zero-effort personal finance management, online sales engine and
the support center. IND Mobile banking is more than just the extension of online banking features, unique ergonomic design, user experience, security and the fact that it is always-online.
Innovation type: mobile and tablet UI, online UI, PFM


See Kony’s mobile commercial banking solution in action. It allows the corporate treasurer and executives to approve transactions from any mobile device, including tablets. 
Each user is able to view the transaction amount, date, account involved, the approval status of other users, and a memo. This speeds the process of approving transactions as well as tracking the progress. Plus, from the development perspective, the application is updated and deployed to any mobile device, mobile Web or tablet from a single application definition.
Innovation type: banking products, mobile and tablet UI

LearnVest believes that financial planning should not be a luxury.
LearnVest is making personal financial advice accessible and affordable to millions of Americans. The company does this by providing the content, tools and advice to help women get informed, get organized, and get support.  
LearnVest’s new My Money Center and the LearnVest Advice Center are the keys to this transformation. By helping members create everything from a personalized budget to a retirement savings plan, LearnVest empowers women to build their wealth and afford their dreams. Come learn more about the new LearnVest Method and see where the company is headed.
Innovation type: communications, PFM


There’s a tremendous opportunity to gain share of cash and check spending by small businesses; if only business owners felt they could adequately delegate and manage the credit, debit or prepaid card spending of their employees. Now they can. 
MasterCard inControl Small Business Controller empowers small business owners to more confidently and securely delegate card spending to employees, improving expense control and helping to better manage cash flow. Small business owners can also create profiles with controls and alerts for each employee card and use virtual card numbers to shop more safely online.
Innovation type: cards, online UI, small business


miiCard is a revolutionary digital passport. It enables users to prove their identity online to the same level of authority as a drivers license or passport would do offline. 
By creating trust in an environment characterized by anonymity and transient identities, miiCard will open up opportunities for business online and put Internet users back in control of their personal information on a global basis.
Innovation type: identity, payments, security

Offermatic .jpg

Retailers are constantly looking for new ways to increase sales.
Over US$20 billion is spent on consumer promotions each year, but while promotions can be effective, they are costly and reduce margins.
Offermatic already enables any merchant today to precisely target Offermatic members based on their actual spending history. Merchants can acquire guaranteed-new customers, who are already spending in the category, on a 100% pay-for-performance basis.
At FinovateFall 2011, Offermatic will announce its latest innovation. This new model will enable merchants to run a free promotion and grow sales at no cost!
See you on September 21st.
Innovation type: marketing, rewards, coupons, small business 

PayNearMe (2).jpg

PayNearMe offers a convenient payment option to individuals who prefer to make payments in cash, as well as the more than 60 million adults who are unbanked or underbanked. 
PayNearMe will demonstrate an easy and inexpensive way for these consumers to pay their rent and auto loans with cash at their local 7-Eleven store. And with our self-service portal, merchants of any size will soon be able to take advantage of this simple payment alternative.
Innovation type: payments


RobotDough will be presenting a new product that helps people protect their investments.
Innovation type: investing and asset management, PFM

Thumbnail image for Wall_Street_Survivor.jpg

Wall Street Survivor is relaunching at FinovateFall 2011 with a website that finally demystifies investing. Wall Street Survivor couples a real-time stock market simulator with content t
o create missions. 
The product helps users understand financial concepts, such as creating a virtual portfolio, how to manage it, and how to find good stocks, all in a fun and rewarding way. If you want to learn how to invest better, or just want more confidence when speaking to your financial advisor or stockbroker, then the new Wall Street Survivor is for you.
Innovation type: Investing and asset management