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FinovateSpring 2012 Live Twitter Transcript

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for FS2012IMG.jpgHere's @Finovate's live Twitter stream from FinovateSpring last week.

Entries appear in chronological order:

Day 1, Session 1

  • Dwolla launching newest iteration of FiSync, a payment system that allows banks to originate real-time transactions. Link
  • WattzOn launching its Personal Energy Management Platform, a service to rack energy usage and expense. Link
  • WattzOn announcing WattzOn Connect which can be integrated into online banking and PFMs.
  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for TwitterBird.jpgTaulia unveils Early Payment Network; tools for business, showing online invoicing with dynamic discounting. Link
  • BancBox is an infrastructure platform helping companies build web/mobile payment services. Link
  • BancBox showing how it built TweedlePay, a live payment service built for demo purposes in a few days.
  • Affinity Solutions launching Coupon-on-a-Card today; showing Sovereign implementation. Link
  • Affinity Solutions demoing user receiving discount real-time in the authorization stream via First Data integration at POS.
  • Social Money (aka SmartyPig) launching GoalSaver, social money system. Announced ICICI Bank program in India. Link
  • Social Money demoing the savings goal setup process for "new baby," includes integrations with Facebook/Twitter.
  • Social Money showing how goal redemption process is fee opportunity for bank by putting on prepaid gift card.
  • Expensify is launching trip tracking with full itinerary management; making it a turnkey travel mgmt app. Link 
  • Expensify new trip tracking is automatically available to all users, no upgrade needed.
  • BillGuard anti-virus for credit cards has now saved users $640,000 in fraud charges; has 2 top-issuers in tests. Link
  • BillGuard launching BillGuardFI today; a card charge dispute management system banks can use to reduce dispute management costs.
  • BillGuard demoing social layer to identify charges, "the wikipedia of transactions" an open database of trans source info.
  • BillGuard showing how card transactions can be resolved without involving a bank in the process.
  • Actiance launching Socialite Engage to help financial advisors share relevant, preapproved & compliant content. Link
  • Actiance demoing library dashboard to select content, put into their own words, & schedule; Raymond James is using the system.
Day 1, Session 2

  • Personal Capital launching full "money remote control" via mobile app with full acct aggregation. Link
  • Personal Capital app has cool UI with iPod like dials; full-screen color; demoing interbank transfer between any FI accts.
  • Personal Capital demoing account enrollment using mobile image capture; closing with live $100 transfer.
  • BankersLab is launching CreditLab, simulation gaming system to train retail bank risk managers. Link
  • BankersLab credit training game focuses on risk management skills, pitting teams against each other to make portfolio choices.
  • edo Interactive introduces GeoCommerce, the ability for a purchase at one merchant to trigger offer at 2nd nearby. Link
  • edo Interactive demoing real-time delivery of 2nd offer in real-time over mobile. Focused not on "check-INs" but on "check-OUTs"
  • IP Commerce launching Multi-Party Payments Commerce Playlist for funds exchange based on exchanges rules. Link
  • IP Commerce demoing the creation of a campaign for a "Derby party" relying on the set of rules governing the exchanges.
  • iQuantifi launching automated & personalized financial advice platform with immediate advice implementation. Link
  • iQuantifi demoing financial planning wizards for goal creation and the immediate delivery of advice; like "financial GPS".
  • Silver Tail Systems launching Parameter Injection threat score to determine when end user's machine is infected. Link
  • PaySimple is launching platform for banks to offer cloud-based receivables automation to small biz clients. Link
  • PaySimple has Chase and Western Union distributing its small-biz solution.
  • Linkable Networks debuting "SKU level" offers, users served offers "in the wild" while shopping. Link
  • Linkable Networks demoing offer "coupons" being delivered via mobile; showing sharing capability via Facebook.
  • Mitek Systems launching mobile deposit tech for underbanked to load funds directly on prepaid card with camera. Link
  • MitekSystems demoing capture of drivers license via camera and extraction of data (works in all 50 states).
  • Mitek Systems also demoing Spanish version, in Spanish.
Day 1, Session 3

  • Dynamics launching payment card with choice of pmt "experience" by selecting buttons that rewrite mag strip. Link
  • Dynamics demoing ePlate payment experience management; showing gamified payments; revenue sharing 25 BP to developers.
  • Dynamics showing payments API, live today.
  • launching CashView for biz customers, dashboard control over cash flow, payables & receivables. Link
  • demoing collaboration features; showing mobile app that recreates desktop dashboard.
  • Kabbage has loaned $20 mil to small merchants; launching K-Leaf for Kabbage acct integration with others. Link
  • Kabbage showing integration with; increases data going to Kabbage for better underwriting.
  • Kabbage showing email integration, users can email documents into Kabbage for automatic import into user's acct.
  • Cachet Financial Solutions launching Select Business tablet solution for managing check deposits. Link
  • Cachet demoing mobile check deposit, then integration into backend tablet-based sm biz management app.
  • TASCET launching Financial ICONN to ID customers without SSNs; simplify compliance & reduce fraud. Link
  • TASCET is showing ICONN activation, grabs fingerprints & takes facial scan, then match with database to deliver financial security number.
  • Nomis Solutions showing "better living through math" ie its Pricing and Profitability Management platform. Link 
  • Nomis Solutions showing "price optimizer" to help FI's with pricing; marries data streams, predictive analytics & user behavior.
  • Experian launching Business IQ Express, service for sm biz to manage customers to get paid faster. Link
  • Experian showing dashboard to help a biz evaluate customers' credit, incl owner's credit; includes alerts to changes, collections.
  • Experian makes good point, customer credit management can have MORE impact on small biz than larger biz better able to absorb losses.
Day 1, Session 4

  • SaveUp launching a gamification program to reward financial behavior. Link <full disclosure, i won $5>
  • SaveUp has seen signup rate of 44% of users coming from FIs; high engagement from giveaways = 30% visit daily, 60% weekly.
  • SaveUp's largest FI is Bank of the West, also being used by a number of CUs.
  • TIO Networks has 60,000 walk-up locations for billpay; launching its first mobile app for billpay. Link
  • TIO Networks processes bill payments for Pageonce; showing how it can get bill paid and account credited via mobile on same day.
  • TIO Networks also launching TIO mobile wallet.
  • ProfitStars launching new system to simplify internal budgeting process; aim to kill the static spreadsheet. Link
  • ProfitStars (from Jack Henry) demoing budget collaboration process.
  • MShift launching mobile banking 2.0, connecting FIs to local merchants with direct transaction. Link 
  • MShft is demoing mobile gift card via Air Force FCU account; has iPhone contacts integration; includes running balance of card.
  • eDeposit is "showing us the money" with launch of its new web/mobile payment app. Link 
  • eDeposit showing "buyer authentication" so payment trans are 100% guaranteed; dashboard displays all transactions in process.
  • eDeopsit showing iPad app for real-time payment system.
  • Concur is launching Smart Expense, expense mgr that integrates with TripIt, a travel app w/ 5 million users. Link
  • Concur "your expense report prepares itself;" showing Tripit mobile with "expense trip" button at bottom of the app.
  • Concur used by 18 mil people w/ 0.5 bill items last yr; demoing import into desktop dashboard including photos of receipts.
  • NICE Systems launching today it's Mobile Reach solution for mobile-based self-service customer service. Link
  • NICE Systems demoing service options offered via mobile app: user can call in and agent can solve & send details to user's app.
  • That's it for the day 1 demos, adjourn to networking hall. Thanks everyone for your attention and tweets.
Day 2, Session 1

  • Wipit starts off day 2 of FinovateSpring; launching mobile payments for "cash preferred" users. Link 
  • Wipit demoing cash taken over the counter, loaded into acct with immediate availability for use at Wipit-enabled site.
  • Wipit working with Ria for cash-based mobile bill pay; replaces walk-up billpay for cash preferred; is live today.
  • BehavioSec launching "behavioral biometrics" adding extra security to remote banking via user behavior. Link
  • BehavioSec demoing on iPad how keyboarding speed/style can positively ID user; can even ID a specific fraudster's "signature".
  • BehavioSec ID app is available in app store to test yourself.
  • Keynote DeviceAnywhere launching HTML5 mobile web testing app for developers. Link 
  • Keynote DeviceAnywhere demoing a live test of mobile app which is in the right panel (hosted), with diagnostics on left.
  • Flint Mobile launching new company today to accept cards on the go; also announced series A funding. Link
  • Flint Mobile showing capture of card details via phone cam, then enter card security number, email address for receipt & then user signs on app.
  • Flint Mobile has social integrations; also has merchant friendly "Durbin pricing" 1.95% + $0.20 for debit; 2.95% + $0.20 credit
  • Cardlytics launching new merchant tools to show where revenues are being generated via mapping. Link 
  • Cardlytics demoing mobile capabilities as integrated into Associated Credit Union mobile banking app.
  • Transparency Labs launching tool to provide more transparency around 401k and retirement acct. Link 
  • MoneyDesktop launching Deals function, integrated into its PFM app; announcing that Visa is using them. Link
  • MoneyDesktop demoing deals implementation in its mobile phone app.
  • Bazaarvoice launching tools for FIs to better leverage word-of-mouth and its customers social connections. Link
  • Bazaarvoice demoing a user product review; then how it appears on FI dashboard used to see consumer sentiment & segment reviews.
  • Bazaarvoice showing tool for FI to respond to comments which is posted online AND emailed to consumer who made the comment.
  • Kuspit (from Mexico) is launching new trading solution; showing consumer dashboard and data visualization. Link
  • Kuspit demoing community features to follow other investors; has learning tools where each step has to be passed before trade.
Day 2, Session 2

  • Giftly "reinventing the gift card," launching mobile service to make them personal, social, fun, interactive. Link
  • Giftly demoing mobile app w/ friend list, gifting options, event reminders (eg birthday); shows previous history incl photos.
  • Giftly has redemption innovation; recipient uses gift simply by linking the value to their existing credit card & using anywhere.
  • Portfolio Football launches football-inspired gamification of personal finance & investing. Link
  • Portfolio Football demoing the finance/football game, with scoreboard, teams, and so on; mimics fantasy football interfaces.
  • Portfolio Football demoing how to add an asset to portfolio; the new asset (eg ETF) is a new team member.
  • Wall Street Survivor launching social investing platform, to learn investing through games, missions, simulator. Link
  • Wall Street Survivor demoing "portfolio basics" quiz, includes email of the lesson; create branded game w partners, eg Motley Fool.
  • Virtual Piggy launching payment service to enable kids to buy real or virtual goods online. Link
  • Virtual Piggy demoing "parental controls" for online shopping w/ dollar limits, merchant limits, savings hurdles, charity allocations.
  • Virtual Piggy demoing purchase from the K"Nex website in COPPA compliant manner; platform includes social wish list feature.
  • CSI globalVCard launching virtual MasterCard app for businesses to create single-use acct number. Link
  • CSI globalVcard shows how biz creates num via iPad app, sends to mobile phone for immediate use by recipient; has batch create.
  • CoverHound debuting insurance "storefront" an FI-branded turnkey platform to sell insurance via bank site. Link
  • Coverhound demoing process to select car insurance; includes Facebook profile integration to prefill insurance application form.
  • Coverhound gathers "real" prices from carrier partners & presents accurate price comparisons for better transparency.
  • Swipely launching new payment marketing platform; now adding "card processing" to offers & analytics. Link 
  • Swipely shows typical "printout style" merchant processing statement (yep..ours looks like that), compares to Swipely dashboard.
  • Swipely aims to help small merchants put successful mkt campaigns on "auto pilot"; & "turn cash register into marketing machine".
  • On Deck Capital launching new "Connect" service to integrate its lending platform with partners such as AEO. Link
  • On Deck Capital has AEO exec on stage to explain partnership; demoing wizard that matches biz applicant with local lender.
  • On Deck Capital, had originated $250 mil on its own, but now looking to power sm biz lending through FIs.
  • DeviceFidelity launch moneto mobile wallet; showing "regular phone" payment via microSD card, swap to iphone. Link
  • DeviceFidelity showing mobile app with locater for PayPass enabled merchants; has "vibrate on payment" option.
  • DeviceFidelity offering full white-label platform for FIs and issuers.
Day 2, Session 3

  • ZipZap launching CashCade, a cash transaction solutions for online/mobile merchants worldwide. Link 
  • ZipZap demoing case where credit card is declined, then its cash option is offered; user then pays cash at local store such as CVS.
  • ZipZap showing how it can be shown at checkout as a payment option like PayPal, MC/Visa.
  • Applause Learning launching Coindexter Club, multiplayer-based virtual world of Econopolis, targeted to kids. Link
  • Applause Learning game includes virtual representation of real-world chores such as washing dishes, or running lemonade stand.
  • Applause Learning game includes virtual bank branches, ATMs; includes stock exchange to learn investing.
  • Applause Learning is licensing to banks/CUs for private-brand; showing Georgia's Own Credit Union version.
  • inStream Solutions launching financial planning software & marketplace for financial products. Link
  • inStream Solutions showing advisor dashboard, includes cool "mind map," showing how it's use to suggest and then sell insurance.
  • Clover Network launching the "Clover OS," and "open POS" system Link
  • Clover showing how a FI or developer could add a feature (send a bill) to a client's POS.
  • Serverside Group launching system so FI customers can design a card using an image from their Facebook photos. Link
  • Serverside Group working with BBVA Compass Bank, which has seen good lift; users can share designs with friends on Facebook.
  • Serverside system can be used to have a "card design competition" via Facebook.
  • Pindrop Security launching phone verification, Phone Fraud Call Analyzer; ID callers even w/ spoofed CallerID. Link
  • Pindrop Security demoing caller risk score and dashboard to monitor likely fraud with "anomaly detection engine".
Day 2, Session 4

  • FutureAdvisor launching "free web service to replace your financial advisor;" after 1 month tracking $1 Bil. Link 
  • FutureAdvisor shows personalized recommendations to improve entire portfolio including retirement & 401(k) plans.
  • FutureAdvisor launching premium service today, which MANAGES the portfolio, automatically making asset adjustments.
  • SoMoLend, "social mobile local lending" launching P2P lending platform for small biz. Link 
  • Key Bank is lending on SoMoLend platform, showing how lenders look at potential borrowers, includes map view.
  • SoMoLend launched in Ohio in November, rolling out nationwide today and looking for partners.
  • Klarna "fastest growing payment co. you've never heard of;" trade platform to take risk out of ecommerce transfers. Link
  • Klarna demoing trade experience; takes the fraud/default risk and has experienced under 1% in losses.
  • Thomson Reuters launching App Store solution for buying market data, records & other info. Link
  • Thompson Reuters showing creation of SmartStops widget that can be placed into FI website.
  • Access Development launching "power deals, a micro-redemption product" for daily deals offered via FIs. Link 
  • Access Development showing online deal search & redemption process.
  • DCisions investment info service aggregates 1.5 mil portfolios (in UK) & tracks performance like DJIA. Link
  • DCisions service operates under InvestorBee brand, but can be private labeled for FIs; allows comparison to similar investors.
  • BalanceStreet launching "Priceline for debt settlement" to make collection/settlement more user friendly. Link 
  • BalanceStreet showing debt settlement process; user sees options & debtor can make offers to creditors.

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