FinovateSpring 2008 / Tyfone

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How they describe themselves: Tyfone’s unified technology platform enables 2-way, end-to-end secure communications for mobile banking, contactless payments, and retail merchant services. The bank-branded, patented memory card mobile solution is carrier agnostic. The bank controls the transaction, the content, its customer relationships, and owns the mobile channel, providing the lowest total cost of ownership. Tyfone integrated a secure element into its memory card with a contactless payments chip and antenna. Tyfone’s solution supports non-memory card functions: account activation, FFIEC-compliant, multi-factor user authentication, cryptography key storage, and secure payments. Communication connectivity is consumer-driven via text messaging or data service.

What they think makes them better: Tyfone’s solution has a significant differentiator – a memory card, enabling up to NIST level 4 (internet banking is NIST level 2.5), no SIM necessary, and contactless payments from one expert source for everything in mobile. No other provider offers this level security for mobile without operator disintermediation. It works with existing NFC merchant terminals (no merchant investment required), without a network connection or change in the handset technology. Tyfone offers a downloadable application, mobile browsing, and SMS, in one platform. Contactless payments must have an application on the device, provisioned Over-the-Air or from a memory card. Browser-only solutions cannot match this.


Bus. Dev.: Mike Feliciano, Senior Vice President,
Press: Carol Grunberg, Director of Marketing,, 503-546-9364
Sales: Robert Joseph, Tyfone Sales, US, 503-226-3939

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